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History of the Jewish Community and Cemetery

Alperin, Aaron. Zydzi w Lodzi: Poczatki gminy Zydowskiej, 1780-1822  / opracowal Aron Alperin; z'przedmowa Majera Balabana (Jews in Lodz: Beginnings of the Jewish Community 1780-1822 /  by Aaron Alperin; with preface by Majer Balaban). Lodz: Wydawn. Archiwum Akt Dawnych m. Lodzi , 1928. (in Polish, 34 p.)

Alperin, Aaron. Zydzi w Lodzi w latach zaborow 1793-1914. Lodz: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Lodzkiego, 1998. (in Polish; illustrated)
ISBN:  8371711654

Brzezinski, Avraham Yehudah. Rabi Eliyahu Hayim Maizel, ha-Rav be-Lodz zal: toldotav, tekhunatoav, pe'ulotav ve-tsidokotav. Tel Aviv: A. Y. Brzezinski, 1955 or 1956. (in Hebrew; biography of Rabbi Eliasz Chaim Majzel, 1821-1912, main rabbi of Lodz for nearly 40 years)
LC Call No.: BM755.M395B79 1955

Cymbler, Jeff. "Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Polish Directories as Resources for Genealogical Information". Avotaynu, Spring 1997. (in English; Polish business and telephone directories)

Dobroszycki, Lucjan and Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett. Image Before My Eyes: A Photographic History of Jewish Life in Poland, 1864-1939. New York: Schocken Books, 1977. (in English; published in cooperation with YIVO Institute for Jewish Research; includes photographs of Lodz)
LC Call No.: DS135.P6D62
ISBN: 0805236074

Engel, Jan M. Prominent Jews of Lodz, Poland, during the Hundred Years Before World War II. San Jose, CA: Genealogical Data Systems, 1997. (in English)
LC Call No.: DS135.P62L644126 1996 Index

An alphabetical index of key Jewish families in Lodz drawn from three books. The members of these families contributed to the amazing growth of both culture and industry in pre-World War II Lodz. The three books are:
  • Szkice z dziejow Gminy Zydowskiej oraz cmentarza w Lodzi (Sketches from the annals of the Jewish community as well as the cemeteries of Lodz), by Izaak Kersz, Lodz: Oficyna Bibliofilow, 1996.
  • Zydzi w Lodzi (The Jews in Lodz), issued in Lodz during the Jewish culture exhibition in 1990
  • "Jews in Lodz 1820-1939", a series of 16 articles that appeared in Polin: A Journal of Polish Jewish Studies, Vol. 6, Institute for Polish-Jewish Studies. Oxford: Blackwell, 1991.

Approximately 600 families are listed. Many of the cited persons are related to each other. As an aid to genealogists, a comment section has been added in which some of these relationships have been identified. Genealogical Data Systems, P. O. Box 6852, San Jose, CA 95150, USA. E-mail:

Friedman, Philip (Filip). Dzieje Zydow w Lodzi od poczatkow osadnictwa Zydow do r. 1863 (History of the Jews in Lodz from the Beginning of Jewish Settlement Until 1863). Lodz: Nakl. Lodzkiego Oddzialu Zydowskiego Towarzystwa Krajoznawczego w Polsce, 1935. (in Polish; Series: Studja nad przeszloscia w Lodzi)

Friedman, Philip (Filip). Stary cmentarz Zydowski w Lodzi: dzieje i zabytki (Old Jewish Cemetery in Lodz: Records and Relic Remains.). Lodz: Nakladem Gminy Wyznaniowej Zydowskiej m. Lodzi, 1938.  338, 115 p., illus.; 28 cm. (Series: Bibljoteka prac historycznych;1)

List of deaths by year (in Polish), 1826-1893; Khevra Kaddishah list by year (in Hebrew; compiled by Philip Friedman); selected biographies with genealogical information (in Polish) and full name index. Available at Yad Vashem Library, Harvard University (Widener Memorial Library), YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, and Bibliotece Narodowej w Warszawie (National Library of Poland in Warsaw). See The Old Jewish Cemetery of Lodz, a review of this book by Chaim Freedman. E-mail:
  • YIVO Library Microfilm Reel No.: Y-92-1500
  • Harvard University Call No.: WID-LC DS135.P6 S72 1938ax; Photocopy

Geck, Helmut, Izaak Kersz and Kenda Bar-Kera. Beredte Steine: Der Juedische Friedhof in Lodz (Telling Stones: The Jewish Cemetery in Lodz). Kunstverein Recklinghausen and Institut fuer kirchlige Zeitgeschichte des Kirchenkreises Recklinghausen, 1996. (in German; illustrated, with excellent photographs of tombstones)
ISBN: 3-929040-25-5

