Moses Rosenberg I.D.

The photograph below is of an I.D. picture taken of Moses Rosenberg on 6 Sep 1939 after he applied for it at the Ulanów City Hall.  This was six days after WWII started on 1 Sep 1939. Moses knew he would be queried as to his nationality by the occupying forces. The document gives his date of birth as 1898, in addition to other information, and describes him as a merchant.  He was 41 years old at the time; the father of six children; married to Kreindel Graff Rosenberg. Moses survived WW2 and immigrated to Israel before the Israeli War of Independence. He died in Israel of cancer, September 1954.  


Information provided by Elaine Miller, granddaughter of Moses Rosenberg. Edited by Melody Katz.


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