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Rymanow: Yesterday and Today

This page was created in loving memory of those who lived and died there, of those who ventured out, and all who left a legacy for future generations.
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On this site you will see genealogical information that was collected about the town of Rymanow. We welcome your additions, comments and questions.

Rymanow today is in southern Poland but was in Map of Galicia Galicia, an Imperial Province (Kronland) of Austria-Hungary from 1776 to 1919 (see the map of Galicia on the left). After World War I Galicia was returned to a re-created Poland.

Rymanow is located at latitude Map
        of Krosno 49° 35´ longitude 21° 52´, 8 miles Northwest of Krosno, 69 km west of Przemysl, 180 miles south of Warsaw. Krosno was the main Jewish town in the area; click here for our Krosno page which lists of resources and maps

I hope you will find all this interesting and helpful. Please contact me if you have information to add or any questions. As with any genealogical research, this is an evolving project. Up until 2019, Phyllis Kramer (OBM) developed and maintained this KahilaLink. Phyllis did a wonderful job documenting and sharing information about this shtetl. Starting in July 2021 Jeff Alexander is trying to fill Phyllis’s shoes.

Please email your comments to Jeff Alexander, SC

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Rymanow: Yesterday and Today

Rymanow Yesterday

Rymanow Today

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    Rymanów: Some History

    Our researcher in Poland has gathered quite a number of interesting observations about the neighboring town of Rymanow. The Photographs were contributed by Deb Raff, who spent a recent summer in the area and Michal Lorenc, who is working to restore the cemetery. rym morning

    1. Przemyslaw Burchard - Pamiatki i zabytki kultury zydowskiej w Polsce (Mementoes and Monuments of Jewish Culture in Poland , Warsaw 1990

      History: The Jewish settlement in Rymanów is very old and important, but not very well-documented. A synagogue already existed in the 16th Century. In those times, the Jews of Rymanów traded wine imported from Hungary, and sold it among others at the fairs in Krosno. In 1765, approximately 1015 Jews lived in Rymanów (42.8% of the population). In the 19th Century, Rymanów became one of the most important centers of theology and science in Galicia, thanks to the famous Zaddik, Menachem Mendel (Mendele of Rymanów, died in 1815) who was the pupil of Elimelech of Lezajsk and Szmelke of Nikolsburg, and the Map of Galiciateacher of Naftali of Ropszyce.

      At the end of the 19th Century, the Zionist movement became active in Rymanów. In 1921, 1412 Jews lived in Rymanów (40% of the population). Shortly after the Nazis occupied Rymanów in 1939, a part of the Jews were driven off to the zone occupied by the Soviets. In 1942 men between 14 and 25 years old were taken to the labor camp of Plaszów. The remaining Jews were deported to the extermination camp in Belzec.

      The Synagogue is at the corner of Bieleckiego Street. Built in the 17th Century. Today it is in ruins. (editors note: not so, rad on to see the rebuilding of the synagogue). In the interior 4 columns and remains of frescoes have been preserved.

      The Cemetery is on Slowackiego Street, 500 m. from the Market Place. The year of foundation is unknown. Size 2.64 hectares, surrounded by a whitehorn hedge. Approximately 200 gravestones have been preserved, of which approximately 100 in a good state. Recently, two new ohels were built on top of the hill in the cemetery: one in memory of the murdered Jews, the other in memory of the Zaddiks of Rymanów. Mr. Bialas (Grundwaldzka Street), who takes care of the cemetery, has keys to the monuments.

      I z b a p a m i e c i (Memory Hall) , Bieleckiego Street 3. A collection of Jewish keepsakes.

    2. Dr. M. Orlowicz - Ilustrowany przewodnik po Galicyi (Illustrated Galicia Guide), Lwów 1914, reprint Krosno 1998 - ISBN 83-87282-44-8, pages 380-382

      The railway station is located in the village of Wróblik (wonderful old wooden Greek-Orthodox church) - 5 km from the center of Rymanów (carriage 3 K., seat in cab 40 h.). (...) The townlet has 3800 inhabitants (1800 Jews) and is located on a hill. Hotel and restaurant of Marceli Nadziakiewicz (rooms from 2.40 to 3.40 K.). The only remarkable thing in Rymanów is the baroque Church from 1780 with its high tower, founded by the Ossolinski family. In the chapel a monument in red marble and alabaster for castellan Jan Sieminski (died 1580) and his wife. Beside rym town this, Rymanów is known for its miracle-working rabbi and thus the crowds of Galician and Hungarian Jews, and for its unpredictable southern storms ...These gusts of wind -- the so-called Rymanower winds -- are so strong that they overturn people and carriages.

    3. Eleonora Bergman and Jan Jagielski - Zachowane Synagogi i Domy Modlitwy w Polsce (Preserved Synagogues and Houses of Prayer in Poland) , published by the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, 1996 - ISBN 83-8588-23-3

      First mention of and settlement in Rymanów is 1372-1378; located on the former trade route to Hungary. The local Jewish community belonged to the Kahal of Lesko. In the beginning of the 17th Century, the bishop of Przemysl convicted the Rymanów Jews of having profaned the Christian world. In the beginning of the 19th Century, the town became a center of Chassidism. Their seat in Rymanów had Menachem Mendel, pupil of Elimelech of Lezajsk, and after his death in 1815 his pupil, Cwi Hirsz Kohen (died 1846).

      The first synagogue was mentioned as early as 1593 . In the same time period, the first cemetery was created. rymanov synagogue

      The photographs were donated by Deb Raff; they were taken on a recent trip to the area.

      The synagogue at Bieleckiego Street was built at the end of the 18th C. Although made of stone and brick, it has steadily become dilapidated since the end of World War II.. It is located in the town's center, off the market place, on the slope of a hill. Only the walls of the main room with its square ground plan of 13.5 x 15 meters, the small round tower on the northwest corner and a part of the hall on the west side have been preserved. Inside, in the center of the main room, four beautifully ornamented brick columns with Corinthian capitals, spanned by a flattened cupola with fragments of the vault. In the interior walls a row of arched rymanov synagogue niches beneath the windows; the niche for the Aron ha-kodesh has been preserved as well as frescoes from the 20th C. The original shape of the roof is unknown.

      The following is the Jewish population, as it appeared in the long history of Rymanow:
      1765 - 1015 Jews
      1880 - 1391 Jews = 42.6% of the population
      1900 - 1746 Jews = 46.9% of the population
      1910 - 1739 Jews = 46% of the population
      1921 - 1412 Jews = 39.9% of the population
      In August, 1942, the ghetto was established. The majority of the imprisoned Jews were deported to the extermination camp of Belzec, others were murdered in the ghetto and in the woods of Barwinek.

      The above was translated August, 2000, under the auspices of the Zmigrod Nowy Research Group

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      The 1929 Rymanow Business Directory

      The 1929 Business Directories for all the towns in galicia are available for viewing on JewishGen. rymanov street

      The following is an alphabetic list of the names in the Rymanow section: Bart, I; Beer, E; Beil, M; Berger,E; Berglas, S; Bertenthal, B;Bialas,A; Boblik, T; Bodenstein; Braun, E; Bucher, J; Bucher, S.W;
      Dankiewicz, W; Einhorn, J; Engelhardt,E; Englehart, J; Etra, B;
      Fass, B; Feasel, S; Fischel and Wolf; Fluhr,R; Frankel, H; Frenzel, S.; Freund, E; Funfer, J.; Furst,L;
      Glazer, S; Gold, S; Gotzler, O; Gunsberg, S;
      Haladewicz,; Halpern, J; Hirschfeld, D ; Horowitz, M ;
      Jakubowicz; Katz,S; Keler, M; Keller, C; Keller, N; Kilar,J; Konig, I;
      Landau, M; Leckar, M; Leib, I ; Lejhowicz; Low, M;
      Maj, A; Mandel, M; Mann, A; Mayer, J; Meller, M; Moszkowicz, D;
      Perl, C; Pile, B; Pinkus, B; Pistrag, M; Pulnar, S;
      Riff, R; Robinson, H; Romm, N; Rosen, S; s
      Schachter,S; Schiff, M., Dr.; Schimmel, S; Schreiber,I ; Shamroth; Sherer, J; Silberman, J; Soltysik, J; Sponder, H; Stary, A; Stern, J; Stoff, M; Stutzel, I;
      Teig, R; Tenenbaum, S.; Wald, J; Weinberger, Ch; Weitmann; Wimmer, Ch., Dr.; Wolf, A; Wolf, H; Wolf, M; Zywicki;

      If you wish to view the directory, click here and key in the name of your town.

