Liepaja, Latvia


Map of Liepaja link.

Second Map of Liepaja link.

Detailed Map of Liepaja.

German (1920) and Latvian (1998) Old Libau/Liepaja street names - Sorted by German Name.

Latvian (1998) and German (1920) Old Liepaja/Libau street names - Sorted by Latvian Name.

Detailed 1875 map of coastal portion of old Libau with German street names.

OldLibau German color map - 1875.

NewLibau German color map - 1875.

1938 Old Liepaja/Libau Property Owners List

The links below show records from a 1938 Old Liepaja/Libau property owners list. The list was published in 1938 for a 1939 Latvian Liepaja calendar.

All surnames, business names, and street names are in Latvian without diacritical marks. The records include:



--Business Name

--Street Name

--Street Number

--Property Number (Mortgage Number)

Only one individual is listed per record. If there are multiple owners or property numbers for a particular address, each is listed in a separate record. A husband and wife would each have a separate record. The list included a few records that had street names without addresses. An address of "0" indicates that the address was missing.


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View Estates of Deceased Property Owners

View Businesses

View Jewish Organizations

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View List of Streets In Database

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Download the entire Database (643k). You must have a full version of Access 97 to use the database. Leave file in read-only mode to avoid erasing records. The database includes a user interface that allows searches by surname and street name.

1930 Liepaja/Libau Business Owners List

The link below shows records from a 1930 Liepaja/Libau business owners list. Each entry includes owner's full name, father's name, type of business, and business address.

1930 Liepaja/Libau Business Owners List

Index to Courland Tax Census

The link below shows an index for the 1797 through 1850 Courland Tax Census on microfilm at the Mormon Family Research Centers. The list is sorted by city or parish and shows the microfilm roll number, book no, and page number for the census documents.

Index to Courland Tax Census


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A Town Named Libau

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Home Page of Liepaja Special Economic Zone.

Home Pages of Latvian Publishers.


Home Pages of a Foreign Exchange Student who lived in Liepaja.

email addresses of Latvians who want to correspond with you.


US Latvian Embassy.

Foreign Embassies in Latvia.

Danish Embassy in Riga.

US Embassy in Riga.

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