also known as Rozdil, Razdol, Rozdul, Rosdil, Rozdo
and (particularly in older Jewish sources) Rozla

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Rozdol is located at coordinates 4927'N 2404'E, in East Galicia.
This area was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, later the eastern part of Poland and today Western Ukraine.


Census records 1801, 1819, 1826
Population figures -  1880-1931
Rozdol's rabbinic leaders
During the Holocaust

Pictures etc.

Trip report (with photos)
The synagogue of Rozdol and a streetscene (watercolors, courtesy of the Sir Isaac and Lady Wolfson Museum,Jerusalem)
Photograph of the old synagogue, with a crowd of people in front
Rozdol plaque in the Chamber of the Holocaust (Martef Hashoah) on Mt. Zion

Rozdol sections in New York cemeteries:

Mt.Zion Cemetery | Mt. Hebron Cemetery

Genealogical Research Sources

IAJGS Cemetery Project report on Rozdol cemetery List of names appearing in Rozdol birth records 1829-1868 (best as we can read them)  
1829-1847 1848-1855 1856-1858 1859-1860 1861-1862 1863-1864 1865-1868
Rozdol businesses, from 1891 Galician Directory Rozdol mentions in Meorei Galicia, by Rabbi Meir Wunder
Gesher Galicia Home Page (SIG)

For further reading

Pinkas Kehillot (Poland B), published by Yad VaShem (in Hebrew) Encyclopedia Judaica, volume 14, page 359 "On the Roads and the Roadsides"  (Baderachim Uvetzidei Haderachim)
by Dr. Natan Grinboim (in Hebrew) - chapter 4
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