Jews From Germany that Were Registered in the Krakow Ghetto in 1940, but Born in Ulanów, Poland

  • FILLENBAUM, Szlama.  Born: 20 May 1892 in Ulanów.  Former residence: Koln.
  • GERSTEN, Rosa.  Born: 28 Nov 1881 in Ulanów.  Former residence:  Koln.
  • GUTFREUND, Ester.  Born:  22 Nov 1906 in Ulanów.  Former residence: Dusseldorf.
  • HANFLING, Szymon.  Born:  29 Nov 1878 in Rudnik.  Former residence:   Berlin.
  • HIRSCH, Baruch.  Born:  27 Mar 1901 in Ulanów.  Former residence:  Berlin.
  • STUECK, Gella.  Born:  13 Jul 1902 in Ulanów.  Former residence:  Berlin.

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