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      Routes to Roots

      by Miriam Weiner

      The following list of current Galician records was taken from the wonderful guidebook
      "Jewish Roots in Poland: Pages from the Past and Archival Inventories" by Miriam Weiner:

      Rymanow, which was in Krosno, now in Podkarpackie Province:

      1. Birth 1939-1941, Marriage 1939 and Death 1938-1941records are in the USC in Rymanow
      2. Notary Records 1928-1933 can be found in the Przemysl Archives.
      3. Immigration and Holocaust records 1942-5 AP at Sanok
      4. Land Registers 1785-8 & 1819-20 in Lvov.

      In February of 2018 i received this email: with these abstracts of vital records from the early 1800s! These abstracts were gotton in 1992 by mail from the USC in Rymanow. We're not sure, but perhaps the Jewish records were mixed in with others?
      The first is a birth record registered in 1807 for Chaim Torem, son of Pinkas Torem and Sara Rek. The second is a marriage record registered in 1824 for Chaim Torem and Estera Fishel (daughter of Markus Fishel and Mindla Goldstein). rymanov

      Galician 1891 Business Directory:

      The 1891 Galician Business Directory contains 110 listings for Rymanow:. Surnames include:

      • Bacher, Bar, Bass, Berel, Berger, Berglas, Bialas, Bier, Bodenstein, Brand, Braun,
      • Chill, Englebert, Etra, Fiszel
        Galler, Gerlich, Gold, Goldhammer
      • Hirsch, Jakobowitz,
        Katz, Kiler, Kindilik, Klausner, Kohn, Kuflik,
      • Landau, Lerner, Lichtsicher,
      • March, Margulies, Markel, Moses,
      • Rosen, Rothenberg, Rottenberg
      • Sann, Schwartzmann
      • Unger, Ungar
      • Wald, Weinberger, Weinreg, Weinig, Wild, Wimer, Witztum, Wolf

      The 1891 Galician Business Directory contains many listings for Rymanow. JewishGen has combined this database with many other databases and you can access them with one query. Click here and then go to the Polish Databases (but don't forget to return here after you are finished). Key in your surname or key in the town (Rymanow) at: The JewishGen Polish Databases

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      NYC Rymanow Landsmanshaften

      Once the immigrants arrived in the United States, they often banded together for mutual assistance purposes. It was also quite typical of the Landsmenshaften to own common cemetery plots. The Rymanower Young Mens Benevolent Society owned two Landsmanshaft plots in the New York City area. They are listed on the New York Jewish Genealogical website. The plots are located at Mt. Hebron (path 32, gate 2) and Mt. Zion (Block 75, path 1).

      I do not believe that this society is still in existence. But, if you have any information about the society or a cemetery plot, please contact Jeff Alexander.

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      Mount Hebron Cemetery Records OnLine

      You can query the Mount Hebron Cemetery database either by surname or by town name. Click on the link below and enter Rymanow in the "society" box. You'll find there are 620 listings for the Rymanower Young Mens' Society. (Don't forget to click your back arrow, when you are finished, so you can come back to this web page). The link is:
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      History of the Bnai Joseph Anschei Rymanow Society

      We received this message in October of 2004 from Jonathan Boyarin, and we pass it along to you. "I saw your page about Rymanow on the JewishGen website, and thought you'd like to know that our synagogue, the Stanton Street Shul, has a historical connection to the Bluzhower-Rymanow society, which may be a succesor to the Rymanow landsmanshaft you refer to on the website.

      Although the congregation is officially known as Congregation Anschei Brzezan, the Bluzhower-Rymanow society paid "rent" for decades to join in the services, and that relationship was never terminated, though at most one or two members of that society are still at the shul. I believe as well that one of our elder congregants either was born in Rymanow himself, or has parents from Rymanow. You can learn more about the shul at our website:, and are of course invited to visit us if you are ever in New York. "

      Subsequently we received this note from Barbara Cohen Pollak: "My son recently became the Rabbi of the Stanton Street Shul on the Lower East Side. Talking to the 90-year-old president, Bernie Sauerhaft, revealed that Rymanower YMB had merged at some point, along with several other Galician landsmanschaft, into Stanton Street Shul. The Hanging beside the Ner Tamid is also one from the shul in Rynanow."

      In 2011 after contacting Rabbi Josh Yuta, I was linked to the resident historical expert, Elissa Sampson; who led me to a collection of documents and photographs (http:> Elissa was kind enough to allow me to use some of those documents and photographs pertinent to the Shul and Rymanow. This is a great example of constructive partnership of JewishGen's Kehilalinks and a local on-the-ground Shul with Rymanow connections. It gives international publicity to this wonderful community while at the same time, affording a information for folks researching their Rymanow roots.

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      The History of The Stanton Street Shul

      Located at 180 Stanton Street, this Shul has quite a history. It began with Congregation Bnai Jacob Anshe Brzezan (“Sons of Jacob, People of Brzezan”), a shtetl in Southeast Galicia (now the Ukraine). In 1952 the congregation merged with the joint congregation Bnai Joseph Dugel Macheneh Ephraim; DME, as it was known, represented the shtetls Rymanow and Blazowa in southwest Galicia. Today these two shtetls are in Poland.

      The Stanton Street Shul is one of only a few early synagogues that have survived; a veritable landmark of the Lower East Side. More history and information about this shul is on their web site and they are very welcoming to visitors!

      The Cemetery Plots

      I found two plots from these societies:
      1. Blazawa Chevra Degel Machnei Efroim (post 23), Blazowa & Rymanow, Poland, at Mt. Zion, Path 14 Left, Gate 1; Path 23 Right, Gate Road and
      2. Blazower Congregation Degel Machnei Ephraim, Blazowa, Poland at Mt. Hebron, Block 11, Path 14; Block 43, Path 12

      The Rymanow Torah

      For Rymanow, there is a wonderful treat; one of the original Torahs from Rymanow is at the Stanton Street Shul today. At the right is a notarized 1915 letter that shows a donation of a Sefer Torah (a Torah scroll) by Mrs. Manala Metzger to the Riminver congregation, Bnai Joseph Anshei Rymanow at 435 East Houston Street, NY.

      Some other interesting documents include the Brzezan Constitution and the Brzezan Incorporation certificate, which names the original members:

      • Charles Steinholtz, presiding officer; address: 67 Ludlow Street, NYC
      • Isadore Haas, 1775 Walton Avenue, Bronx, NY
      • David Podhajcer, 14 Jackson Street, NYC
      • Jacob Binder, 453 East 175th Street, Bronx, NY
      • Abe Frisand, 81 Taylor St, Brooklyn, NY
      • Morris Taub, 385 Grand St, NYC
      • Abraham Stratyner, 178 East 2nd Street, NYC
      • Harry Schrager, 212 East 7th Street, NYC
      • Samuel Zucker, 315 1/2 Stanton Street, NYC
      • Samuel Durst, 7 Pitt Street, NYC

      Congregation Bnai Joseph Dugel Machine Ephraim (D.M.E.)

      In In 1952 the joint congregation Bnai Joseph Dugel Macheneh Ephraim merged with the Congregation Anschei Brzezan. In 1965 David Weissman was President and Abraham Geller was Treasurer. The 1965 dues statement of $1.75 for Esther Samuels of 532 Lefferts Blvd in Brooklyn, shows that Congregation Bnai Joseph D.M.E. moved from 289 East 3rd, to 180 Stanton Street, where they merged with Bnai Joseph Anshei Brezan.