A Guide to the Jewish Cemetery in Lodz (Przewodnik po cmentarzu Aydowskim w Lodzi). Lodz: Studio Bilbo, 1997. (complete book in both Polish and English; published for the City Strategy Department of the Lodz City Office; includes a history of Jewish Lodz and its cemetery, and biographical information on eminent figures, map of the Lodz ghetto, fold-out plans of the cemetery and the main alley, with sections identified)

Hertz, Jacob Sholem. Di geshikhte fun Bund in Lodzh (The Story of the Jewish Labor Bund). New York: Ferlag Unser Tsayt, 1958. (in Yiddish)

Kersz, Izaak. Szkice z dziejow gminy Zydowskiej oraz cmentarza w Lodzi (Sketches from the Annals of the Jewish Community and Cemeteries in Lodz). Lodz: Oficyna Bibliofilow, 1996. (in Polish and Hebrew)
ISBN: 8386058692
LC Call No.: DS135.P62L644126 1996

Kersz, Izaak. To nic innego tylko Dom Wiecznosci (This is Nothing Else, but the Home of Eternity; En zen ki im bet' olamin). Lodz: Grafpol, 1992. (in Polish and English; the Jewish cemetery in Lodz)
LC Call No.: DS135.P62L644127 1992

______. "Di industrializatsye un proletarizatsye fun di Lodzher yidn in di yorn 1860-1914" ("The Industrialization and Proletarization of the Jews of Lodz in the years 1860-1914"). Series: Lodzsher visnshaftlekhe shriftn / Fraynd fun Yidishn visnshaftlekhn institut in Lodzsh. Lodzsh, 1938. (in Yiddish)

Machejek, Andrzej, editor-in-chief,  Zydzi Lodzcy, Jews Of Lodz, Wydawnictwo Hamal Andrzej Machejek 2009, 94-004 Lodz, ul Retkinska 93A/13, e-mail:  Printing: Lodzka Drukarnia Dzielowa. ISBN: 978-83-925420-6-3.  Large hard-cover book with many photographs and stories about Lodz and prominent Jews who lived there. (Polish and English)

Majewski, Tomasz and Anna Zeidler-Janiszewska, editors. Memory of the Shoah, Cultural Representations and Commemorative Practices, Lodz 2009. ISBN 978-83-92957-20-1 (English)
Three sections:  I- Remembrance of the Lodz Ghetto,  II- Ethical and Aesthetic Dimension: Artistis Representations of the Shoah, III-Reflection on the Shoah: Philosophical and Political Discourse.
Chapters specific to Lodz:
    Majewski, Tomasz: Streets without memory (page 15)
    Piluk, Piotr: Lodz Baluty. Memory of the Shoah in an Urban Landscape (page 19),
    Podolska, Joanna: The Memory of the Lodz Ghetto (page 53),
    Majewski, Tomasz: The Lodz Ghetto in Agfacolor.  Notes on Photographer. (page 203)

Malenczyk, Jerzy and Claire Rosenson. A Guide to Jewish Lodz. Warsaw: Jewish Information and Travel Bureau, 1994. (in English; Series: Library of "our roots"; vol. 4; translated by Claire Rosenson)
LC Call No.: DS135.P62L6441531 1994

Margalit, Yaakov. Tenuat "Gordonyah" be-Lodz / hakdamah, Yaakov Margalit. Israel: Hotsaat Arkhiyon Gordonyah-Makabi ha-tsair, 1998 (in Hebrew; Subject: Jewish Labor Zionist youth groups, 20th century)

Meshenberg, Michael J. "Lodz Ghetto and Cemetery Lists."  Avotaynu, Spring 1995. (in English)

______. "Rola Zydow w rozwoju Lodzkiego przemyslu wlokienniczego" ("Role of the Jews in Development of the Lodz Textile Industry"). Miesiecznik Zydowski 1(1930-1931): 431-450. R. 1, t. 1, zesz. 1-6 (grudz. 1930-maj. 1931) Warszawa : Wydawn. "Menora", 1931-. (in Polish, Jewish periodical)

Muzeum Tradycji Niepodleglosciowych w Lodzi, Stacja Radegast Litzmannstadt Getto 1940-1944,  90-706 Lodz, ul Gdanska 13, e-mail:,, Lodz 2005.  This booklet contains history and photographs of the ghetto and the Radegast Station during the Holocaust along with photos of the monument and ceremonies that took place in 2004 at the Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the Liquidation of the Litzmannstadt Ghetto in Lodz. (English and Polish)

