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by Heidi M. Szpek, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy and Religion Studies

Central Washington University

May 2007

Partial funding provided by: The Department of Philosophy & The Office of International Studies and Programs Grant Committee,

Central Washington University, Ellensburg, Washington 98926, USA


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GPS: 53°09'N 22°59'N

Size: c.3-4 acres (suburban dense pine forest with varied vegetation)

Number of matzevoth: <200 (182 were counted, many in situ; 13+ supports)

Bagnowka.com: Choroszcz Gallery (photographed in 2006)

Image 1 (right side of cemetery)


Directions: The cemetery is located about .5 km from the northeastern edge of Choroszcz, on the road to Łyski (pronounced Wiski). It can be reached by taking highway 8 east out of Bialystok for approximately 12 km. When heading east out of Bialystok on highway 8, about 1 km BEFORE the town of Zołtki, take the smaller road south to Choroszcz. Follow this road into town, passing the Rynek (at right), through a residential area to the STOP sign (at left is an auto repair shop; at right are storage bins). Turn left at this STOP sign and proceed up the hill. At left will be a large contemporary complex (school/administrative buildings), a soccer field, an Apteka, a building dedicated to Jana Pawel. Take a left at this intersection. Go straight to the next intersection, take a left (you’ll see a building with a graffiti mural) onto Ul. Pilsudskiego. Turn left at the next intersection onto a smooth brick road (houses at left). The road will change

to a dirt road as you head out of town on this road, the road to Łyski, for about .5 km. The cemetery will be on your left (west) (Image 1).


If the visitor has a detailed map of northeastern Poland, the cemetery could also be reached by locating the road to Łyski, just outside the city of Bialystok on highway 8, on the left (south). From Łyski travel about 3 km southwest; the cemetery will be at right before the town of Choroszcz.


Conditions: The cemetery is adjacent to the road between Choroszcz and Łyski, surrounded by pine trees and backs onto an older residential area (west side). It is surrounded by a black wire fence with a few broken sections (especially at the back) and a double gate. Each gate has a Star of David (Image 1). The gates are locked but a missing fence section immediately left of the gates allows entry, with a well-defined path that also delineates the two sides of the cemetery. Rows of matzevoth are visible, with many matzevoth still in situ. On entering the gates (eastern border), the left side preserves 67 matzevoth and 8 supports; the right side 115 matzevoth and 5 supports (Images 2,3) Most matzevoth are quite legible (Images 4,5) and some preserve a unique cornflower/sunflower symbol, an element from local folk art (Images 6). Occasional litter is found in the back. The only danger is from vegetation, which is tended to on occasion (see Choroszcz Gallery at Bagnowka).



Image 2 (right side; road in background) Image 3 (left side; road in background)
Image 4 Image 5 Image 6 (sunflower at bottom)

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