      Some of this information came from the Landsmanshaften of New York, a work produced by the WPA in 1938.

      Stanton Street Shul -- Brochure 2013 for Centennial Project

      The Chevrah Kadusha

      The rules of the Chevrah Kadusha of the Rymanower group, Congregation Bnai Joseph DME (Dugel Machine Ephraim):

      Credit to the Stanton Street Shul, for these wonderful documents and photographs above.

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      by Pierre Lautmann Lautmann

      My great grandfather Albert LAUTMANN was born in Rymanow in 1827. His parents ,were Israel and Esther Lautmann. The photograph at the right show Albert (1829-1902) and his wife Cypresse Ortner (1832-1917), who was born also in Galicia. Unfortunatly I don't anything about his life in Rymanow.

      My great grandfather left Rymanow and his children were born in Brafla (Romania) where the family lived until 1880. Then they moved to Vienna in Austria and finally to Paris, France where my grandfather Andre Lautmann was born. For more information, please contact Pierre Lautmann, Vincenne, France

      2. The Wilners from Rymanow

      by Gary Wilner

      My grandfather, Abraham WILNER emigrated in 1904. He was followed by his brothers Samuel and Solomon, mother Chane & sister Rose. They all went to uncle Livish & Rose Wilner on East 3rd Street in New York City. I've gone back as far as my great great grandfather, but I don't know if he had brothers or sisters. I'd like to hear from other Wilner descendents. Gary Wilner

      3.The SINGERS from Rymanow

      by David Scriven

      Dear All,
      My great-aunt Pesia SINGER lived in Rymanow, Poland before WW2 and took care of my mother when she (as a young child) spent her summers there. My grandfather Leon, Pesia's brother, had died of peritonitis shortly before my mother was born. My mother told me that Pesia lost her son and husband when they were executed by the Nazis, but survived the war and subsequently moved to America, however she knew no other details, and I have been unable to track Pesia or any surviving family. Some months ago, I was contacted by Malka Shacham Doron, whose mother Frida Stary knew Pesia when they were young, and had met Pesia in Israel after the Six Day War. Malka extracted details from her mother's diary and sent me the following information: Pesia Singer married Shmuel SHTOFF (from Sieniawa, Poland). They had two children - a girl named Lucia born 1929 and a boy named Ideck (Yehuda) who was born later. Shmuel became the chairman of the kehilla in Rymanow. After the Germans occupied Rymanow, Shmuel was asked by the Germans to give them a list of young men from Rymanow to do physical labour. He refused and was taken to the school yard at Bieletzky street (near Bielecki's house) together with his son Ideck. Shmuel wrapped both his son and himself with a tallit and both were shot to death. (March 1941). The perforated tallit still exists and is kept in (Ignacy) Bielecki's Judaica collection in Rymanow. Pesia buried some of her jewelry in the garden and took Lucia from home and fled that night from Rymanow. She hid Lucia at the home of their Christian maid in a small village near Krakow. Pesia turned a beggar, and for almost three years she sat next to Kosciol Mariacki (St. Mary's Basilica) in Krakow, where a priest allowed her to sleep inside the church at night. Towards the end of the war as the Russians were nearing, a Polish man from Rymanow who came to Sunday mass at the church recognized her. She immediately fled Krakow and went to the village where Lucia was and fetched her. During the last battles between the Russians and the Germans she arrived at Rymanow. She dug up the jewelry she had hidden and later settled in Sanok. Pesia was one of the first survivors and hosted many Jews from Rymanow that arrived later from various concentration camps. Later, Pesia immigrated to Canada with Lucia.

      A harrowing story, which I felt I must share - Pesia was both brave and lucky. It gives me hope that 1) I might be able to track Pesia in Canada (where I live!); 2) Lucia might still be alive and 3) that some of those who survived the camps and visited Pesia in Sanok might have passed on some memories. I wonder if any 'Genners' might have some information. David Scriven.

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      The Kornreich Family

      by Phyllis Kramer

      Meet Meier Kornreich, born in Rymanow in 1910; his parents were Josef KORNREICH and Malka STECHER. Malka, who was my grandmother's sister, was born in the nearby town of Zmigrod (to view the KehilaLinks site for Zmigrod, click here) to Leib STECHER and Golda TRACHMAN. Tragically Malka died young, after having 6 children: Schmiel (Sam), Moshe (Morris), Zlater, Zvi and Golda. Max told me many stories about his youth in Rymanow and some I'd like to relay.

      "I don’t remember my mother; I must have been 3-4 years old [when she died]. When I was a child a few years old I had to go every day walking 5 o'clock in morning to the farmer, 3-4 miles, to deliver milk to the city. The farmers were nicer to me than the Jewish customers [they always complained]...milk late, cold etc; they would take me in by the fire. After my mother died, (after WWI), my older sisters were mostly interested in matchmaking. I was afraid they’d send me to the orphan home. [Zlater Kornreich married Samuel MAY, and had two children, Lourk and Malka, but tragically they all perished in the holocaust; the rest of the Kornreich family survived, although their experiences were dreadful; their descendents live today in Israel and the U.S. Some were present in the Rymanow remembrace day detailed on this site.]

      At 7 I left the house, bummed a ride to Zmigrod; went to live with my grandfather Lieb [STECHER]; I remember Lieb sent me into Zmigrod to the slaughter house with many chickens, but I didn’t know where it was. Leib's grandchildren were older; I remember [my aunt] Scheindel who was very kind [the tree is below]; After a few weeks went to live with the Blanks (they had pretty daughters) in Dembovitz near Jaslo [Zelda STECHER married Aaron BLANK]; they treated me well, but she had her own children. They took me to Jaslo and gave me a ticket to Rymanow.

      At 14 years old I went by train to Germany (Frankfort an Maim- a beautiful city) to join my brother Schmiel who was running a religious school; only had the address written down. But I didnt like religious school (we studied the bible), and only went because they gave me breakfast. At 15 years I left to Antwerp Belgium, with no money. Slept on floor of a friends house; they offered me a job with no wages, and sleeping in kitchen. I got rheumatism from that stone floor in the garage. My sister wrote suggesting I go to Vernich which has famous baths for your rheumatism. Returned to Belgium. Wanted to learn trade; in belgium law says must pay workers. I was 20/21, and i met and married Clara Lieber; I knew her mother and family well.

      I was always fond of swimming; I came to Daytona 15 years ago because I heard of the 36 mile beach. I've been here ever since."

      The photograph of Max and I was taken in 1997.

      To view the complete family tree, click here
      Phyllis Kramer, updated July 2011

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      The Feit Families

      by Bette Stoop Mas

      Virtually all of the Feit families who immigrated to the United States since the mid-1880s from Austria /Poland are Jewish and originated from about 73 villages and towns in the southeastern corner of Poland. Most of these villages are clustered around Brzozów, Sanok, and Krosno and extend northward for about 60 miles along the River San – including Przemysl (near the border with Ukraine), Lezajsk, Rudnik, Nisko, Tarnobrzeg, Rozwadów and Radomysl – to where it meets the River Wisla at the former northern border of the Austrian province of Galicia. Other Feits branches stem from Rymanow and Jasienica Rosielna.

      Galician Jews adopted fixed hereditary surnames after the 1787 law of Kaiser Joseph II. Based on data extracted from hundreds of documents and databases, marriage and death certificates, naturalization records and information from Feit descendants, I have been creating family trees and searching for common ancestors to link together as many branches as possible. With a focus on older generations, my file now contains more than 8,000 individuals, with many name duplications, in 380 unconnected branches. The earliest known birth date is 1800 (Jacob Feit) and more than 1,500 individuals have known or estimated birth dates before 1900. Additional clues from descendants and Polish records are needed to merge more branches.