Pawlicka-Nowak, Lucja, editor, Chelmno Witnesses Speak, Council for the Protection of Memory of Combat and Martyrdom -The District Museum in Konin, Konin-2004-Lodz. Oficyna Bibliofilow, 93-492 Lodz Boleslawa 13.  e-mail:  ISBN: 83-918713-7-1. Many transports left the Lodz Ghetto and brought the inhabitants to Chelmno and death. This book describes the process, lists many of the transports, includes last letters written by the prisoners, and shows what the area looked like in 2004 when the book was written and  excavations continued. Maps of the area are inserted. (English)

Podolska, Joanna, and Jacek Walicki  A Guide to the Jewish Cemetery in LodzPrzewodnik Po Cmentarzu Zydowskim w Lodzi  Oficyna Bibliofilow, ISBN 83-904646-3-2 (Polish and English)  

Podolska, Joanna, Traces of the Litzmannastadt-Getto, A Guide to the Past  Piatek Trzynastego Wydawnictwo, 93-345 Lodz, ul. Paradna 3, tel. 0-602 34 98 02 (06),  Lodz 2004, ISBN 83-7415-000-9 (English)

Podgarbi, Bronislaw. Cmentarz Zydowski w Lodzi (The Jewish Cemetery in Lodz), Lodz: Wydawnictwo "Artus," 1990. (in Polish and English)
ISBN: 8385132007
LC Call No.: DS135.P62L622165 1990

POLIN: A Journal of Polish-Jewish Studies. Vol. 6: "Jews in Lodz 1820-1939". Oxford: Blackwell, 1991. (in English; a series of 16 articles; published by Basil Blackwell for the Institute of Polish-Jewish Studies)
LC Call No.: DS135.P6 P56

Pukaczewski, Andrzej. Hortus Iudaeorum: Cmentarz Zydowski w Lodzi, 1982-1992 (Garden of the Jews: The Jewish Cemetery in Lodz). Lodz: Wydawnictwo Lodzkie, 1992. (in Polish and English; pictorial work)
ISBN: 8321809863
LC Call No.: DS135.P62L644168 1992

Pus, Wieslaw and Stanislaw Liszewski. Dzieje zydow w Lodzi, 1820-1944: wybrane problemy (History of the Jews in Lodz, 1820-1944). Lodz: Wydawn. Uniwersytetu Lodzkiego, 1991.
ISBN:  8370165710

Pus, Wieslaw. Zydzi w Lodzi: w latach zaborow 1793-1914 (The Jews in Lodz). Lodz: Wydawn. Uniwersytetu Lodzkiego, 1998. (in Polish and English; illustrated; summary in English; a history of the Jews in Lodz 1793-1914)

Shapiro, Robert Moses. Jewish self-government in Poland: Lodz, 1914-1939. Thesis (Ph.D.) Columbia University, 1987

Also: Ann Arbor, Mich.: University Microfilms International, 1989.

Shtern, Dinah. Bene 'Akiva, Lodz: li-deyokanah shel tenu'at no'ar be-terem Sho'ah (Bnei Akiva, Lodz: Light upon the Youth Movement before the Holocaust). Yerushalayim: R. Mas, 1996. (in Hebrew; Subject: religious Zionism; illustrated, map)
ISBN: 9650900705

Singer, Israel Joshua. The Brothers Ashkenazi. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1936. (in English; translation of Di brider Ashkenazi; translated from the Yiddish by Maurice Samuel; also published in French, Dutch, Norwegian and Spanish)

Although this is an historical novel about Jewish industrialists, set in Lodz, it paints a picture of life in pre-war Lodz and Poland as it really was; by Israel Joshua Singer (1893-1944), the elder brother of Nobel Prize winner Isaac Bashevis Singer.
Spodenkiewicz, Pawel. The Missing District, People and Places of Jewish Lodz, Wydawnictwo HOBO Press, Lodz 2007, (English) ISBN: 978-83-923186-3-7

Spodenkiewicz, Pawel. Zaginiona Dzielnica: Lodz Zydowska - Ludzie i Miejsca. Lodz: Lodzka Ksiegarnia Niezalezna, 1998. (in Polish; a map and guide to landmarks of the Jewish community, with biographies of eminent citizens) USHMM

Walicki, Jacek. Synagogues and Prayer Houses of Lodz (up to 1939). Lodz: Ibidem, 2000. (e-mail:

Zydzi w Lodzi: dni kultury zydowskiej w Lodzi 27. IV - 6. V. (redakcja katalogu Jerzy Andrzejewski, et al.). Lodz: Wipress, 1990. (The history of the Jews in Lodz; issued in Lodz during the Jewish culture exhibition in 1990)

Stanislawski, Andrzej S., Zydowskicmemtarz w Lodzi / Jewish Cemtery in Lodz, Photographs of the Lodz Cemetery.  Text in English and Polish. Wersja Jezykowa. Wydawnictwo HAMAL.  ISBN: 978-83-925420-4-9

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Yizkor Books and the Lodz Ghetto (Books and Articles)

NOTE:  Testimonies of Holocaust survivors, including survivors of the Lodz ghetto, are available at Gratz College Library), Melrose Park, PA, as part of the Gratz College Holocaust Oral History Archive; transcripts of taped interviews are accompanied by sound cassettes.

