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Dubiecko, our shtetl, with the Yiddish pronunciation"Doobetzk", was located in Galicia from 1776 to 1919 Map of Galicia (Galicia was a crownland (Kroenlande) or royal province of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire). In 1919, after World War I, most of Galicia was returned to the newly re-created Poland.

Home of our Ancestors!

Dubiecko is located at latitude 49° 49´ longitude 22° 23´, West of Przemysl and NorthEast of Krosno. On the Galician map on the right Dubiecko is in the red circle.

If you are interested in the area, the main web site has many more stories and photographs, so please visit Krosno area website.

My great grandfather (Joseph Scheiner) was born in Dubetsk...and this page is dedicated to the Scheiner Family. For more information on them, click here . Josef Scheiner

I hope fellow researchers will find all this interesting and helpful. As with any genealogical research, this is an evolving project. And it evolves best when others become interested enough to participate. Please send your family stories, photographs, comments or questions to Jeff Alexander

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A Short History of the Town

From the Polish Records Website THE HISTORY OF THE TOWN: Dubiecko was given by King Wladyslaw Jagiello in 1389 to Piotr Kmita along with three villages: Iskania, Stopnica and Ruszelczyce. Piotr's son, Mikolaj, obtained a privilege issued in Wislica in 1407, allowing him to transform Dubiecka into a city. The Kmits were owners of Dubiecka until 1531, when the town was ruled by Stadnicki. In 1588, Andrzej Stadnicki sold the city to Stanislaw Konarski. The Dubiecko family owned it until the beginning of the 20th century.

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Genealogy Documents for Dubiecko

are available (as far as we know) through the Przemyal Archive only. They include On Miriam Wiener's wonderful Routes to Roots Foundation website ( is a full listing of records, and it includes

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The 1920 Galician Directory for Dubiecko

(Polish) Miasto, pow.Przemysl, siedziba sadu pow., sad okr. Przemysl, 1793 mieszk (12 km) Bachorz, linja kol. Dynow-Przeworsk, Urzad miejski, 1 church Rz kat, 1 gr. Kat. Stow. Rekodzielnikow. Targi: na bydlo, nierogacizne, wyr. Bednarskie I manufakture. Miyny. Bednarstwo.
(French) Ville, distr. De Przemysl, siege du trib. De distr., trio. D'arr-t Przemysl, 1763 habit. (train) (12 km) bachorz, ligne de Dynow-Przeworsk. Office municipal. 1 Cath., 1 gr. Cath., Assoc d'artisans. Marches: pour bestiaux, porcs, tonnellerie et tissus. Moulins. Industrie de la tonnellerie.

The following is the beginning of an English translation... with the assistance of Schelly Pollero:

Maire (mayor): Pawel Drzewinski.
Corps des pomviers volont. Medecins: Machczynski, Heur. Dr (chir), Mayer E. dr., Blird Maurycy dr.
Avocats (lawyers): Goldstaub Art, dr. -Schneider Leon dr.
Notaires: Tymcik W.
Sages-Femmes (mid wife): Pawlic M
Pharmacies (druggists): Grudzewski J.
Tonneliers (coopers?): Attak J, ciurkiewicz F, Gaska Fl, Gaska Fr, Gaska S, Karpinski I, Kowalski A, Muryczka P, Staszkiewicz J, Ulanowski F.
Ferblantiers: Wiplich I.
Tissus (fabrics): Knoller, S, Silberman J, Staszkiewicz M.
March de bestiaux (cattle market): Aufang J, Furst J, Kupferman A.
Hotels: Schimmel N.R.
Charrons: Dudek J.
Forgerons: Deregowski J, Laszkiewicz A, Szpunar R
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The Cemeteries in Dubiecko

In 1992 the US Commission reported on all the cemeteries in Poland. The report included the following information on the Jewish cemeteries:

Dubiecko, 33 km from Przemysl lies at 22.23/49.49. The Orthodox cemetery is north of the town. The current population is less than 5000 and there are no Jews. In 1921, 977 Jews lived there. The cemetery is isolated with no marker or sign, reached by turning directly off a public road rand it is open to all, no fence or gate. It is 0.62 hectares in size. There are fewer than 20 stones, in their original locations but toppled or broken; some sandstone. The property is used for agriculture. .It was vandalized during WWII.

The cemetery now is under the official oversight and ownership of FODZ- the Foundation for Jewish Heritage in Poland.