      The tree of the Feit brothers Isidore and Jacob from Krosno, Rymanów, Trzesniów and Brzozów contains 399 individuals. Two FEIT FamilyTree Project reports are available upon request. The database contains more than 1,200 different surnames. A FEIT Family Photo Album was also created.

      For more information, please email me by clicking my name,
      Bette Stoop Mas
      December 2013

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      Rymanow Immigrants to New York 1892-1924

      Ellis Island has an online database and our friend Steve Morse created a query at . Here are the steps:

      • Click on the Gold Query.
      • To see all the immigrants from one town, enter the name of the town and
      • Click on "sounds like" .
      • Click on Search

      The following is a list i compiled from Steve Morse’s query; it represents the index of passengers who arrived at Ellis Island between 1892 and 1924. The information contained is:

      1. Adler,MaryanRymanow, Austria1914,21
      2. Ascher, Malka, Wola Rymanova, Poland, 1921, 22
      3. Ascher,SeligRymanowa, Austria1907,47
      4. Baber,Philip, Rymanonav, 1904, age18 (born 1886)
      5. Beer,Chane Ryneanow, Austria1907,45 +Noach 18 + Chaim 3, +Dawid 5 +Gitel 10, +Kril 9, +Juda 15
      6. Beer,Fene Rymanow 1905, 23 +Maer 14 +Wolf 2
      7. Berglas, Alta, Rymanow, 1900, 43 (born 1857) +Brandel 11, Israel 14, Lousie 2, Meier 9, Mindel 4, Mosche 6
      8. Ber,Setirfre Rymanow, Austria1909 16
      9. Bier, Chaja, rymanow 1921, 49 (born 1872) +Hinda 24
      10. Bier,ChaneRomanow1906,19
      11. Biron, alter rymanow,1920, 50 (born 1870)+Esther50, Amalia 22, David 10, Fanma 17, Frajda 8,
      12. Bobik,Leon Remanow, Austria1912,32
      13. Bodenstein, mendel Remanov, Austria 1921, 32
      14. Bodenstein,Sabel Leib Rimanow, Austria1911,40
      15. Brandel,MosesRymanow, Austria1912,25
      16. Braun,GoldeRymanow, Galicia1910,20
      17. Cohen,JosefRimanow, Austria1907,17
      18. Damm, Isak, Remanow, Austria 1914 , 60 + Jakob, 15
      19. Drucker, Racbella, Rymanew, Poland, 1923, 12
      20. Dryszczsun, Meyer, Romanow Poland, 1921, 62 + Szyfra 52, Leiser 18, Rosa 22,
      21. Dym,BlinneRymanow, Austria1913,20
      22. Eddheid,EsterRimonow1906,18
      23. Edelchart, Chava Remanov Poland 1921 23
      24. Eude,ElieRomanow1906,26
      25. Feig, David, Romanov, Poland, 1921, 19
      26. Fink, David, Rymanow, 1900, 18
      27. Filler, Moses Rymanow, 1898,10 +Feige 35
      28. Finfer,Jakul Remanow1904,25
      29. First,PerlRymanow1905,18
      30. Fischel,Chaskel Rymanov, Galicia1913,20
      31. Fischel,Hersch Rymanow1906,16
      32. Flukr,Hyman Rymanow, Austria1913,18
      33. Friedmann,ChaneRymanow1904,50 + Perl 18
      34. Friedrich,Leib Rymanow1907,20
      35. Friend, Josef, Rymanow, 1902, 17
      36. Frisch, Regina, Rymanow,Poland 1922, 19
      37. Frisch,TaubeRymanow1905,47
      38. Garber, Perla Romanow, Poland, 1921, 26
      39. Gebel,RachelRemanow1906,25 + Joel 5
      40. Geilach,BerischRynianow1904,18
      41. Geleik, Leib Remanow, Austria 1913, 20
      42. Gelles, Wolf24 & Mrs,23, Rimanow, 1903
      43. Gellere,SamuelRomanow, Austria1904,21
      44. Geldzahler, Levy, Rynanow, 1900 25
      45. Gerlich,Bernhard Rymanow, Austria1910,27 +Feige25 + Schloime 1
      46. Ginsberg, Tauba Rymanow 1897,18
      47. Glaser, Moses Rymanow 1900, 24
      48. Glaser,Herm. Rymanow 190132
      49. Glaser,Naehem Rymanow1907,20
      50. Glasser,OsiasRymanow1904,21 + Sara 18
      51. Golde,Sam Rymanow, Austria1907,19
      52. Goldenberg, Simon, Rymanow1892 31
      53. Goldschmid, Gitla, Rymanow,Poland 1923,23
      54. Goldstein,Chule Rymanow1903,25 + Rochel 7
      55. Grad,Sara Rymanow Poland, 1920,32 +Leib 10
      56. Grebel,Abraham Romanow1904,40
      57. Grebel,Heni Romanov, Austria1907,15
      58. Guttenplau, Frimet Rymanow Austria 1911,38+simon 16, Chune 9, Sara 11, Simon 17
      59. Gustenplau,Simon Rymanow, Austria1909,16
      60. Haber,Jonas Roinanov 1907,16
      61. Hameides,Jacob Rymanow, Austria1914,17
      62. Herschaft,Hencie Rymanow190614 + Jutte 16
      63. Herschaft,Sure Rymanow, Austria 1907 38+Reisel 6, + Malke 10 +Bernard 3 +Eidel 11
      64. Hochberg,SamuelRomanow1904,17
      65. Horowitz, mendel, Rynianow,1900 25
      66. Jakobowits,Salamon Rymanow, Galicia1911,29 & 1912, 29
      67. Jaslowski,Franz Rymonow1907,16
      68. Joel, Israel Rymanow 1900, 16
      69. Joel, Beile Rymanow 1897 18
      70. Joel,Chaje Rymanow 1903 34 + Hencze 14 + Taube 50 +Tische 8
      71. Karmasin, Malcia Rymanow,Poland 1921 66 +Chajka38, Rosa 11 Ruchla13
      72. Katz,Chaim Rymanow 1900 35 +Genensel 15, Ruchel 10, Schaie 8,Schie 8, Schiffre 5
      73. Keller,Chaja Rymanow, Galicia 1912, 55
      74. Keller,Gusta Romanowe1906,17
      75. Kesselmann, Hann Rymanow,Poland 1920 40, +Ada 13,Jenny 9, sarah 7,rosa 11
      76. Klein, Ita Rymanow,Galicia 1914, 18 +Rachel 17
      77. Klinkhofer,Jeruehim Romanow, Austria1909,27
      78. Kohn,Simalie Rymanow1903,20 + Sime 49
      79. Kornreinsch, Simche Rymenov1899 39 +Frumet Abrham 9, Abraham Moses 7, Frimet 12
      80. Kresch,Nathan Rymonow1899,23
      81. Kuttenplan,Moses Remanow1906,15
      82. La? MaliRymanow 1899 25 +Hersch 3,Feiga2, Helena 1
      83. Lahn, Mendel Rimonow, 1902 19
      84. Lamm,Leah Rymanow, Galicia 1911,20
      85. Lamm,Moses Rymanow, Austria1913,18h