Adelson, Alan and Robert Lapides, eds. Lodz Ghetto: Inside a Community under Siege. New York: Viking, 1989. (in English; compiled and edited by Alan Adelson and Robert Lapidus; with an afterword by Geoffrey Hartman; annotations and biographical notes by Marek Web)
ISBN: 0670829838
LC Call No.: DS135.P62L6441354

Aescoly, Aaron Zeev (Eshkoli, Aharon). Kehilat Lodz: 'ir va-em be-yisrael (Jewish Community of Lodz; a Jewish Mother City). Jerusalem: Youth Section of the Zionist Organization, 1947-1948. (in Hebrew)

New York: New York Public Library, 1995. 1 microfilm reel; 35 mm. (MN *ZZ-34404)
Baranowski, Julian. The Lodz Ghetto, 1940-1944; Lodzkie Getto, 1940-1944; Vademecum. Lodz: Archiwum Panstwowe w Lodzi & Bilbo, 1999. (complete book in both English and Polish)
ISBN: 83-904646-8-3
This 128-page book was published on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the liquidation of the Lodz ghetto and includes many previously unpublished documents and photographs that were discovered in the Lodz archives and painstakingly restored; includes detailed information and photographs on ghetto operations, daily life, a list of the preserved buildings from the ghetto area, an alphabetical index of street names in the ghetto (in German and Polish), and map of the ghetto.
Diamant, Adolf, ed. Getto Litzmannstadt: Bilanz eines nationalsozialistischen Verbrechens, mit Deportations und Totenlisten deraus dem Altreich stammenden Juden (The Ghetto in Litzmannstadt: Account of the Nazi Crime, including Death and Deportation Lists of Jews from Germany [in the borders of 1933]). Frankfurt: A. Diamant, 1986. (in German)
ISBN: 0380019454
LC Call No.: DS135.P62L6433 1986

Dobroszycki, Lucjan, ed. The Chronicle of the Lodz Ghetto, 1941-1944. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1984. (Kronika getta lodzkiego translated into English by Richard Lourie, Joachim Neugroschel, and others; abridged edition)
ISBN: 0300032080
LC Call No.: DS135.P62L644135 1984

Also: Dobroszycki, Lucjan and Danuta Dabrowska, eds. Kronika getta lodzkiego, 2 vols., 632 & 607p. resp. Lodz: Wydawnictwo Lodzkie, 1965-66. (in Polish)
Also: Dobroshitski, Lutsyan. Kronikah shel geto Lodz (tirgemu ve-hosifu be urim Aryeh Ben-Menahem, Yosef Rav; mevo'ot, Lutsyan Dobroshitski, Yisrael Gutman). Jerusalem: Yad Vashem, 1986-1989. (in Hebrew; translation of  Kronika getta lodzkiego; unabridged edition)
LC Call No.: DS135.P62L64413516 1986
Dombrovska, D., Abraham Wein, and Aharon Vais, eds. Pinkas ha-kehilot. Polin: entsiklopedyah shel ha-yishuvim ha-Yehudiyim le-min hivasdam ve-ad le-ahar Shoat Milhemet ha-olam ha-sheniyah: Contentskerekh 1. Lodz' veha-galil (Pinkas hakehillot. Poland: Encyclopaedia of Jewish Communities: Volume 1. The Communities of Lodz and its Region).Yerushalayim: Yad va-shem, rashut ha-zikaron la-Shoah vela-gevurah, 1976.
Authors: Pesach Kopel, Jacob Goldberg, Danuta Dabrowska, Abraham Wein, Aharon Jakubowicz and Aharon Weiss. Illustrated (some color); in Hebrew; introduction also in English; includes bibliographical references and indexes. From the Preface: "This book is the first in a series of volumes dedicated to the Jewish communities of Poland and is part and parcel of the Pinkas Hakehilot project, whose aim is to establish a memorial to European Jewry which was destroyed in our lifetime."
Eilenberg-Eibeshitz, Ana. Preserved Evidence: Ghetto Lodz Volume 1. Haifa: H. Eibeshitz Institute for Holocaust Studies, 1998.