Click to see the 2006 travelogue for current photographs and story by Bernice Frand Bernstein
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by David Moreitz, published in New York in 1950

This wonderful Yizkor book has been translated and you can see the entire translation at
To encourage you to read this chapter, here are a few small quotes:
"I shall never forget the little town of Dubiecko. When I remind myself of Dynow, I must remember Dubiecko, as it is impossible to remember one twin and not mention the other.
....From Dynow to Dubiecko is 9 miles (14 kilometers).
...Moshe Marshalek (see note 1 by Bernice Frand below) and his Klezmer band had enough time on a Saturday night after Shabbat had ended, to arrive by foot at a wedding in Dynow.
...Dubiecko is located on the river San, close to Przemysl.
....In the Synagogue there was great joy. A bright light shone from the huge gas lamp , and a warm Jewish atmosphere radiated all around.
....Piety and Chasidism shone from every corner.
...On Shabbat morning after davening (praying) we were invited from one house to the other for Kiddush. We could hardly drag ourselves back to the Synagogue to the table of the Rebbe.

This wonderful Yizkor book has been translated and you can see the entire translation at or you can read it online in its original hebrew and yiddish at the new york Public Library (

Note 1: Bernice Frand Bernstein, October 2005, wrote: On the Dubiecko website it reads Rav Moshe Marshalek and his klezmer band. Actually, the band was under the leadership of my great grandfather Leib Frand. Moshe was an entertainer/comedian. He would travel with the band making announcements and warming up the band.
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Dubiecko Landsmanshaften Societies in New York

There were many landsmanshaften societies in New York

I do not believe that these societies are still in existence. However, we have found two cemetery plots they owned, which, from the incorporation papers, was a prime purpose for Landsmanshaften. The first is at Mt. Zion Cemetery (Path 15left,gate9), Erste Dubitzker Chevra, Bnai Reb Mendel Mariles Indep. Lodge and the second at Baron Hirsch (secE,gate10) on Staten Island. If anyone has information on these plots, please contact us.

And we just got lucky. Just last month (November 2003) I received a wonderful email from the granddaughter of one of the original members of the First Dubietzker Chevra Bnei Reb Mendel Marilles....organized December 27, 1901. Soon after the lovely tiny book dubiecko chevra came in the mail from Judith Peck (more on Judith's family, the Welts and Eichners in the genealogy section).

The Foreword explains the purpose of the organization: "Enjoying by virtue of law the right as free citizens in the land of liberty, equality and justice, and with a view to elevate to a higher plane the fundamental, noble qualities of friendship, morality and brotherly love, benevolent organizations are founded which are instrumental in making their members better known for their good comradeship. The First Dubietzker Chevra Bnei Reb Mendel Marilles was formed and brought into being with the idea and purpose of teaching the most important of humanitarian principles and worthy deeds to be applied for the benefit of those less fortunate brethren who may require some measure of comfort and encouragement in times of distress and adversity".

Thus elected were Loan Fund Officers, a Cemetery Chairman, Shiva Committees, to administer sick and Death benefits. The death benefits were detailed in the book, for members, their wives and minor children. These benefits included a grave, a hearse, a coffin, shrouds, and 2 cars. Marriage outside of the faith revoked membership. Some of the rules I did not understand, for example: In the event that a proposed candidate's wife is pregnant, he shall not be admitted during the period of her pregnancy.

The Constitution begins: This Chevra shall bear the name "First Debietzker Chevra Bnei Reb Mendel Marilles" and should never be changed so long as 7 members in good standing remain in the Chevra. All transactions at meetings, as well as the minutes and communications, shall be conducted in either Jewish or English. Regular meetings of the Chevra shall be held twice a month... .

Here the names that the Book contained:


The following listings were contributed in January 2009 by Larry Feld, the current President of the Chevra. Note that the Mt. Zion listing is available directly from the cemetery which also includes the date of burial (query the society at, this is the only listing for the Baron Hirsch Cemetery plot.

Family Names Of Former Members Buried In Baron Hirsch and Mt. Zion Cemetaries

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The following is a list of the Dubiecko immigrants to the United States (most of those who came via Ellis Island, 1892-1924); it is alphabetical by SURNAME, and contains the SURNAME, first name, town (Dubiecko), the year of immigration and the age of the immigrant.

