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Rabbis, Cantors and Kehila

Chief Rabbis in Chronological Order

  • Rabbi Israel ben Ithamar (d. 1726), first known rabbi of Lask.
  • GOETZ, Rabbi Meir ben Eliakim (1685-1732), of Hildesheim; also simultaneously the first chief rabbi of Piotrkow Trybunalski in 1726.
  • Rabbi Phinehas (Pinchas) Zelig (d. 1770), author of Ateret Paz (1768).
  • ZILBERBERG, Rabbi Moses Judah Leib, author of Zayit Ra'anan (1851-69) and Tif'eret Yerushalayim.
  • MEISELS, Rabbi David Dov (d. 1876), father of Rabbi Zvi Arie Yehuda.
  • MEISELS, Rabbi Zvi Arie Yehuda, rabbi of Lask from 1876 to 1932; author of Hiddushei Yaakov.
  • AJZENBERG, Rabbi Leibel (Yehuda Leib), the last rabbi of Lask; assisted his father-in-law,  Rabbi Meisels, until he was officially appointed the rabbi of Lask in 1932; Rabbi Ajzenberg was deported to Chelmno death camp and murdered there by the Nazis. For further information, contact Rabbi Ajzenberg's grandson, Lou Nayman, at


  • SAPIR ?, Rabbi Elazar, renowned rabbi of the 18th century; author of Ma'ase Roke'ach; from Lask and Plonsk; father of 1) Yitzchak EJLINBERG, who was buried in old Lodz cemetery, and 2) Sinai SAPIR, rabbi of Brzeziny, author of Minkhat Ani and Olat Khodesh.
  • ZYSMAN, Rabbi Israel David (1824-1866), son of Avraham; buried in old Lodz cemetery.

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