Obeliai, Lithuania

Families of Obeliai: faces and stories

In order to remember the Jewish families and individuals who lived in Obeliai over the years, we are compiling a list of names and, where possible, photos. No Jews now live in Obeliai - they are scattered around the world. Hopefully, by finding a relative in the list below, we can reunite relatives and friends all over the globe. If you would like your family's names added or know of someone who might, please contact Emma via the link at the bottom of the page.

Some names listed are just a name, with no further information. These appear where someone remembers the name but little or nothing else. Please help us to fill in the gaps, if you can!

Does anyone know any more about Elke "the meshummed"? All we know is that his father had died and his mother turned him over to the community to raise.

Other Rabbis of the town included Rabbi Chaim Nasan, Rabbi Schlomo Gershon, Rabbi Chaim Scholom Migrudner, Rabbi Zalman Siegel, Rabbi Berlikah, known as "the Yellow Rabbi", and Rabbi Avraham Meyerevitz, who perished along with his congregation in the Holocaust.   If you can shed any more light on the lives and families of these esteemed men, please share their stories with us.

Some names mentioned of long-remembered childhood friends include Chaim Mussel, Itze Shmidt, Bearke Lintop and Polish siblings, Anna and Zigmund and Karolka Mikutovistsch. Even if they were not Jewish, they were still neighbours and friends and deserve a mention. Do your relatives remember any of their schoolfriends?

Also, two non-Jews, Vladas Andanas and a woman named Vatzenyeh from Kadeliai were arrested in 1944 for protecting Jews. We should honour them and thank them if we can by remembering them, the risks they took and the price they undoubtedly paid.

If you have any names, corrections, questions, comments or photographs of Obeliai families you would like to share, or if you have found a connection here you would like to follow up, please contact Emma Freeman by clicking here or click on the Obeliai homepage to join our mailing list

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