Welcome to the website for the Jewish Community of Żuromin, Poland.  Jews lived and maintained a vibrant community in Żuromin from at least the early 19th century until the Holocaust. 

Although no Jews live in Żuromin today, a few of our elders who lived there are still alive.  They share memories of the community that they loved and the rich family lives and friendships of their youth.  Descendants of Żurominers are found in far-flung corners of the world.  They are eager for information about their ancestors and the town in which their ancestors lived.

Whatever your interest in, or connection to, Żuromin you are welcome here.  With our common roots in Żuromin, we are all family.


          Żuromin, Poland

The Jewish cemetery in Żuromin has been rededicated AND A MEMORIAL PLAQUE HAS BEEN INSTALLED. Click here to read about it.

Gravestones returned to cemetery.  Read about it here

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