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Jewish Agricultural Colonies in Russia

Sources for the Jewish Agricultural Colonies, located at various times in Southern Russia, Bessarabia, Podalia and the Crimea, are relatively hard to find in one resource.
This site is an attempt to gather as much data about the individual settlements, the points of origin of these settlers and to recount their stories.


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News and Information - Colony records at the Central Archive of History of Jewish
People in Jerusalem


Letters concerning the Romanovka Colony in 1843


Letter concerning the Nowo Berislav Colony in 1843


Letter concerning the Nowo Poltavka Colony in 1843


Remember to check the Yad Vashem database. The Central database of the Shoah victims' names. There are many people who came from our colonies and towns. Search by surname and by town name.


Please send signature corrections for the 1843 lists to chaimjan@zahav.net.il


Odessa Archive Holdings about Jews


Trip to Zaporozhye

The Agricultural Colonies

  Contents Highlights (some links off-web) Use back arrow to return here.
Part I

Introduction to the Study of the Agricultural Colonies

Introductory articles

In which the viewer will find general resource articles, reference works and an overview to the area covered in the web site.

Part II Indexes in which the viewer will find  databases of  colonies, communities or surnames.
Part III

History of the establishment of the Agricultural Colonies

Jewish Encyclopedia


Jewish Colonization Association (Galicia and Russia)

Part IV-A

The Crimea and Southern Russia

Stalin's Forgotten Zion

Up From the "Ash Heap"? A Lost Chapter of Interwar Jewish History

Part IV-B

The Western Governments

The Jewish Farmers in Belarus During the 1920s

by Dr. Leonid Smilovitsky,

Part V

Charts: Colonies by Location

In which the viewer will find  charts with links to information on specific colonies in the Western Governments as well as the Ukraine.
Part VI




Western Government

Part VII

Individual Colonies

Primary documents of Ekaterinoslav Revision Census 1858

Research, Resources and Archival References

1850 Revision Lists from Myadel Belarus: Those who re-registered in Colonies
Part IX Pogroms and the Holocaust Two Periods of devastation in the Ukraine
Part X

Family Histories and Memoirs

Part XI




In which all photos are detailed for easy access


Part XII

Documentation (Original sources)

Primary source documents from various regions such as Ekaterinoslav, Kherson, Bessarabia, Moldavia as well as nearby German colonies and Ukrainian villages and towns.


In which Internet sites are linked for further exploration
Part XIV


 In which books and articles mentioned on this site are cited in one source



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Patricia Eames, Rose Feldman, Chaim Freedman, Lou Goldman, Nancy Holden, Mario Jeifetz, Ayana Kimron, Terri Naiditch, Alberto Setzer, Raymond Ravinsky, Toby Rodney, Michoel Ronn, Alexander Sharon, Joel Spector, Ben Weinstock, Steven Weiss, Ronit Zadikov,  Karen Ziselman


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