Max Frenkel


This photograph was submitted by Thomas Fischer Weiss in honor of his grandparents. He writes as follows:

This is the wedding photograph of Max (born Majer Chayem) Frenkel and Clothilde (born Koncia) Fruchter. Max was born in Buczacz on June 8, 1876 and Clothilde was born in Rozniatow on November 9, 1877. They were married on June 7, 1903 in Vienna. They had two children -- Walter and Erna both born in Vienna. Walter emigrated to France and was a holocaust victim. My mother married Rudolf Fischer on June 29, 1932 in the Stadttempel which incidentally was the only synagogue in Vienna to survive the German pogrom called "Kristallnacht" (November 9, 1938). She and I ultimately emigrated to the US. More details of our exodus are contained elsewhere.

Clothilde died May 20, 1937 and is buried in the Vienna Zentralfriedhof. Max was less fortunate. He was deported from Vienna to Riga on January 11, 1942 and never returned.

Max was a business man in Vienna and owned property as well as selling rainwear. He had a factory in Milan as well as his business in Vienna. The couple had two children -- Walter and Erna.

I have only a dim recollection of my grandparents. I do recall being in their Vienna home where an electric train was set up for my pleasure. I also recall that they had a water closet in their bathroom that made a sound that frightened me when I flushed. Throughout my childhood, I heard stories about my grandfather from people who had known him. They would repeat some joke or story, sometimes somewhat ribald, that they recalled with a chuckle. Max was well known to frequent the Viennese coffee houses. Max was also somewhat less orthodox than Clothilde. He would sometimes leave during the high holidays to go to some mountain resort explaining that he was going "to be closer to the lord."

   This is a photograph of a charcoal drawing of Max Frenkel made in 1935.

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