  1. Antang,LeibDubiecko190626y
  2. Barach,NaftaliDubiecko190620y
  3. Bernfeld,ChaweDubiecko, Austria191320y
  4. Bernstein,GitteDubiecko190415y
  5. Blau,MosesDubiecko, Austria191232y
  6. Bodek,IsraelDubiecko190616yh
  7. Bok,CiewieDubiecko, Austria191318y
  8. Borech,IzaakDubiecko190732y
  9. Eichner,DavidDubiecko, Poland192330y
  10. Eichner,LysiarDubiecko, Poland19236m
  11. Eichner,MaleDubiecko, Poland19232y
  12. Eichner,MirlaDubiecko, Poland192325y
  13. Filberman,MalieDubiecko, Austria190820y
  14. Frand,MendelDubiecko, Austria191020Y
  15. Frant,FeigeDubiecko, Austria190730y
  16. Frant,JankelDubiecko, Austria19076y
  17. Frant,JosefDubiecko, Austria19072y
  18. Freifeld,DavidDubiecko, Austria191127y
  19. Fuhrer,IzaakDubiecko, Poland192122y
  20. Hoffner,FrineDubiecko190615y
  21. Igel,AbramDubiecko, Austria191116y
  22. Igel,IsaakDubiecko190726y
  23. Igel,JosefDubiecko190324y
  24. Igel,SoszaDubiecko190724y
  25. Jaworniker,EidelDubiecko19058y
  26. Jaworniker,FeigeDubiecko190532y
  27. Jaworniker,GiseleDubiecko19054y
  28. Jaworniker,LeiserDubiecko190417y
  29. Jaworniker,MirelDubiecko19059y
  30. Jaworniker,PesseDubiecko19053y
  31. Kanczurga,MojsheDubiecko, Austria19088y
  32. Kanczurga,NisanDubiecko, Austria190813y
  33. Kanczurga,RifkaDubiecko, Austria190843y
  34. Kupfermann,ReginaDubiecko, Austria191318y
  35. Langstein,ChajeDubiecko190411y
  36. Langstein,FreideDubiecko190316y
  37. Maj,JakobDubiecko, Austria191018y
  38. Mehler,AbrahamDubiecko190316y
  39. Passer,CzarnaDubiecko, Poland192032y
  40. Sak,BerleDubiecko190331y
  41. Sak,ChaskelDubiecko19035y
  42. Sak,FreideDubiecko19036y
  43. Sak,GitscheDubiecko19032y
  44. Schimmel,MeilechDubiecko, Galicia191450y (related to me by marriage)
  45. Schimmel,OsiasDubiecko, Austria190960y
  46. Schipper,ScheindelDubiecko, Austria191018y
  47. Schmalz,DawidDubiecko, Austria191317y
  48. Shimmel,SamuelDubiecko190429y
  49. Silbermann,LeibDubiecko, Austria190931y
  50. Silbermann,MordcheDubiecko190420y
  51. Silbermann,ZacharjeDubiecko, Austria190918y
  52. Spatz,JozefDubiecko190416y
  53. Tigler,MayemDubiecko190348y
  54. Trant,MarkusDubiecko, Austria190730y (most likely mis indexed...should be FRANT)
  55. Udem,SalomonDubiecko190325y
  56. Wilczek,EsteraDubiecko190319y
  57. Zipper,MattelDubiecko, Galicia19085y
  58. Zipper,PinieDubiecko, Galicia190810y
  59. Zipper,ReginaDubiecko, Galicia190835y

There may be some updates, so if you want to see a list of immigrants who came to New York from any Shtetl during the period of greatest Jewish immigrantion, the directions are below.

It is relatively easy to do the query using Steve Morse’s wonderful web page on JewishGen: . Here are the steps:

. Happy hunting!
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Families from Dubiecko

First, from Milton Wollman of Philadelphia:

My grandfather was Meilech Schimmel. According to the family, Meilech had a tavern in Dubiecko; this correlates with the 1920 Business Directory. Meilech married twice; the children of the first marriage emigrated to the United States -Joseph, Isidore, Rose, Tauba, Paul and Cecilia - they all were born in the 1880s in Dubiecko. Meilech had a second family. Of his second family, two brothers survived: Naftali, settled in Philadelphia and Moshe went to Israel.

