Article published in "Die Stimme", January 2005

(freely translated from German by Alex Rath)

(Die Stimme is the monthly German language publication of the Bukovina Jews World Union)

The Radautz Landsmannschaft is worried about the dismal condition of the Radautz Cemetery.

A group of concerned Landsmen/women dispatched Mr. Bondy Stenzler, who is a professional researcher, photographer and computer expert and a Landsman, to Radautz in order to establish the full extent of the dilapidation, decay and destruction, to report and advise on remedial action.

Radauti Jewish Cemetery, summer, 2004
Photographs © Bondy Stenzler, 2004

Bondy returned with alarming information. Even the newest part of the Cemetery, post 1945, is overgrown by intrusive vegetation, which makes it difficult, if not impossible, to reach individual graves.

The lay-out of the various sections of the cemetery, as well as individual graves' location markings, are inaccurate. New graves have been added without reference to plans.

The older part of the Cemetery, early 19th Century where the so called "Cholera graves" are located, is the worst affected. (Little is known about its historical and socio/anthropological background.)

To document his findings, Bondy brought back some 500 photographs. He was able to enlist the aid of the representative of the "Romanian Jewish Communities Association" to our efforts of reconstruction.

The following steps need to be taken in order to launch a reconstruction and preservation program:

  1. Clearing the Cemetery site of unwanted vegetation, leaving in place only tall trees, after pruning low branches.
  2. Preparation of a clear and accurate plan, by sections and grave locations, appropriately annotated, mentioning inscriptions, front and back photographs.
  3. Establishing a "Radautz Cemetery 2005" web site, to comprise the information described above, with links and access to all allied internet sites, to allow search-communication exchange and support with interested parties as well as general genealogical research.

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We, the undersigned members of the Radautz Landsmanschaft, thank you in advance.

Ruth Enis, Sylvie Gsell, Nomi Weber, Alex Rath, Eli Brender, Shlomo Steinmetz