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( Neu Sandec ~ Neu Sandez ~ Nowy Sancz ~ Zanz ~ Sanz ~ Tsants(z) ~ Sants ~ Zantz ~ Noyzantz ~ Novyj Sanc )
נײ - סאנץ ~ סאנץ
~founded in 1292~
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Nowy Sącz – Neu Sandez – c.1915                                                                                               Nowy Sącz Rynek Today

Latitude 49°38´, Longitude 20°43´ ~   181.1 miles S of Warsaw


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        Description: trumpet.gifVideo Tour(2005) ~ Jewish Cemetery of Nowy Sącz!

Description: On September 12, 2005, Mr. Bernard Schwerd together with his son,Yecheal (Neil) Schwerd and nephew, Moshe(Michael)Schwerd visited the Jewish cemetery in Sanz,(Nowy Sanz)Poland, resting place of the holy Divrei Chaim (R'Chaim Halberstam and his family).

The trip was part of a tour through various towns in Galicia (Poland). At the cemetery gate they were greeted by Mr. Jakub Müller (Yaakov Miller)*, a Holocaust survivor who resided in Sweden.

Mr. Müller would come to Tsanz each summer to look after this cemetery. He gave the Schwerd Family a guided tour of the cemetery. 20 min 1 sec (This film Courtesy of Neil Schwerd) *Sadly, Mr. Müller passed away in Malmo, Sweden on 16th December of 2010. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIm5noaz3-0



A plaque in honor of Jakub Müller in Nowy Sącz

            December 16, 2013 marked the third anniversary of the death of Jakub Müller. A memorial plaque commemorating this guardian of the memory of Nowy Sącz Jews was unveiled at the gate of the Jewish cemetery on Rybacka Street. The plaque was unveiled by his daughter Karolina Lawitz, and Kraków Rabbi Eliezer Gurary recited a prayer for Jakub… http://www.sztetl.org.pl/en/cms/news/3853,a-plaque-in-honour-of-jakub-muller-in-nowy-sacz/


            An article from the Nowy Sącz Town website which covers the ceremony & includes photos of the event – some photos from the article are included above. http://www.nowysacz.pl/komunikaty-biura-prasowego/10042


Muzeum Okręgowe w Nowym Sączu (Regional Museum of Nowy Sącz)

2 Part Interview with Mr. Jakub Müller

            Wspomnienia ostatniego sądeckiego Żyda Jakuba Muellera (zmarł w 2010r w Malmo). Jako jedyny z licznej rodziny uchronił się przed śmiercią w obozie koncentracyjnym w Bełżcu. Po wydarzeniach Marca 1968 roku, kiedy nasiliła się inspirowana przez władze komunistyczne kampania antysemicka, wyjechał do Szwecji i tam zamieszkał na stałe. Jakub Mueller był nazywany przez sądeczan strażnikiem cmentarza żydowskiego. Przez ponad 20 lat opiekował się tym miejscem.

            *Memories of the last Sącz Jew Jakub Müller (he died in 2010 in Malmo). The only member of a large family saved from death in the concentration camp at Belzec. After the events of March 1968, when intensified by the communist-inspired anti-Semitic campaign, he went to Sweden and settled there permanently. Jakub Müller was called by Sądeczan guardian of the Jewish cemetery. For over 20 years he took care of the place.

            *"Nowy Sącz to jest moje życie" - wspomina Jakub Mueller, Część 1 ("Nowy Sacz This is my Life" - says Jakub Müller, Part 1) – 14:31 (in Polish)

            *"Nowy Sącz to jest moje życie" - wspomina Jakub Mueller, Część 2 ("Nowy Sacz This is my Life" - says Jakub, Müller Part 2) – 10:46 (in Polish)

            *  Sądecczyzna na styku kultur i religii, cz. 1 (Sadecczyzna at the Crossroads of Cultures and Religions, Part 1) – 14:30 (in Polish)

            *  Sądecczyzna na styku kultur i religii, cz. 2 (Sadecczyzna at the Crossroads of Cultures and Religions, Part 2) – 4:59 (highlights Jewish residents) (in Polish)

            *translated from Polish via Google Translate


 “Yad Vashem’s Central Database of Shoah Victim Names”

This database went online on Nov. 22, 2004, and sadly, there are over 1,000 Holocaust Victims listed from Nowy Sącz (some names may be repeated)

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Markus (Mordechai) Lustig (Kanengisser)
“A Sanzer’s Life Story” (in his own words)
**** Click Here to read this incredible life story ****


Description: ns.bus.jpgDescription: ns.bus1.jpg

Source:  Debbie Raff, while on a bus passing through Nowy Sacz in the summer of 1998.  I never had the opportunity to see the town.


A List of 4,232 Jewish Residents of Nowy Sacz – Compiled by William Leibner

(Source abbreviations are located at the top of the list – file is downloadable))



“A Purim in the Region of Sants”

(a detailed account of one boisterous Purim celebration)




 “1891 Galician Business Directory”

201 names/occupations of Nowy Sącz residents!!

~ Click Here ~



 “1929 Polish Business Directory”

Ksiega Adresowa Polski (Wraz z w.m. Gdanskiem dla Handlu, Przemyslu
Rzemiosl I Rolnictwa)
–(written in Polish/French)

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