Updated 16 Jun 2019

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On this page, you will find different Spreadsheets and PDF files showing various lists of the Jewish population in Klimontow.

(You can either download a copy as a spreadsheet or view the spreadsheet as a pdf in another browser window)

1929 Klimontow Business Directory spreadsheet
1929 Klimontow Business Directory pdf

1933 Membership Dues to Klimontow Kehila spreadsheet
1933 membership Dues to Klimontow Kehila pdf

The following list was compiled from Steve Morse' website "Searching the Ellis Island (gold) Database in One Step which linked directly to the  Statue of Liberty Ellis Island Foundation Inc website.

Ellis Island Emigrants 1892 to 1924 spreadsheet
Ellis Island Emigrants 1892 to 1924 pdf

The following is a list of all the surnames, together with the number of times they appear in the birth, marriage and death records kept by the Jewish Kehilla from 1826-1940.

Jewish Congregation Surname Listing spreadsheet
Jewish Congregation Surname Listing pdf