I feel that I have reached a dead end but I would certainly be glad to hear from anyone with additional information and share the family tree. Milton H. Wollman, Philadelphia, PA
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Second, from Phyllis Kramer of NYC & Palm Beach Gardens, Fla:

Great Grandfather Josef SCHEINER was born in Dubetsk in 1858. Josef married around 1855 Frieda Necha KANDEL (daughter of Josef KANDEL and Sura LANGSOM) circa Josef
            Scheiner 1880 and settled in her shtetl, Strzyzow. When the shittach was made, Josef KANDEL promised his future son-in-law that he would make him the Schochet in Strzyzow. Something went wrong. I never found out what, but the story came down that another son-in-law became the Schochet. A few years later, Josef took his wife and son and emigrated to the United States.

Josef SCHEINER (Born 1858) was the eldest son of Naphtuli SCHEINER and Sarah GREEENBERG. His siblings were Channuch (born 1868) who emigrated to Israel, and Tsipora (born 1870) who came to New York.
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Third, from Judith Peck

Judith's tree begins with her great grandparents Shea Eichner and Zelda Welt. Shea was a furrier from Dubiecko. Their children included
  1. Samuel Eichner , born July 15, 1877 (who married Mollie and immigrated to the US in 1907, where they adopted son Irving). Samuel died in October of 1963 in Brooklyn, NY.
  2. Helen Welt born April 10, 1880 in Dubiecko, died November 16, 1959 in Los Angeles California. Her children were Clara (Sept 18, 1887-Oct 1976), Gisela (Feb 27 1910-Jul 1998), Fredrick (Mar 14 1914-Aug 1985) and Albert. The photograph at the right shows Albert as a baby, with his mother Helen, siblings Frederick, Gisela and Clara, with uncle David Abraham Welt.

    . . . .

  3. David Abraham Welt, born on Oct 1, 1892 in Dubiecko. In 1917 he married Mirla Swicarczik (the daughter of Samuel Swicarczik and Ester Miriam Lewandowski) in Busko Zdroj ; they immigrated to the US in 1923 and had the following children: Ruth Molly (June 19 1920-Jan 2000), Schyje (Aug 1922-1923), Gladys Sara (April 4, 1925-Sept 2002), Edith Rose (living), William Emal (living). David Welt died Decmeber 5, 1976 in Shark River Hills, NJ. The photograph at the left contains ggm Zelda Welt, Sigfried Bower, Risala Eichner and gf David Abraham Welt.

    . . . .

  4. Mendel Eichner was born in Dubiecko, but he and his entire family died in the Shoah
  5. Wolf Eichner was born in Dubiecko and had the following children: Golda, Irka, Shie and Wolf who died in the Shoah, Pajsach who died in Israel and Benek (living).
  6. Risala Eichner was born in Dubiecko and had the following children: Sigfried and Rudolph Bower. She died in Dubiecko.
Here's another wonderful photograph that I have inherited. It shows my grandfather, David Welt and his nephew. My grandparents David and Mirla Welt, and my grandfather's brother Zelman (Salomoan) Eichner and his wife, are all buried at Baron Hirsch Cemetery in the Dubietzker Chevre section. For additional information, feel free to email
Judith Peck
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Fourth, from Bernice Frand Bernstein

My great grandfather Leib Frand was married to Breindel Knoller. (Her family may have been from( Prysemysl). They resided in Dubiecko. They had nine children: Chaskel Frand, my grandfather, Israel, Gitel,(Sara) Meir Wolf, Lazarus, Joshua, Hannah, Isaac and Naftalia. Lieb also had two stepbrothers Isaac (Itchak) and Mordecai. They had the same mother but a different father. Gitel and one of her brothers came to the United States in 1903 and 1904 respectively but returned to Dubiecko. Reason unknown. Leib Frand died in 1930 in Dubiecko. Naftalia died in World War I. Joshua lost a foot while in service with the Austrian Army during World War I. He was living in Vienna, Austria prior to World War II with a cousin Klohilda Eichner. Klohilda died in 1941 in the Shoah. Joshua’s fate is unknown. In 1939, Joshua sent my father. Jacob Frand, a letter telling him how bad things were and begging my father to send him money. I have the original letter written in German.

Leib, my great grandfather was called Leibish the musician. He came from a musical family. His father Solomon graduated from the St. Petersburg Conservatory of Music. Leib had a Klezmer band comprised of all his children. Each child played an instrument such as the violin, viola, drums, flute, bass, clarinet, horn, etc. Leib could read music, which was unusual at that time. The band was hired for weddings, festivals, circuses, etc. not only in Dubiecko but also in Dynow and other surrounding shtetls. In the summer time they were hired to play at the former Krasnicki estate in Dubiecko.