Flam, Gila. Singing for Survival: Songs of the Lodz Ghetto 1940-1945. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1992. (in English and Yiddish)
ISBN: 0252018176
LC Call No.: ML3776.F62 1992

Doctoral thesis, University of California, Los Angeles, 1988;  "Song texts in Yiddish," includes glossary of Jewish and ghetto terms; publisher's no.: UMI 8813365
Also: Ann Arbor, MI: University Microfilms International, 1989.
Frank, Shlomo. Togbukh fun Lodzher Geto / ha-kdome, Nahman Blumental (Lodz Ghetto Diary; edited by Nahman Blumental). Tel Aviv: Hamenora, 1958. (in Yiddish)
LC Call No.: D8115.F72
Also: Diario del ghetto de Lodz. Buenos Ayres: Tsentral-farband fun Poylishe Yidn in Argentine, 1958. (Microfilm. Gainesville, FL: George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida, 1996/02/14. 1 microfilm reel : negative ; 35 mm.)
Grossman, Mendel. My Secret Camera: Life in the Lodz Ghetto. San Diego, New York: Gulliver Books, 1999. (photographs by Mendel Grossman; text by Frank Dabba Smith)
ISBN: 0152023062
LC Call No.: DS135.P62L64347 2000
Photographs taken secretly by a young Jewish man document fear, hardship, generosity, and humanity woven through the daily life of the Jews forced to live in the Lodz ghetto during the Holocaust.
Grossman, Mendel. With a Camera in the Ghetto. New York: Schocken Books, 1972, 1977. (Translation of Tsalam hilekh ba-geto; pictorial work)
ISBN: 0805236457
LC Call No.: DS135.P62L643513 1977
Edited by Zvi Szner and Alexander Sened; with text from the Chronicle of the Lodz Ghetto, edited by Lucjan Dobroszycki and Danuta Dombrowska; includes "Mendel Grossman - the photographer of the Lodz Ghetto," by Arieh Ben-Menahem.
Hirshkovitch, B. "The Ghetto in Litzmannstadt." YIVO Annual 5 (1950): 85-122. (in English)
  • Horwitz, Gordon J., Ghettostadt, Łodz and the Making of a Nazi City, The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, London, England, 2008. 395 pages. ISBN-13:978-0-674-02799-2  
  • Jasny, A. Wolf (Yasny, A. Volf). Di geshikhte fun Yidn in Lodzh in di yorn fun der Daytsher Yidn-oysrotung (The History of the Jews in Lodz in the Years of the German Extermination of the Jews). 2 vols. Tel Aviv: Farlag Y. L. Perets, 1960-1962. (in Yiddish)

    Kranitz-Sanders, Lillian. Twelve Who Survived: An Oral History of the Jews of Lodz, Poland, 1930-1954. New York: Irvington Publishers, 1983. (in English)
    ISBN: 082900968X
    LC Call No.: DS135.P62L64413 1983

    Lodz - Names: List of the Ghetto Inhabitants, 1940-1944. 5 Vols. Jerusalem: Yad Vashem and the Organization of Former Residents of Lodz in Israel, 1994. (in English and Hebrew; other titles: Lodz - shemot: reshimat toshvei ha-geto, 1940-1944; Shemot Lodz)
    LC Call No.: DS135.P62 L6424  1994X or DS135.P62 L64414 1994

    Records of the Judenrat of the Lodz ghetto from February 1940 until the liquidation of the ghetto in August 1944. Available at Yad Vashem LibraryU.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum (yizkor book section), Stanford University (Green Library), University of Notre Dame (Hesburgh Library), University of Toronto (Robarts Library), Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (Bavarian State Library, München, Germany), Jewish Holocaust Museum and Research Centre (Melbourne, Australia) and Uniwersytet Warszawski (Warsaw University, Poland). See Lodz - Names: A Record of the 200,000 Inhabitants of the Lodz Ghetto, a review of this book.
    Lodz/Names. Jerusalem: the Organization of  Former Residents of Lodz in Israel, 1989. (in English and Hebrew)
    Not to be confused with Lodz - Names: List of the Ghetto Inhabitants, 1940-1944, this 191-page book contains a partial listing (approx. 8,100 names) of the Lodz ghetto inhabitants in the same format described in the 5-volume work above, beginning with the surname "Adamowicz" and ending with "Wajchman"; includes photos of the Lodz ghetto; book may be used on site only. Contact: Holocaust Resource Center, Queensborough Community College Library (of the City University of New York). Phone: 718-225-2617. Email:
    The Lodzer Centre in Melbourne, 1953-1974 (Lodzsher Tsenter in Melborn, 1953-1974). Melbourne, Australia: Lodzer Centre, 1974. (in English)

