Baligród, Poland

Baligród [Pol, Yid], Beligrod, Balihorod
Lat: 49° 20' N, Long: 22° 17' E

Family Photos

Photographs of people and families from Baligród.

Family Histories

Accounts of "branches" of families that lived in shtetlach in or near Baligród.

Before the Holocaust

Photographs of the town from before the Holocaust.

Current Photos

Photographs of the town as it is now.

Newspaper Articles

Articles from newspapers from around Baligród from before the Holocaust.


Stories, reminisces, and anecdotes about Baligród and the people who lived there.

Other Information

Anything else, including historical, communal, or personal information.

Sources of Information on Baligród

Other websites and databases containing other information on Baligród.

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