Remembering the Jews of Lubaczow
Other names: Libatchov, Libechuyv, Liubachev, Lubachov, Lubatchov, Lubichuv

 Lubaczow's Rynek

    Lubaczow is a little town in the southeastern corner of Poland.
In 1931 there were 6291 citizens in Lubaczow, out of whom 1794 were Jews.
I hope that by browsing through the different parts of the site, you will be able to learn a little about a world that no longer exists - the world of the Jews of Lubaczow.

Remembering the fate and the names of these Jews who were nearly all killed in Holocaust is one of my goals, but even as important is to remember their lives before the war.
 Their businesses.
 The life around the town square - Rynek.
 The general history of their little town.
 The connections to America and to Eretz Israel.

The site is in memory of my friend Erela Goldschmidt (1942 - Nov 19th 2001) who was a child survivor of Holocaust and until 1994 had no information about her identity. Through our research we discovered the identity of Erela's mother - Necha Nella nee Weinrath - and that she had lived in Lubaczow. This website grew out of our desire to generally learn more about the Jews of Lubaczow and specifically to learn more about the Weinrath family from Lubaczow.

Please contact me through "E-Mail" if you have any corrections, suggestions or if you can share information about Lubaczow in the past or in the present with me.

Visit Lubaczow with me!

Eva Floersheim

In Memory of Erela Goldschmidt nee Hilferding 1942 - 2001

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