    Lodzher yisker-bukh (Lodz Yizkor Book). New York: United Emergency Relief Committee for the City of Lodz, 1943. (in Yiddish; summary in English)

    Also: New York: New York Public Library, 1995. 1 microfilm reel; 35mm. (MN *ZZ-34391)
    Loewy, Hanno and Andrej Bodek, eds. "Les Vrais Riches" - Notizen am Rand, Ein Tagebuch aus dem Ghetto Lodz Mai bis August 1944  ("Les Vrais Riches" - Notes in the Margin, a Diary from the Lodz Ghetto May to August 1944). Leipzig: Reclam, 1997. (in German)
    LC Call No.: DS135.P62L648 1997x
    ISBN: 3379015822
    The unknown author, an  intellectually accomplished young man, wrote his testament in English, Hebrew, Polish and Yiddish, in the margins of the French novel, Les Vrais Riches.
    Loewy, Hanno, and Gerhard Schoenberner, in cooperation with Yad Vashem. Unser einziger Weg ist Arbeit [Unzer eyntsiger veg iz arbayt]: das Getto in Lodz 1940-1944: eine Ausstellung des Jüdischen Museums Frankfurt am Main (Our Only Way is Work: the Lodz Ghetto, 1940-1944: An Exhibit of the Jewish Museum of Frankfurt) . Wien: Löcker, 1990. (in German; illustrations)
    ISBN: 3854091699 : DM83.00
    LC Call No.: DS135.P62L646 1990

    Meshenberg, Michael J. "Lodz Ghetto and Cemetery Lists."  Avotaynu, Spring 1995.

    Mosel, Wilhelm. ed. Wegweiser zu ehemaligen jüdischen Leidensstätten der Deportation von Hamburg nach Litzmannstadt (Lodz) (Guide to the Sites of Jewish Suffering from the Deportation from Hamburg to Litzmannstadt). Hamburg: Deutsch-Jüdische Gesellschaft Hamburg (DJG Hamburg), 1993. (Series: Schriftenreihen der Deutsch-Jüdischen Gesellschaft Hamburg (DJG Hamburg)
    LC Call No.: IN PROCESS as of May 1999 (lccopycat)

    Pulawer, M. Geven iz a geto: bilder geseykhnt fun Volf Adler (There once was a ghetto: pictures drawn by Wolf Adler). Tel Aviv: Y. L. Perets-bibliotek, 1963. (in Yiddish; pictorial work)

    Rosenfarb, Chawa (Chava). The Tree of Life: A Novel about Life in the Lodz Ghetto. Melbourne: Scribe, 1985. (in English; translation of  Der Boym fun Lebn from the Yiddish by the author in collaboration with Goldie Morgentaler)
    LC Call No.: PJ5129.R597B613 1985
    ISBN: 0908011091

    Also: Rosenfarb, Chawa (Chava). Der boym fun lebn: trilogye. Tel-Aviv: Farlag Hamenorah, 1972. (in Yiddish)
    Rosenfeld, Oskar. Wozu noch Welt: Aufzeichnungen aus dem Getto Lodz (notes from the Lodz ghetto; edited by Hanno Loewy). Frankfurt am Main: Verlag Neue Kritik, 1994. (in German; Series: Schiftenreiche der Arbeitsstelle Fritz Bauer Institut - Bd. 7; the diary of Oskar Rosenfeld, 1888-1944)
    LC Call No.: DS135.P63 R678 1994
    ISBN: 3801502724

    Rubin, Icchak Henryk. Zydzi w Lodzi pod niemieckna okupacjna 1939-1945 (Jews in Lodz During the Occupation, 1939-1945). Londyn: Kontra, 1988. (in Polish)
    LC Call No.: DS135.P62L64425 1988
    ISBN: 0907652239

    Rudavsky, Joseph. To Live With Hope, To Die With Dignity: Spiritual Resistance in the Ghettos and Camps. Lanham: University Press of America, 1987. (in English; co-published by arrangement with the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies of Ramapo College of New Jersey; resistance and intellectual life in Warsaw, Vilnius, Lodz and Kaunas)
    ISBN: 0819160830, 0819160849 and 1568219407
    LC Call No.: D810.J4R8185 1987

    Selver-Urbach (Zelwer-Urbach), Sarah. Through the Window of My Home: Recollections from the Lodz Ghetto. Jerusalem: Yad Vashem, 1986. (in English; translation of Mi-ba'ad le-ohalon beti,1964, from the Hebrew by Siona Bodansky)
    LC Call No.: DS135.P62L644313 1986

