Presently, there are no known Jewish Vital Records for the town of Bukowsko.  Hopefully, records will be located, but until that time the following compiled lists may give us a better understanding of who lived in Bukowsko during and prior to World War II.


Beyond each name is an actual person, who once walked the streets of Bukowsko and played an integral part in the

life of this shtetl.  However, for many little is now known.  If family members are not on the present list and/or you would

like to add information,  photos, narratives, etc.,  for those already there, PLEASE contact me at: 

This is a work in progress.



Bukowsko Residents List


An Excel list of over 750 residents of the town of Bukowsko – Compiled by Bill Leibner using a variety of sources, such as: 

Meier Baal Hanes Charity Lists(1930s), Bukowsko Municipal Records(such as: Lista Platnikow Skladki, Bukowsko Church Spis, …), Yad Vashem (Pages of Testimony), Sanok Yizkor Book (Bukowsko Section), 1891 Galician Business Directory,

1929 Polish Business Directory,Ship Manifests (to U.S.), Personal Contacts, Letters, etc.

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Langsam-Spira-Fischel List


An Excel list of over 100 Langsam, Spira, Fischel family members – This list was compiled by Suzan G. Wynne and

 includes the above 3 branches of her family – all  lived in Bukowsko.  Be aware that although some names on this Excel list, also, appear on the Bukowsko Residents List, others do not. Go to: 


To have a better understanding of the Langsam, Spira, Fischel families, a narrative has been provided.


(extract below from portion on the Langsam family…)


Menachem Mendel Langsam (b.c. 1830-d.c.1915) was the son of Chaim Leib Langsam and Chana from Bircza. Known as  “Roiter Mendel” because of his red hair or just Mendel, he was the only one of his siblings to live in Bukowsko. He arrived there, most likely to marry, in about 1850. His cousin Shabsi Yitzchak Miller arrived in Bukowsko about the same time.  Mendel had a total of 13 known children with three wives and lived out his days in Bukowsko. He was said to have been relatively wealthy from making wine from grapes grown in Hungary (perhaps by one of the Millers) and operating a tavern and inn. He may have held a “propinator” license in the Bukowsk district for a time…


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