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   Stropkov, Slovak Republic

Stropkov’s “Daughters”


·         Through the eighteenth and nineteenth century, the Stropkov Jewish community  maintained  close ties with the small number of Jewish families who owned  estates, taverns, or groceries  in her “daughter” villages.   

·         Besides sharing  familial and economic ties,  "Mother"  Stropkov also shared  her  religious institutions, shuls, burial services, ritual bathhouse,  kosher butchers, and  her   educational system with her “daughters.”

·         Although villagers were obligated to register  all births, marriages and deaths in Stropkov,  one  should consider researching   her “daughters” too-- to leave no stone unturned.   


Source: Amsel, Melody, Between Galicia and Hungary: The Jews of Stropkov, (Bergenfield, NJ, 2002), used with permission of author

Among Stropkov’s "daughter" villages:

Chotca, Boksa, Breznica, Brusnica, Bystra, Cemelkovce, Dapalovce, Duplin, Gribov, Hunkovce, Havaj, Hrabovce, Jakusovce, Kapisova, Kelca, Kolbovce, Kosarovce, Kriva Olka, Krajna Polana, Krusinec, Kruzlova, Ladomirova, Lomne, Macovce, Mala Polana,   Mestisko, Mikova, Minovce, Mirola, Mirosov, Mlynarovce, Mrazovce, Nyzny Jedlova, Nyzny Olka, Nysny Olsava, Nysny Sitnica, Nysny  Orlik, Orlov, Nysny Svidnick, Petejovce, Petrovce, Piskorovce, Polyona, Poruba, Potocky, Pstrina, Rusky Krucov, Sandal, Solnik, Staskovce, Strocin, Tisinec, Turiany nad Ondavou, Vagrinec, Varechovce, Velcrop, Vojtovce, Vrajne Cierno, Vyslava, Vysny Komarnik, Vysny Olka, Vysna Olsava, Vysna Pisana...




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