    Shayevitsh, S. B. Lekh-lekho (Go You Forth). Ed. Nachman Blumental. Lodz: Central Jewish Historical Commission, 1946. (epic poem written in the Lodz ghetto)

    Sierakowiak, Dawid (1924-1943). The Diary of Dawid Sierakowiak: Five Notebooks from the Lodz Ghetto. New York: Oxford University Press, 1996. (in English; edited and with an introduction by Alan Adelson; translated from the Polish original by Kamil Turowski; foreword by Lawrence L. Langer)
    ISBN: 0195104501
    LC Call No.: DS135.P62L64434 1996

    Also: Journal du Ghetto de Lodz: 1939-1943. Monaco: Editions du Rocher, 1997. (in French; translation of The Diary of Dawid Sierakowiak; direction litteraire et introduction d'Alan Adelson; traduit de l'americain par Mona de Pracontal.)
    ISBN: 2268027066

    Also: Sierakowiak, Dawid, 1924-1943. Dziennik Dawida Sierakowiaka. Warszawa: Iskry, 1960. (in Polish; Series: Biblioteczka niezapominajki)
    Microfilm. New York : New York Public Library, 1994. 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. (MN: *ZZ-34328)

    Also: Sierakowiak, Dawid, 1924-1943. Das Ghettotagebuch des Dawid Sierakowiak: Aufzeichnungen eines Siebzehnjährigen, 1941/42 (The Ghetto Diary of Dawid Sierakowiak: notes of a seventeen-year-old, 1941/42). Edition: 1. Aufl. Leipzig: Reclam Verlag, 1993. (German language translation of the original Polish edition; Series: Reclam-Bibliothek)
    ISBN:  3379014591

    Sinnreich, Helene. “And We Eat Like on Yom Kippur”: Women, Food, and the Struggle for Survival in the Lodz Ghetto,” Lilith Magazine (Fall, 2005) 

    Sinnreich, Helene. "Reading the Writing on the Wall: A Textual Analysis of Lodz Graffiti," Religion, State, and Society, VOL 32; PART 1, pages 53-58   (2004)

    Spiegel, Isaiah. Ghetto Kingdom: Tales of the Lodz Ghetto. Evanston, Ill.: Northwestern University Press, 1998. (in English; translated from Yiddish by David H. Hirsch and Roslyn Hirsch; short stories)
    ISBN: 0810116243 and 0810116251
    LC Call No.: PJ5129.S6812A27 1998
    (too many locations in the U.S. to list here; check your local library system)

    Tabaksblat, Israel. Hurbn-Lodzsh, 6 yor Natsi-gehenem (La Destruccion de Lodz; The Destruction of Lodz). Buenos-Ayres: Tsentral-Farband fun Poylishe Yidn in Argentine, 1946. (in Yiddish; Series: Dos Poylishe Yidntum, Bd. 5; illustrated)

    Tenenbaum, A. (Tenenbaum-Arazi, Avraham). Lodzsh un ire Yidn (Lodz and its Jews). Buenos-Ayres: Tsentral-farband fun Poylishe Yidn in Argentine, 1956. (in Yiddish; Series: Dos Poylishe Yidntum)

    Trunk, Isaiah (Yehiel Yeshaiah). Lodzher geto: a historishe un sotsyologishe shtudye (Lodz Ghetto: A Historical and Sociological Study). New York: YIVO, 1962. (in Yiddish and some Polish; includes documents, tables and maps; foreword, preface and indexes in Yiddish and English). This book has now been translated into English and edited by Robert Moses Shapiro, published by Indiana University Press in association with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, 2006. 

    Unger, Michal (Mikhal). Ha-Geto ha-aharon: Hayim be-geto Lodz, 1940-1944 (Last Ghetto: Life in the Lodz Ghetto, 1940-1944). Jerusalem: Yad Vashem, 1995. (in Hebrew; pictorial work)
    ISBN (English version): 9653080458
    LC Call No.: DS135.P62L64328 1995

    Unger, Michal. Nachman Zonabend collection on the Lodz ghetto (Record Group 0-34).  Jerusalem: Yad Vashem Central Archives, 1992. (English and Hebrew, with Hebrew text on inverted pages; Series: Guides of the Yad Vashem Archives; catalog no. 13)

    Also: Osef Nahman Zonabend ‘al Geto Lodz' (hativah arkhiyonit 0-34).   Yerushalayim: ha-Arkhiyon, 1992. (in Hebrew; Nahman Zonabend collection of the Lodz Ghetto)
    Web, Marek, ed. The Documents of the Lodz Ghetto: An Inventory of the Nachman Zonabend Collection (record group no. 241). New York: YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, 1988. (with a preface by Lucjan Dobroszycki)
    ISBN: 091457240
    LC Call No.: DS135.P62L647 1988

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    Zyskind, Sara. Stolen Years. Minneapolis, Minn.: Lerner Publications, 1981. (in English; translated by Marganit Insar)
    ISBN: 0-8225-0766-8.

