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LodzMemorialatYadVashem4.jpg (44890 bytes)

Memorial to the destroyed Jewish communities of Lodz and its region

n="center" style="border: 1 solid #006699"> From dawn to dusk
A project to commemorate the Jews of Lodz, by the XIII Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace (13th High School)...a must see. Click here.


New Lodz-Related Sites:

"Traces of the Litzmannstadt Getto" -- Michal Latosinski's  site based on a book by Joanna Podolska and other sources, is a  virtual guide to Jewish Lodz.

The Peretzniks (Perecowicze): A Film About a Jewish School in Lodz Poland. A clip of this film can be viewed on Steve Lansky's website: "Museum of Family History." Check out his other entries and exhibits about Lodz.

Welcome to the Lodz KehilaLinks home page. This site was created to share information on Jewish Lodz, to guide those researching their roots, and to commemorate the Jewish community that was virtually wiped out in the Shoah. This site contains original articles and hundreds of links to documents, interviews, and photographs on Lodz and surrounding communities. To begin, click on a main topic to the left. 

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A Rage to Live

Lodz KehilaLinks readers are very familiar with the poignant writings of Lodz Ghetto survivor, Victor BreitburgHe was one of the “The Boys” liberated from Theresienstadt, whom Sir Martin Gilbert wrote about in The Boys: Triumph Over Adversity.

Now he tells it all in this important book written with Joseph G. Krygier. For more information click here.

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  • Several recently published books have been added to the Bibliography.
  • Indexing of the Lodz Work ID Cards issued in January 1943 is complete. To see sample ID cards and learn more about this exciting project, click here.
  • Article by Dr. Harold Bursztajn about his father Abraham Bursztajn's experiences during the Shoah in Lodz, describing how two physicians, working under the shadow of death with limited resources, were able to comfort and even promote hope and healing, and how his father defied Rumkowski.
  • Translation of an interview with the mayor of Lodz, concerning the Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the Liquidation of the Litzmannstadt Ghetto in Lodz


Facts at a Glance

  • City of Lodz chartered in 1423
  • Jewish presence since ca. 1780
  • Old cemetery, dating from 1811 to 1892, destroyed during World War II
  • New cemetery, dating from 1892, largest Jewish cemetery in Europe
  • Lodz Jewish population in 1939: approx. 223,000, 34% of total
  • Second largest Jewish population in Europe in 1939
  • Second largest city in Poland
  • Lodz ghetto, 1940-1944: longest existing Polish ghetto
  • Deportations: Chelmno, Auschwitz-Birkenau
  • Survivors of the Lodz ghetto: approximately 5,000-7,000
  • Textile capital of Eastern Europe
  • Other Names: Lodzh (in Yiddish); Lodsch (in German); Renamed Litzmannstadt by the Germans, 1939-1945
  • Nickname: "The Polish Manchester"
  • Polish Pronunciation: "wootch"

Jewish Population

Per Cent of Total Population
1793 11
1808 58 13.4%
1823 288 36.0%
1856 2,886 11.7%
1897 98,676 31.8%
1921 156,155 34.5%
1931 202,497 33.5%
1939 223,000 34.0%

Facts taken from Jewish Roots in Poland: Pages from the Past and Archival Inventories, 1997, by Miriam Weiner, Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, 1990, Encyclopaedia Judaica and other sources.

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