      86. Landa,Leja Romanow Poland 1921,35, +Natan 18, Elka 11
      87. Landau,celia Rymanow,Poland 1920 14 + Leie 15, Sadie 13
      88. Landau,Rosa Rymanow,Galicia 1913, 26 + Chaskel 4
      89. Laudaw,Juda Romonvw1903,10
      90. Lechziger,Feige Rymanow, Austria1911,52
      91. Lehrner,Ruchel Romanow, Austria1907,43 + Ytzek 9
      92. Leiser,Leib Rymanow 1898 39
      93. Leiser,Freide Rymanow1894 19 +Dora 0
      94. Leiser,Elias Rymenow1904,32 + Nathan 35
      95. Lemer,Sara Rymonow1899,35 +Samuel 11 +Rosa 10 +Bertha
      96. Lerman,Leib Rymanow, Galicia1910,19
      97. Lermann,Blume Rymanow, Galicia1913,18
      98. Lerner,Trimet Rymanow, Austria1910,17
      99. Liff, Abraham Rimonoff,1900 45
      100. Liff,Rafael Rymanow, Austria1914,20
      101. Lischner,Aron Rymanow1906,22
      102. Litvak,Racia Romanoff, Poland 1921 34 +Doba15, Jalik13
      103. Low, Rachla Remenow, Poland 1922,22
      104. Margensfern, Esther Rymanov, 1892 15
      105. Margulis,Mendel Rymanow1899,35
      106. Mayerowicz,Rachel Rymanow, Austria1913,16
      107. Meieronatz,Feige Sara Rymanow, Austria 1912,18
      108. Meth,Malke Rymanov, Austria1911, 45 + Chaje 30 +Hersch 30 +Mindel 9, +Naftule 3
      109. Mosche,Moses Rymanow, Austria1911,17
      110. Moses,Helene Rymanow1904,20
      111. Moskowitz,Hersch Rymanow, Austria1914,50
      112. Muller,Beile Romanov1904, 45yr +Male 9 +Jone 18 +Leiber 15
      113. Neugenboren, Israel Hirsch, Rymanov,1900 14
      114. Penner,Sara Rymanow1905,30
      115. Rafel, Abraham Romanow,Poland 1921 45 + Gitla Ester 19, chana 22 +Kejla43, Motol 11, Sara 1921,Udel Zisla 16
      116. Reiss, Ester Rymanow 1904,12
      117. Robinson, Jacob, Rymanow 1897 18
      118. Robinsohn,Isaac Rymanov, Galicia 1913,19
      119. Rohrbach,Gitel Romanow, Austria1911,29
      120. Rosdentscher,Max Rymanow1906,16
      121. Rosdentuder,Drusel Romanow1905,17
      122. Rossenberg,JakobRymanow, Austria1913,19
      123. Rubenfeld, Berte Rymanow Poland 1920, 24
      124. Rubinfeld, Riwke Rymanov 1899 22
      125. Rucker,IsraelRyneanow, Galicia1910,19
      126. Rudek,ChaneRymanow1904,18
      127. Ruder, Gitla Romonow,Poland 1921 36 + Avrum9 , Josel 13
      128. Sam,Dwojre Rymanow1903,52 +Zider 18, +Chaie 18
      129. San, Sime Rymenov1900,18
      130. Sann,ChanaRymanow1904,48 + Chaie 18 + Aron 1902,19
      131. Sauerhaft,LeibRymanow, Austria1910,30
      132. Schaller,MalkeRymanow, Galicia1909,17 + Wolf 1898 16
      133. Schapira,Idel ChajeRymanow, Austria1910,30
      134. Scherer,MalkeRimonow1906,18 + Rufke 1923, 62
      135. Schiff,FannyRymanow, Galicia1911,22
      136. Schiffmann,Cham. HerschRymanow, Galicia1907,19
      137. Schimel,Taube Rimanow 1906,40+ Abram 14, Rifke 13, Shimen 3, Jozel 8, Mariem 7, Modche 9 +Itrig5
      138. Schmier,AnnieRomanow1906,11 + Benjamin9, +Tony 6
      139. Schnurer,RosaRymanow, Galicia1914,17
      140. Schreiber,ReginaRymanow, Galacia1913,19
      141. Schrieber,MarcusRymanow1904,16 + Jakob Leib 1921,43
      142. Schwarz,BreineAustria, Rymanow1911,18
      143. Schwarz,JosefRymanow, Austria1907,19
      144. Schwarz,RifkeRymanow1899,20
      145. Schwarzinaim,SimcheRymanow1906,22
      146. Siff,Maria Rjmanow 1893,35+ Radiel 1, Lina 8, Rifke 4, Rosa 3
      147. Silberberg,RosaRymanow, Austria1907,13
      148. Simon, Jeti Rymanow 1901, 22 +Schaje 1900, 28 + Zajka 1906, 27
      149. Simon,BenjaminRomanow1903,24 +Rosa 24 +Maria 3
      150. Spender, Scheindel Rymenow, Austria 1901,25
      151. Spander,Cipe Rymanow 1901, 17
      152. Spanver,RischaRymanow, Austria1914,17
      153. Spiegel,SarahRomanow, Austria1909,14
      154. Spira, Mina Rymanow 1892,17
      155. Spierer, Chaje Rymanow 1898,45
      156. Sponder,Srul Rymanow, Austria1911,20 + Beile 16, +Merl 23 +Rifke 1900, 19
      157. Stern,GitelRymanow, Austria1907,50 + Regina 16
      158. Stern,SalahRymanow1905,20
      159. Szmulewiz,TujbeRomanow1906,19
      160. Teig, MalkaRymanow 1900 17 + Rafael 24
      161. Tiger,RachelRymanow, Austria1913,51 + Osias 1892,48
      162. Tiger,RifkaRimanow, Austria1915,55
      163. Tirk, Mendel Romanow,1892, 19
      164. Trenk, Salomon Rymanow,Poland 1920, 60 +Sure Ryfka 60, Marjem 23, Zlata 25
      165. Tratner, Malka Leia Rymanow 1903,38 +Gitl 9, +Freide 17, Isaak 11 +Josef D 1902,20
      166. Tuisker,SiselRynnuanow, Galicia1912,28+Markus 3, Leicze 5
      167. Wahrsager,Isak Rymonow,Poland 1921, 24
      168. Wajsmann,Itzok Romanow,Poland 1921, 20+Chane 13, Joseel 17,Leibe 9, Reisle 38
      169. Wallach,Jakob Rymanow,Poland 1920, 46 + Feiga 16, Gelda Estera 18, Kencia 9, Moes Ber 7, Rosalia41
      170. Weinberger, Leiser Rymanow,1900, 30 +Leische 20
      171. Weinberger,SchabseRymanov, Austria1907,43
      172. Weinberger,SzabseRymanow, Austria1911,48 + Clara 1913, 18
      173. Weinig,LinaRymanow 1903 +Rosa 0, +Ladi 3 + Mendel 1895,18
      174. Weinreb, Noech Rimanow 1900 , 16
      175. Weinstein,SalelRomonvw 1903,15
      176. Weiss,Israel Rymanow1905, 46 + Reivka 42, +Abraham 11, +Cinice 9
      177. Wilnar,BlimeRymanow1904,40 + Herch 9 +Riwke 16
      178. Wilner,ChaneRymanow1905,47
      179. Wilner,SimonRymanow, Austria1907,34
      180. Zanger, Belly Rymanow,Galicia 1906,20 + Moasa 16
      181. Zucker, Chaja Rymanowo,Poland 1923 , 33 + Abraham J. 2
      rymanov street Happy hunting!
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      Below is the 1852 Rymanow directory....with house numbers!!