Chaskel Frand married Tylle Aaron (Arm, Aron, Aran, Arem)* June 17, 1902 in Dynow. She was the daughter of Moses and Blima Arem (this was the spelling of her last name on their marriage certificate) of Dynow. They had nine children: Schlomo, Blanche, Jacob, (Yaccov) Solomon, Ruth (Ruthala) & Schmuel (twins), Elaine, (Elka) and Milton. Schlomo, Blanche and Moisha died at early ages in Dubiecko in the early 1920’s of diseases prevalent at that time..

Chaskel sailed to the United States in 1907 but returned to Dubiecko shortly thereafter. He than immigrated to the United States in 1927 where he took up permanent residence. His wife, Tylle, died in Dubiecko September 1, 1932. His children Jacob (1921) Solomon (Sol)** and Ruth (1930) Elaine and Milton (1933) immigrated to the United States. Chaskel, Sol, Ruth and Elaine (prior to their marriages, spelled their name with a ‘d’. Jacob and Milton spelled their last names with a ‘t’. Sol Frand was the one of the founders of the La Mirada Symphony Orchestra in La Mirada, California. Sol played the violin. His daughter, Theda, who plays the viola, continues to play in the orchestra.

Chaskel eventually immigrated to Israel in 1955. He lived in an old age home called Bet Avot, located in Carmel. While at the home he formed a trio/quartet and entertained the residents. He died in Israel July 23, 1962 at the age of 87 and is buried in a cemetery in Haifa.
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Fifth from Richard Leonard Baum

My Great-grandmother Esther Riwke Weisner(?) married Jacob Frand, most likely in the 1860’s. Four of their children are Isaac, Dora, Sam, and Max. The family lived in Dubiecko until the late nineteenth century, when Jacob and Esther’s children began emigrating to America. Esther Riwke Frand, listed as a widow on the SS Potsdam manifest, arrived in New York City in September 1902 at the age of fifty-three. dubiecko E.Frand Her son-in-law Aaron Baum paid for her passage.

Great-grandma Esther died in New York City in May 1925. Her Daughter Dora’s husband is Aaron Baum. The couple had fourteen children, six of whom were born in America. Less than half of the fourteen children lived long enough to have children of their own. Dora and Aaron arrived in America in 1899 along with four sons: Solomon, Jacob, Louis, and Isaac. Solomon played the violin and Jacob probably had artistic potential as he worked as a barber, which requires good hand-eye coordination. American-born son Joseph graduated from Cooper Union with a degree in Art. Joseph’s granddaughter Paula inherited the family artistic skills.

From photographic evidence it is likely that other Frand and Baum family members were in Galicia at the start of World War II, but nothing other than given names on the back of surviving family photographs is known about them. For more information, contact Richard Baum.
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New York Cemetery Lists are Online

For those researchers who may have ancestors buried in major New York area cemeteries, an exciting new development in 2006! The following cemeteries have put their lists online and you can browse them at your leisure, either by town name or surname.

Exciting New Discovery for Dubiecko Genealogy

November 2007

Tomer Brunner in Israel sent me images of a list of schoolchildren in Dubiecko in 1939! What is so fabulous is that the book contained the child's name, birthplace, birthdate and parents names!! Most of these children were born in Dubiecko, and living in Dubiecko with their parents; the format is gromada/gmina/powiet and the vast majority children were born in Dubiecko(Gromada), Dubiecko (Gmina), Przemysl(powiat); where there was another birth town or residence town mentioned, it is noted in the table below.

The original images were rather difficult to read, and some of the Polish terms I have been unable to translate. In those cases I used a ?. If anyone can help with some of the terms, like dvora,, rdona, parobek or zarab, please email me.