    Also: Palgar-Zyskind, Sarah. ha-Atarah she-avdah. Tel Aviv: Bet lohame ha-geta'ot ve hotsa'at ha-kibuts ha-me'uhad, 1977. (in Hebrew)

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    Family History

    Engel, Jan M. The Engel Family. San Jose, CA: Genealogical Data Systems.

    This book chronicles about 1,800 known members of the Engel family. The family originated in Poland, some members migrated to the United Kingdom, the United States and Palestine prior to World War II. Those that remained suffered terrible losses during the Holocaust. The book links all known Holocaust survivors and their descendants with the descendants of those that emigrated before the war and documents their inter-relations. Genealogical Data Systems, P. O. Box 6852, San Jose, CA 95150, USA. E-mail:

    Yaron, Hayim Yehudah (1916- ) (Grosman, Hayim Yehudah). Toldot mishpahat Grosman mi-Lodz, Polin: u-mikhtavim le-Erets Yisra'el mi-November 1935 ad sof Ogust 1939. Jerusalem: Be-hotsa'at ha-mishpahah, 1994. (correspondence of the Grossman family of Lodz from November 1935 to August 1939). New York Public Library and other locations

    Kempa, Andrzej and Marek Szukalak, "The Biographical Dictionary of the Jews of Lodz" Oficyna Bibliopfilow and Fundacaja Monumentum ludaicum Lodzenie, Lodz 2006. ISBN: 83-87522-83-X.  (English). The authors published four illustrated volumes of the Jews of Old Lodz in 2001-2004 in Polish. Another Polish volume was published by Marek Szukalak in 2007. The English volume contains translations of several of the people featured in the Polish volumes.

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    Travel Guidebooks

    Guide to the Jewish Cemetery in Lodz (Przewodnik po cmentarzu Zydowskim w Lodzi). Lodz: Studio Bilbo, 1997. (complete book in both Polish and English; published for the City Strategy Department of the Lodz City Office; includes a history of Jewish Lodz and its cemetery, biographical information on eminent figures, map of the Lodz ghetto, fold-out plans of the cemetery and the main alley, with sections identified)

    Podolska, Joanna, and Jacek Walicki  A Guide to the Jewish Cemetery in LodzPrzewodnik Po Cmentarzu Zydowskim W Lodzi  Oficyna Bibliofilow, ISBN 83-904646-3-2 (Polish and English)  

    Podolska, Joanna, Traces of the Litzmannastadt-Getto, A Guide to the Past  Piatek Trzynastego Wydawnictwo, 93-345 Lodz, ul. Paradna 3, tel. 0-602 34 98 02 (06),  Lodz 2004, ISBN 83-7415-000-9 (English)

    Malenczyk, Jerzy and Claire Rosenson. A Guide to Jewish Lodz. Warsaw: Jewish Information and Travel Bureau, 1994. (in English; Series: Library of "our roots"; vol. 4; translated by Claire Rosenson; includes maps, a guide to the Jewish cemetery, walking tours of Jewish landmarks and biographical information on eminent citizens)
    LC Call No.: DS135.P62L6441531 1994

    Spodenkiewicz, Pawel. Zaginiona Dzielnica: Lodz Zydowska - Ludzie i Miejsca. Lodz: Lodzka Ksiegarnia Niezalezna, 1998. (in Polish; a map and guide to landmarks of the Jewish community, with biographies of eminent citizens) U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and other locations


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    This bibliography is by no means complete, but contains a representative sampling of  important articles and books published about Lodz, as well as books of special interest to Jewish genealogists. Most of the large number of personal narratives about the Lodz ghetto are not included in this bibliography. According to the Organization of Former Residents of Lodz in Israel (OFRLI), about 800 books have been written about the Jewish community of Lodz before and during W.W.II. OFRLI maintains a large library in Tel Aviv containing many of these books. 

    Most library locations were obtained by searching Worldcat (in May 1999), which contains records of any type of material cataloged by OCLC member libraries. Libraries in Germany were located using DBI-LINK. See the Lodz main page for links to additional libraries not listed here.

    Additions or corrections: Email Roni Seibel Liebowitz



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