The inscription on the sign is written in Hebrew, Yiddish and Lithuanian and says:
The old Jewish cemetery. Sacred is the memorial of the deceased.



      During  October 2001, my guide Regina Kopilevich from Vilnius,  and I, spent  a few hours in the Lygumai Jewish Cemetery.  The cemetery is about 2 km outside of Lygumai. Our time was limited and we spent our time documenting at least half of all the  legible tombstones in the Jewish cemetery. Regina is very good at reading Hebrew inscriptions on tombstones. Many of the stones were unreadable, either because the inscriptions were too faint or nonexistent, due to extreme weathering, or because the quality of the original stone was poor. We found 4 tombstones that had last names as well as first names. The other 34 tombstones that Regina had time to read, only had  first names. Regina also read some of the letters, by feel, with her fingers, like someone reading Braille. I took photographs of most of the tombstones that Regina could read. The tombstones that I took photos of are indicated in the rightmost column of  Index 1.

      There is a rock wall surrounding the cemetery, which is located on the side of a steep hill. The tombstones are not in straight rows, but for location purposes, we tried to map the tombstones into rows. Row "A" refers to the tombstones at the top of the hill. Row "B" is below row "A", closer to the bottom of the hill.

      Example: A1 means grave number 1 in row A. Grave A2 is right of grave A1. (Grave No means tombstone number within that particular row, going from left to right.)

          Barry Mann 
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