Translated Letter from Ulanów, Dated 8 Sep 1932


Editor's note:  I have left off the name of the person that this letter was sent to in America.

In view of the difficult economic position of our Jewish population, we are obliged, Honored Sir, to place before you a brief report on this matter.

As is well-known to you, Ulanów was a rich town.  A flourishing lumber industry and lively barter and merchandizing to the then Austrian-Russian frontier, gave the Jewish merchant great earning possibilities.  At that time, there was in Ulanów practically no poverty.  On the contrary, there lived here at that time a number of industrialists and capitalists of the first rank who supported the poorer population of the district.  Today, no trace of this has remained.  The whole town is impoverished.  The few families who are still halfway active, are not in a position to help the whole mass.  Many of our fellow citizens are starving and are living examples of the prevailing misery.  Many have no bread for their small children.  Many are on the actual verge of despair.

This lamentable condition cannot be described in words.  We have tried our very best to help the poor, but we are not in a position to establish any permanent and effective help.  Such assistance would only be possible if we had a larger capital at our disposal.  It has been planned to organize a workshop, which would be in a position to assure the future of our unhappy youth.

The capital would be guaranteed and we would assume the responsibility for seeing to it that its supervision would be efficient and honest and without criticism in the full sense of the word.

Are you in a position to render such help to your brethren?  This indeed would be a permanent, enduring and most gratefully appreciated work, which one man could undertake in behalf of his suffering fellow Jews.

Should you desire any further information, we are ready to meet your wish gladly.

In the conviction and trust that our plea to you will be met with understanding, we remain, With great respect,

Dr. Marek Weber
Moses Reich
Dr. J. Goldfluss
S. Glausberg
Isac Silber
Abraham Geimer
N. Schenirer
etc.  etc.

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