      I have been waiting for many years to match this list with a map of the town.

      And in 2017 i finally got the cadastral map from the same period, so now we can associate the house numbers with the occupants below.

      Alphabetisches Verzeichniss der Gemeinde Stadt RYMANOW Bezirkhauptmanschaft Dukla Steuramt Rymanow 1852
      Geometer IV K1asse Joseph Kaner verfasst vom Adjunkten II Klasse Wenzel Arbeiter

      This was translated as: The Galician Crownland. An alphabetical index of the municipality of Rymanow, in the Dukla District, tax department of Rymanow from 1852; Geometer(?) Class IV of Joseph Kaner. Created/sponsored/composed? by the Associate second class Wenzel Arbiter.

      F1#-- Haus#-- Name-- Baup # --Grundp #--Sect.

      • 1 41 Abraham Jakob 34 -- II
      • 2 42 Abraham Simon 35
      • 3 75b Abraham Simon 186
      • 4 43 Alter Jakob 37
      • 5 75a Alter Mann 183
      • 6 262 Aron Froin 55
      • 7 37a Atlas Josef 207
      • 8 105 Barczant Simon 223 212--III
      • 9 126 Bas Leib 79
      • 10 284 Barth Jankel 80
      • 11 133 Barth Mordko 81
      • 12 76 Benjamin SImon 188
      • ? 285 Biron Isaak 60
      • ? 58 Biron Itzig 69
      • 23 66 Bodenstein .Mendel 133
      • 24 65 Bodenstein Moses 132 147 --III
      • 25 19 Bucher Moses 31
      • 34 48 Chaim Moses 38
      • 35 49b Chill Jude 42
      • 36 34b Chill Mordko 195
      • 37 271 Chill Schmul 126 138. 139, 344-II,III
      • 38 60 Chil1 Srul 125
      • 45 292 Dembicer Ry!ka 178
      • 48 55 Doff Hersch 56
      • .50 265 Eis Pinkas 67 110--III
      • 51 51b Eli Elias 47
      • 52 80b Etinger Abraham 177
      • 53 50a Etra Moses 43
      • 54 77a Etra Schija 190
      • 57 256a Fertig Jakob 45
      • -"' 59 49a Fischel Abraham 41
      • 60 248 Fischer Wolf 211
      • 63 59 Furst Leib 61
      • 67 44 Ge11er Hersch 15
      • 68 259 Ginzberg Bascha 62
      • 70 Z51 Goldman Chaim 184
      • 73 48 Gorlich Israel 38 mit Chaim Moses
      • 74 274 Gorlich Israel 40
      • 80 261 Hajet Hersch 54
      • 81 51c Halben ]jossel 49
      • 91 74 Jakubowicz Hersch 182
      • 92 289 Jakubowicz Hersch 179
      • 98 52b Katz Majer 52
      • 106 52a Kli Hersch 51
      • 107 273 Klopot Mordko 39
      • 113 32 Kochan Hersch 197
      • 1Z1 83 Leib Jakob 167 200--III
      • 122 77b Leisor Abraham 189
      • 123 36 Lemmel Moses 192 -
      • 124 251 Lichtz1eher Abraham184 mit Goldman Chaim
      • 125 125 Litt Herscb 78
      • 127 80 Litwak Mailech 176
      • 131 73b Mailech Meiler 0
      • 133 280 Majer Israel 6
      • 138 290 Mann Moses 35
      • 139 40 Manele Moses 33
      • 140 42 Margu1es Boroch 35 mit Abraham Simon
      • 141 236 Margules Hersch 38
      • 142 78 Markel Mates 77
      • 148 56 Menasche Wolf 57
      • 149 77b Mendel Simon 89 mit Leisor Abraham
      • 152 154 Michel Michel 83
      • 154 37b Miet Rifka 06
      • 158 250 Mordko Israel 32 .
      • 159 82b Moszkowicz Har 74
      • 162 34a Nechemie Moses 94
      • 191 44 Pinkas Jankel 15 mit Geller Hersch
      • 192 44 Pinkas Moses 15 mit Geller Hersch
      • 193 252 Plachta Leib 172
      • 206 253 Rosen Mordko 169 197 III
      • 215 26 Rymanow Jude Gemeinde 204
      • 216 27 Rymanow Jude Gemeinde 202 238 III
      • 217 29 Rymanow Jude Gemeinde 199
      • 218 31 Rymnnow Jude.Gemeinde 201
      • 219 33 Rymanow Jude Gemeinde 200
      • 220 162 Rymanow Gemeinde 245 352, 353 III
      • 227 249 Schreber Judl 198
      • 228 73a Schmukler Ber 181
      • 229 251 Schmul Hersch 184 mit Goldman Chaim
      • 231 50b Semeles Jose 175
      • 230 82a Seidlig Jossel 44 61 III
      • 232 28 Sender Josef 205
      • 233 71 Sender Mordk 170 198 III
      • 250 51a Simche Elias48
      • 251 38 Simche Moses 29
      • 256 40 Soicher Hersch 33 mit Manele Moses
      • 273 260a Spondra Hersch 75
      • 274 260b Spondra Tho 76
      • 275 256b Stern Abraham 46
      • 299 81 Susskim Duk 173
      • 292 39 Tarnower Sc 36 56 III
      • 295 56 Weinberger. del 57 mit Menasche Wol
      • 296 57 Weinberger 58
      • 291 43 Weinstein 37 mit Alter Jakob
      • 302 251 Witzthum 50
      • 303 295 Wocher Aln 171 199 III
      • 313 42 Wo1f Etra 35 mit Abraham Simon
      • 314 43 Wo1f Etra 31 mit Alter Jakob
      • 315 35 Wolf Ischl 193
      • 316 126 Wo1f Mattes 79 mit Bas Leib
      • 324 14 Zellman Ja. 20 32-34 III

      Grundparzel1en 824 Bauparzellen 313 Summa 1137 Rzeszow. 24 Dezemb


    Below is the cadastral map of 1852. Note the sub title on the upper left portion of the map reads: "Rymanow, posesje zydowskie na terenie wedlug katastru z 1852", this translates to "Rymanov, Jewish property on the territory of the 1852 cadastre". It is quite large, so that you can match the names with the numbered plots above. You can see that the Jewish property is often around the synagogue. Not sure where the Rynec is, that might be also an area for Jewish Stores. Can anyone help?? Note the River Tabor running through the town.

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    A List of Jewish Shops in 1939

    newly added Sept2010, updated with alpha list Jan2019

    Rymanów – A list of shops, service agencies, warehouses and wholesalers in the Jewish Rymanow, as of September 1, 1939 sourced from:,people-lists-of- names-genealogy/9495,a-list-of-shops-service-agencies-warehouses- and-wholesalers-in-the-jewish-rymanow-as-of-september-1-1939/

    There were 117 shops, of which 38 were in the marketplace, 10 shops were in Kosciuszko Street and 14 were on Piekarska Street. In total 117, of which there were 38 in the marketplace:

    • name referenced by occupation (German) occupation (English)
    • Adler, Leib 1939 business list Gemischtwarenladen Groceries
    • Adler, Leib 1939 business list Getreidelager grain storage
    • Berger, Josef 1939 business list Seidenwarenladen silk store
    • Berteniel, Boruch 1939 business list Schlosserwerkstatt locksmith shop
    • Bodenstein, Leib 1939 business list Bäckerei bakery
    • Bodenstein, Moses 1939 business list Laden für Erdölprodukte shop for oil products
    • Bodenstein, Nachum 1939 business list Bäckerei bakery
    • Braun, Izrael Hersz 1939 business list Seidenwarenladen silk store
    • Bucher, Aron 1939 business list Fleischerei (jatka miesna) butchers
    • Bucher, Jozef 1939 business list Fleischerei (jatka miesna) butchers
    • Buksbaum, Josef 1939 business list Molkereiwarenladen dairy store
    • Chill, Moses 1939 business list Getränkeladen liquor store
    • Dab, Hersz 1939 business list Handel mit Kälbern trade with calves
    • Debiec, Maria 1942 list of Jews
    • Engerhard, Aron 1939 business list Lebensmittelladen grocery store
    • Epstein, Juda 1939 business list Schulzubehörhandlung school supplies for action
    • Estern, Bercer 1939 business list Kolonialwarenhandlung ???
    • First, Mosze 1939 business list Eisenwarenladen hardware store
    • Fluhr, Ryfka 1939 business list Eisenwarenladen hardware store
    • Frankel, Izaak 1939 business list Molkereiwarenladen dairy store
    • Frankel, Juda 1939 business list Seidenwarenladen silk store
    • Getzler, Cywia 1939 business list Gemischtwarenladen groceries
    • Garfunkel, Izaak 1939 business list Schuhladen shoe shop
    • Gatzler, Hera 1939 business list Galanteriewarenladen ???
    • Gold, Szyja 1939 business list Backwarenladen pastry shop
    • Günzberg, Ryfka 1939 business list Süsswarenladen confectionary shop
    • Gutman, Izrael 1939 business list Handlung für Schuhmacherzubehör action for shoe accessories
    • Halpern, Jozef 1939 business list Getränkevertrieb beverage sales
    • Haskell, Gomindla 1939 business list Lederwarenladen leather goods store
    • Haskell, Mosze 1939 business list Baustoffhandlung building plot
    • Helawi, Mosze 1939 business list Gemischtwarenladen groceries
    • Horowitz, Juda 1939 business list Papierwarenladen stationery store
    • Jakubowicz, Izaak 1939 business list Süsswarenladen confectionery shop
    • Katz, Herman 1939 business list Hutladen milliner
    • Keller, Naftali 1939 business list Maschinen- und -zubehörhandel machinery and accessories trade
    • Kestenbaum, Josek 1939 business list Gemischtwarenladen groceries
    • Kuflik, Chaim 1939 business list Keramikladen ceramic shop
    • Landau, Hersz 1939 business list Molkereiwarenhandlung dairy goods act
    • Landau, Mosze 1939 business list Lederwarenladen leather goods store
    • Leib, Szyja 1939 business list Süsswarenladen confectionery shop
    • Leiner, Moses 1939 business list Gemischtwarenladen groceries
    • Lejbowicz, Herman 1939 business list Gemischtwarenladen groceries
    • Lieb, Aron 1939 business list Getränkeladen liquor store
    • Majer, Jenta 1939 business list Lebensmittelladen grocery store
    • Margules, Baruch 1939 business list Tapetenladen wallpaper store
    • Margules, Izaak Salomon 1939 business list Mehlhandlung flour action
    • May, Ascher 1939 business list Gemischtwarenladen groceries
    • Monaster, Moses Samuel 1939 business list Farbenhandlung colors act
    • Moszkowicz, Srul 1939 business list Bekleidungshaus clothing store
    • Nagler, Sasche 1939 business list Gemischtwarenladen groceries
    • Noger, Reine 1939 business list Gewürzhandlung spice action
    • Orenstein, Ruchla 1939 business list Seidenwarenladen silk store
    • Perl, Ryfka 1939 business list Seidenwarenladen silk store
    • Pinkas, Hersz 1939 business list Getreidehandlung grain store
    • Pistrag, Hera 1939 business list Seidenwarenladen silk store
    • Rechler, Berko 1939 business list Handel mit Därmen trade in intestines
    • Robinsohn, Hersch 1939 business list Getreidelager grain storage
    • Rottenberg, Leib 1939 business list Lederwarenladen leather goods store
    • Rottenberg, Sara 1939 business list Galanteriewarenladen ???
    • Rozenblat, Mosze 1939 business list Getreidehandel grain trade
    • Rymer, Szaja 1939 business list Süsswarenladen confectionery shop
    • Schachner, Moses 1939 business list Seidenwarenhandlung silks act
    • Scharmot, Ruchla Estera 1939 business list Leinenhandlung line of action
    • Schechter, Roza 1939 business list Seidenwarenladen silk store
    • Schreiber, Josek 1939 business list Backwarenladen pastry shop
    • Silberman, Chaim 1939 business list Süsswarenladen confectionery shop
    • Simon, Boruch 1939 business list Kalkhandel lime trading
    • Singer, Pesia 1939 business list Getränkeladen liquor store
    • Spira, Rachela 1939 business list Gemischtwarenladen + Uhrmacherwerkstat groceries + ???
    • Sponder, Tobias 1939 business list Fischhandlung fishmonger
    • Waltman, Dawid 1939 business list Lebensmittelladen grocery store
    • Wassenstrug, Abram 1939 business list Bekleidungshaus clothing store
    • Weitzman, Rachele 1939 business list Baustoffhandlung building plot
    • Wimer, Chana 1939 business list Seidenwarenladen silk store
    • Wolf, Abraham 1939 business list Schuhladen shoe shop
    • Wolf, Gucia 1939 business list Süsswarenladen confectionery shop
    • Wolf, Markel 1939 business list Viehhandel cattle trade
    • Wolf, Menasche 1939 business list Gemischtwarenladen groceries
    • Wolf, Moses 1939 business list Gemischtwarenladen groceries
    • igler, Chaja 1939 business list Schulzubehörhandlung school supplies for action
    • Zitronenbaum, Chawa 1939 business list Posamentenladen ???
    • Zitronenbaum, Izaak 1939 business list Gemischtwarenladen groceries
    • Zukerman, Blima 1939 business list Gemischtwarenladen groceries

    This is the unalphabetized list...but it shows the location; You can use edit/find if you wish to search for a particular suname.

    • ironmonger - Mosze First
    • Herman Sponder-haberdashery -
    • confectioner - Chaim Silberman
    • Aron Lieb-off-lincence store -
    • mixed goods shop - Moses Wolf
    • mixed goods shop - Menasche Wolf
    • confectioner - Szaja Rymer
    • confectioner - Dawid Waltman
    • off-lincence store - Moses Chill
    • Leib Rottenberg-leather shop -
    • off-lincence store - Pessia Singer
    • Josek Schreiber-baker's shop -
    • grocery - Aron Engerhard
    • Ryfka Perl-mercer's shop -
    • restaurant and billiards - Naftali Margules Map of Galicia
    • Boruch Margules-upholsterer factory -
    • shoe shop - Abraham Wolf
    • Hera Gatzler-haberdashery -
    • mercer's shop- Roza Schechter
    • Wald-paint shop - Herszko
    • ceramic shop - Chaim Kuflik
    • Haskell-off-lincence store- Moses
    • off-lincence store - Feiga Maziarka
    • Frenkel-mercer's shop - Juda
    • bakery - Moses Leizer
    • haberdashery- Gucia Kenig
    • hairdresser - Abis Scherer
    • ironmonger - Józef Jakubowicz
    • leather shop - Matla Jakubowicz
    • mercer's shop - Chana Wimer
    • mercer's shop - Hera Pistrag
    • clothes shop - Srul Moszkowicz
    • mixed goods shop - Aszer Maj
    • hat shop - Herman Katz
    • shoe shop - Izaak Garfunkel
    • stationer - Juda Horowitz
    • confectioner - Leib Szyja
    • restaurant - Herszko Etra
    Ten shops were at Kosciuszko Street:
    • butcher's shop - Józef Bucher
    • Binem Markel - butcher's shop -
    • butcher's shop - Aron Bucher
    • Cywia Getzler - mixed goods shop -
    • mixed goods shop - Josek Kestenbaum
    • baker's shop - Szyja Gold
    • mixed goods shop - Moszek Helawi
    • mercer's shop - Izrael Hersz Braun
    • Lejbowicz -mixed goods shop - Herman
    • restaurant - Herszko Etra
    The next fourteen shops and services were on Piekarska Street
  • haberdashery - Chawa Zitronenbaum
  • clothes shop - Abram Wassenstrug
  • candy shop - Roza Günsberg
  • bakery - Nachum Bodenstein
  • mixed goods shop - Izaak Zitronenbaum
  • Glazer - glass workshop - Boruch
  • petroleum products shop - Moses Bodenstein
  • Ryfka Glazer - sewing shop
  • leather shop - Mosze Landau
  • - Rachela Spira - mixed goods shop
  • leather shop - Gomindla Haskell
  • Srul Haskell - shoemaker's workshop -
  • sheet metal workshop - Boruch Berteniel
  • mixed goods shop - Moses Leiner Eight shops were at the so-called Rabinowka, which was Kilinskiego Street:
  • Scharmot-textile goods shop- Ruchla Estera
  • school equipment shop - Juda Epstein
  • Bodenstein - bakery - Leib
  • hide warehouse - Jakub Rosen
  • Noger - spicy shop- Reine
  • shoemaker accesories shop - Izrael Gutman
  • mixed goods shop - Sasche Nagler
  • ironmonger - Ryfka Flur Four shops and warehouses were located at Wola Street:
    • Orenstein-mercer's shop - Ruchla
    • glass factory - Izaak Glazer
    • Rachele Weitzman - construction materials warehouse
    • Haskell - construction materials warehouse - Mosze
    Fourteen shops were located at Wesola Street:
    • bakery - Abram Stary
    • confectioner - Izaak Jakubowicz
    • fish shop - Tobias Sponder
    • hostel - Mosze Keller
    • tailor - Chaim Sponder
    • cattle buyer - Markel Wolf
    • cattle buyer - Hersz Dab
    • Moses Goldschmit - metal workshop -
    • hairdresser - Markel Wolf
    • Josek Tobiasz - cooper's workshop -
    • grain purchase centre - Hersz Pinkas
    • Wolf -confectioner - Gucia
    • tailor - Szaja Sponder
    • Bucher - sheet metal workshop - Mojzesz
    At Piekna Street there were located:
    • Idale Zinger Schachner - umbrella repair workshop -
    • School of Hebrew Language - Lazar Schachner
    • confectioner - Ryfka Günzberg
    Four commercial institutions were located at Nadbrzezna Street:
    • quicklime seller - Boruch Simon
    • slaughter intestine seller - Berko Rechler
    • mixed goods shop - Leib Adler
    • paint shop - Moses Samuel Monaster
    At Szkolna Street Jacob Tuchman's vodka wholesale was located, and at Kolejowa Street there were the Józef Halpern's beer botteling and the Bercer Estern's colonial shop.
    The following twenty shops and service agencies were at Krakowska Street, now called Bieleckiego Street:
    • furniture shop - Meir Rottenberg
    • dairy products shop - Josef Buksbaum
    • haberdashery - Sara Rottennberg
    • mercer's shop - Josef Berger
    • mixed goods shop - Blima Zukerman
    • Hersz Landau - dairy products shop -
    • hairdresser - Aron Leizer Mincer
    • watchmaker's workshop - Rachele Spira
    • flour warehouse - Izaak Salomon Margules
    • school equipment shop - Chaja Zigler
    • Schachner - mercer's shop - Moses
    • dairy products shop - Izaak Frankel
    • Naftali Keller - mechanical equipment warehouse -
    • sheet metal workshop - Jakub Mann
    • Rozenblat - grain purchase centre - Mosze
    • sawmill - Mosze Staff
    • brickyard - Mates Fischel
    • hide warehouse - Mosze Wainberger, Jakub Rosen
    • grain warehouse - Hersch Robinsohn
    • grain warehouse- Baruch Amster

