Kibart Cemetery

Lithuania Trip Photos

May 9 - 17, 2001

Photos by Nancy Lefkowitz

Headstone translations by Joseph Rosin


Our dear Father
Righteous and great in Torah
Yakov son of Meir
Born in Kelem
"Shub' in Mariampol Community 645-693 (1885-1933)
Died on 27th of Mar Kheshvan 693 (1933)

Kibart Jewish Cemetery, Grave of the Grandfather Leibowitz of Joseph Rosin

Joseph Rosin has a pre-war photo of this building intact (see next photo below). This cemetery was the most overgrown that we saw. Note all the rather mature trees right next to the headstone. Kibart was literally on the Prussian-Lithuanian border and was one of the very first towns to be overrun by the Nazis in June 1941. Joseph Rosin had asked us to photograph as many of the headstones in the cemetery as possible. Armed with this directive, we all went around trying to capture every headstone on film or on digital camera.


The prewar photo of the tomb and the tombstone Yakov Leibovitz (grandfather of Joseph Rosin) at the Jewish cemetery in Kybartai

This and following: Headstones in the Kibart Jewish Cemetery

Here rests in peace
Our dearly beloved wife and mother
Khanah daughter of Eliezer
Died on 30th of December 1938
At the age of 38 years

Yakov son of Yitskhak
Died 22nd of Teveth 672 (1912)

Our dear Father
Yakov son of Eliezer-Zelig Fridberg
Died Purim 679 (1919)

Our dear Mother Mrs. Rukhamah-Zelda Freinkel
daughter of Chaim-Yosef
Died 13 Shevath 671 (1911)

Our young Mother
---- years of age
Khanah daughter of Tsevi
Died on the first day of Khanukah 671 (1911)

Mordechai Aryeh-----

Our dear Father
Avraham-Aharon son of Mosheh
Died on 17th of Elul 698 (1938)

Headstones in the Kybart Cemetery

My dear husband
Pesakh son of Mordechai
In life a Father to us
We shall cherish your memory in our hearts forever
Died at the age of 40 ? on 22nd of Menakhem-Av 670 (1910)

Our dear and beloved mother and sister
Rachel-Leah daughter of Avraham-Mordechai
You were taken from us in your best years
and left us mourning
Born on the 5th of Sivan 633 (1873)
Died on the first of Tamuz 689 (1929)

Mordechai son of Chaim
Died 28.4.1900

Our dear sister(?)
Rivkah daughter of Yosef-Tsevi
Died 20th of Kislev 681 (1921)

Daughter of Yosef
Died Kislev 689 (1929)

Yakov son of Yosef
His soul went to heaven
On 11th of Shevath 692 (1932)


Kibart Cemetery Restoration Project
Samuel Rachlin and Joseph Rosin have started to plan a restoration project of the Kibart Jewish Cemetery. Sam had visited the cemetery and took photos in the summer of 2001, and was motivated to initiate the project. As of November 2001, the Sam and Joseph are proceeding with the project, having identified local Kibart residents who will help with the project and have estimated the cost. If you are interested in donating to the project, please contact Sam Rachlin at Further information will be posted here when available.

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