Photos from Sol Kempinski, son of of Chawa and David Kempinski,

whose wife Debbie visited Wieluń in the summer of 2008.


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The site of Eva Kempinski's home  

Building next to

Eva Kempinski's home



Wieluń town square



Left to right: an old home in Wieluń, 

park in center of town


Street sign and statue





Street signs in Wieluń


Memorial plaque stating that WWII began with the bombing of Wieluń at 4:40 am on September 1, 1939. It further states that 1,2oo citizens of Wieluń were killed in that bombing, not mentioning Jews at all; park where memorial is situated, in the center of Wieluń, near the clock tower and the town square


Left: looking out from David Kempinski's home

Right: park near David's home




                Left to right: Jewish cemetery, Jewish cemetery memorial, Debbie Kempinski at the Jewish cemetery memorial



Above: clock tower and bottom of clock tower


Above: courtyard next to the museum and ancient town of Wieluń fortress






Wieluń celebrating 725 years





Amerikana Flour Mill

in Wieluń





Sign welcoming visitors to the city of Wieluń, Debbie Kempinski in front of the sign



 Compiled by Merle Kastner
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I wish to acknowledge, with gratitude, the generous assistance of
Dr. Steven Lasky, the creator of the The Museum of Family History.

Many thanks to Greg Meyer, for his valuable technical support.

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