Submitted by Norbert Porile

My great-great-grandfather, Wolf (Zeev) Pohorille was a well known 19th century Biblical scholar. He was born in Touste (Tolstoye) in 1818 and spent most of his life in Buchach, where he died in 1900. His main contribution was in the area of Aggadic studies - those components of biblical studies dealing with philosophical, ethical, and historical aspects, rather than with religious laws and regulations. He wrote some two dozen books on a variety of biblical topics, as well as on mysticism, grammar, history, philosophy, and poetry. In addition to his published works, he wrote many unpublished manuscripts. Some of his works are described by the Nobel laureate, S. Y. Agnon, in his article on "Books by Buchach Townsmen" in the Buchach Yizkor book. He is listed in the Encyclopedia of Galician Rabbis and Scholars.

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