Przemyśl, Poland

Przemyśl in Hebrew
Other Names: Peremyshl, Premishla, Premisle, Prezhemisel, Pshemishel, Pshemishl, Pshemysl
(source:  Where Once We Walked  by Gary Mokotoff  & Sallyann Amdur Sack)

Location: Latitude 49°47´, Longitude 22°47´

Welcome to the Jewish world of Przemyśl, Poland. Przemyśl is a border city in south-eastern Poland and is situated by the San River. It was an important trade center connecting the East with the West (Lwow and Cracow) and the North and South (Baltic Coast and Hungary). In 1772, following the first partition of Poland, Przemyśl was incorporated into the Kingdom of Galicia which was acquired by the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Austrian government found a way to increase the coffers by levying taxes on the Jewish inhabitants as part of the residency requirements.

By 1931 the Jewish population of Przemyśl had approximately 18,000 people or 28% of the total population. Przemyśl was home to a vibrant Jewish community until the Nazi invasion of Poland in July, 1941 and the Russian invasion in July, 1944. In the postwar territorial settlement, Przemyśl was given to Poland.

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This website is dedicated to loved ones no longer with us and those who perished in the Holocaust. May your lives be filled with peace and wisdom.

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