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    Cholera Victims in 1893

    newly added Sept2010

    While googling the internet for Rymanow, a friend came across the weekly lists of 1893 cholera epidemic victims; the lists indicates their towns, names, ages, occupations, the date when they contracted cholera, and date of death. The death date was left blank, unless the person succumbed to cholera. This is only a small sample of 6 weeks; there were many more pages on google, but unfortunately they are no longer available.

    Date Surname, First Name Age Beschaftigung (occupation) Date of Death
    Sept 20 San, Toire 39 Taglohner Sept 23
    Sept 22 Schreiber, Marcus 7 Handlessohn
    Sept 22 Liff, Reisla 11 Schneiderstochter
    Sept 22 Tobias, Hanne 12 Fassbinderstochter Sept 23
    Sept 22 Teig, Raphael 17 Schneiderssohn
    Sept 22 Liff, Alte 35 Schneidersfrau
    Sept 22 Sprinze, Joel 18 Trodlersfrau Sept 25
    Sept 22 Bucher,Moses 11 Fleishhauerssohn Sept 24
    Sept 22 Herrschale, Leisla 17 Tochterein Hockerin
    Sept 23 Sand, Rachel 25 Taglohneria
    Sept 20 Bialas, josefine 22 Schusterstochter
    Sept 22 Bialas, Julie 28 Schusterstochter
    Sept 22 Rosen, Israel 8 Kramerssohn
    Sept 22 Sponder, Choje 8 Schneiderskind
    Sept 22 Steciak, Dominica 20 Naherin
    Sept 22 Bier, Chile 40 Fleischhauersfrau
    Sept 22 Bier, Esther 3 Deren kind
    Sept 22 Naftali, Elias 60 Bettler Sept 25
    Sept 22 Blumbenfeld, mortko 3 Bettlerskind
    Sept 22 Spira, Blume 2 Mehhandlerstochter Sept 25
    Sept 23 Kirepski, Johann 11 Wassertragerinssohn
    Sept 20 Jakubowicz, Salomon 12 Uhrmachersohn
    Sept 22 Sponder, Israel 3 Schneiderssohn
    Sept 22 Kindlilk, johann 65 Wasserager Sept 25
    Oct 3 Lichtzieher,Race 5 Handlerinstochter
    Oct 3 Heller, Malka 14 Kaufmannstochter
    Oct 3 Fessel, Reisle 3 Kaufmannstochter
    Oct 3 Fessel,Chaja 28 Kaufmannfrau
    Oct 3 Sann, Ides 8 Klampnerstochter
    Oct 4 Fraeczek, Josef 4 Schusterstochter Oct 4
    Oct 4 Debiec, Victoria 25 Naharin
    Oct 4 Kratzer Samuel 21 Backergeselle
    Oct 5 Bobek, Toibe 17 Backergeselle Oct 9
    Oct 6 Liff, Josef 6 Schneiderssohn
    Oct 17 Nachurska, Josefa 34 Schustersfrau
    Oct 18 Jachimowska, Maria 9 Maurerstochter Oct 19
    Oct 20 Schachner, Freide 4 Regenischermine-tochter Oct 22
    Oct 22 Hammel, Naftalia 50 Getreidehandlerin Oct 23
    Oct 24 Urbankik, Peter 4 Wassertrager
    Oct 24 Schachne, Chaie 6 Regenischermine-tochter
    Oct 25 Chane, Ella 29 Holzhandlerstochter
    Oct 25 Reis, Eva 17 Dienstmagd
    Oct 27 Dankiewicz, Kathrina 32 Schustersfrau Oct 28
    Oct 27 Dankiewicz, Julie 2 Schusterstochter
    Oct 29 Weinstein, Cal 5 kaufmannssohn
    Sept 26 Glaser, Maria 29 Glassersfrau
    Sept 26 Sand, Eittel 60 Taglohnerin
    Sept 27 Bodenstein, Jacob 9 Backerssohn
    Sept 28 Bobik, Samuel 55 Fiaker Sept 28
    Sept 28 Solecki, Andreas 48 Kurschner Sept 29
    Sept 28 Solecki, Stanislaus 7 Dessen sohne Sept 28
    Sept 28 Solecki, Josef 16 Dessen shone
    Sept 28 Hule, Fluhr 3 Taglohnerstochter Oct 1
    Sept 28 Lorenz, Maria 25 Hauerin Sept 28
    Sept 29 Piwowa, Andreas 29 Taglohnerin
    Sept 26 Eidelbaut,Esther 15 Naherin
    Sept 26 Lichtzieher,Gittel 9 Handlerinstochter
    Sept 27 Henze, Joel 5 Trodlerstochter
    Sept 28 Bolanowska,Julie 6 Taglohnerstochter
    Sept 28 Schreiber, Blume 48 kaufmanskinder
    Sept 28 Weinreb, grabel 10 kaufmanskinder
    Sept 28 Weinig, Race 15 Kaufmanskinder
    Sept 28 Weinig, Moses 3 kaufmanskinder
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    The Joint Distribution Committee

    The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) was active in Eastern Europe during the 20th century. Recently the JCC has put its archives online. When you do a search at, the following surnames come up for Rymanow:

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    FindMyPast: Britain, Enemy Aliens and Internees, World Wars

    In 2016 added many items from the British Archives. The following resulted from a search using RYMANOW as the query point. The images connected with these items contain even more information. Go to and put Rymanow into the keyword search field. Return to Table of Contents

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