Hodonín District, Moravia, Czech Republic
Also known as: Strassnitz, Dresnitz

The Jewish community in Strážnice was established as early as the mid-15th century, and was thriving by the middle of the 17th century. The Jewish population peaked in the mid to late 19th century. Over 420 Jewish residents were recorded in the Strážnice censuses of 1869 and 1880. After 1900, the Jewish community dwindled with emigration to Vienna and other larger towns. A congregation was reestablished after World War II, but no longer exists. The community's rabbis included well-known scholars such as Rabbi Shabbatai ben Meir HaKohen (Shach), who served in Strážnice 1650-57, and Rabbi Moses Schreiber (Hatam Sofer), who served 1794-98.

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