Obeliai, Lithuania

Sketch Map of Obeliai - Who Lived Where

This sketch of Obeliai was drawn by the late Abe Dick based on his memories of the town. He and his family left when he was eight years old. It was kindly contributed by Ida Weinberg.

Interactive map of Abel

This amazing interactive version of Abe's sketch map was compiled and created by Michael Grant. Thank you, Michael, it's fantastic!

Click on coloured houses to see their occupants in the Pogrund tree. As we are all connected to the extended Pogrund tree, it's more than likely you'll find a link to your own family!

If you have difficulty reading the legends, hover your mouse over houses for clearly legible versions.

Please send any comments, feedback, old photos, new photos, GEDCOM trees, or anything else pertaining to the POGRUND (or KRUSS) families for Michael to me by clicking here and I will pass them on to him.

[Map of Abel] Yehuda Leibe Pogrund Itzik [Icik] Pogrund (my grandfather) Shaya Grocery store of Simale Bam Yehuda 'Leibe Der Lange' Sackstein Kalman Pogrund Golda Dick & children (my father had already left for South Africa) Golda Sackstein (_which_ Golda Sackstein is a surmise) To Shubitz (Latvia) To Rokiškis Lake Abel (called Abeler Ozere [Obeliu ežeras]) Public bath-house Place where the community baked matzo Chava Leia Lane shul The only double-storey house.  Belonged to Itzik.  The rabbi stayed upstairs To Dusiat [Dusetos]

If you have any photographs of Obeliai you would like to share, or any comments, additions or corrections for the sketch map, please contact Emma Freeman by clicking here or click on the Obeliai homepage to join our mailing list

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Last revised: 22 January 2022

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