Street Map of Buchach by Tom Weiss

On my first trip to Buchach in September 2000, I purchased a brochure that contained a street map of the town. The original map in the brochure had certain oddities that you will see on close inspection. It was obviously made from several smaller maps and these were not knit together precisely. When I returned from the trip, I scanned the map and cleaned it up. Since the annotations were in cyrillic letters, I transliterated them into latin letters. When I returned to Buchach in June 2001, I brought a copy of the map with me and asked Alex Dunai to correct transliteration errors. Thisis the map that has resulted. The modern Ukrainian street names as given in the brochure are shown in black. From other sources I added the 19th century Polish names of streets which are shown in red. Also, important sites in town have been indicated in green. The dashed red line may be the railroad line. Click on the map to see an even larger version.

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