Surname,First Birthdate & place Father Mother Father’s Trade Mother’s
Apt, Israel 8/1/28 Favoruiker, Josef Apt, Estera Handler=merchant/peddler rgb Zona
Apt, Moses 8/14/25 Apt, Josef Apt, Estera Handler=peddler,merchant Zona
Apt, Brucha 1/25/30 Apt, Eliasr Schwalb?Schmalz?, Mala Kupiec=merchant Zona
Apt, Chaim 11/23/29 Apt, Fischler ? Estera zegarmistrz=watchmaker Zona
Apt, Freida 8/14/27 Apt,Eliasr Schmalz, Mala Kupiec=Merchant Zona
Apt, Mariam? 1/2/31 Apt,eliasr Schwalb, Mala Krawiec=tailor Zona
Apt, Necha 7/18/31 Javoniker, Josef Apt,estera Handler=merchant/peddler/peddler Zona
Aufang, Abraham 11/23/24 Aufang, Baruch Bernstein, Brandla Kupiec=Merchant Zona
Aufang, Blima 10/11/27 Aufang, Baruch Eliasr Bernstein, Brandla Kupiec=Merchant Zona
Aufang, Golda Pesla 4/17/29 Aufang, Baruch Eliasr Bernstein, Brandla Kupiec=merchant Zona
Baruch, Sala 5/21/25 Baruch, Checkel Raps, Slia? Kupiec=merchant Zona
Beck, Dvojra 6/3/32 Beck, Byner Leiner, Mindla Handler=merchant/peddler/peddler Zona
Beitel, Sussel 4/15/30 Beitel, Benianein Raps, Dvojra Kupiec=merchant Zona
Bernstein, Dvojra 4/24/27 Schaffer, Chaskiel Bernstein, Estera szklarz=glazier ----
Bernstein, Maier 11/11/25 Bernstein, Moses Rubinfeld,Estera przekupien =peddler, dealer Zona
Bessen, Chana 4/14/32 Bessen, Osias Feit, Meriem Rolnik=farmer or Robotnik=worker Simon Zona
Bessen, Simon 3/9/29 Bessen, Osias Feit, Meriam rolnik=farmer Zona
Betram, Nekune 6/12/26 Btp Shram Meller, Pesla -/- zdora
Bobker, Samuel 7/12/26 Babice/Krsyrcra Bobker, Sygmunt Raps, Sala Kupiec=merchant in Babice Zona in Babice
Brandler, Miasre 12/10/27 Brandler, Isaac Betram, Feiga Handler= zboza corn/grain peddler Przedmiescle Zona fnedru?
Brandler, Moses 4/22/29 Brandler, Isaac Betram, Feiga Handler= zboza corn/grain peddler Przedmiescle Zone pnedu
Bronner, Beniamin 10/28/29 Bronner, Berl March, Tauba Handler=merchant/peddler Zona
Bronner, Brandla 10/3/24 Bronner, Berl March, Tauba Larobiel ? Zona
Bronner, Jakub 1/26/27 Bronner, Berl March, Tauba Handler=merchant/peddler Zona
Eichner, Berl 11/23/25 Eichner, Wolf Frand, Sara Wozura? Zona
Eisbart, Leisor 8/25/25 Eisbert, samuel Rubinfeld, Chaja Kupiec=Merchant Zona
Eisbart, Ryfka 5/8/31 Eisbart, samuel Rubinfeld, Chaja Kupiec=merchant Zona
Fass, Rubin 4/15/31 Udenn?, Joel Fass, Maricia Handler=merchant/peddler/peddler Zona
Fass, Schulem 9/17/27 Uldcen?, Joel Fass, Merica Handler=merchant/peddler/peddler Zona
Favorinker, Ryfka 3/31/26 Faroruiker, Faubiel Rubinfeld, Chena Handler=peddler,merchant Zona
Favorinker, Sara 3/18/25 Faroruiker, Yankiel Rubinfeld, Chena Handler=peddler,merchant Zona
Feierczier, Moses 10/18/26 Feierczier, Josef Rubinfeld, Chaya? Kupiec=Merchant Zona
Feit, Amalia 10/10/27 Feit, Leizor Schimmel, Chaja Landsarreve? Zona
Feller, Salomon 2/24/29 Feller, Moses Maier Eta Zarob? =? Parobek?=farmhand Zona
Frand, Brandla 12/7/25 Frand, Leisor Gromet, Ryfka B?robo? = ? worker Zona
Frand, Abraham 1/19/24 Lipper, Jakub Frand, Lyla -/- Bez zajgeia
Frand, Chana 5/24/28 Frand, Leizor Gromet, Ryfka Besrobon? Zona
Frand, Isaak 2/25/27? Frand, Israel Apt, Etla Beszob? Zona
Frand, Jochret 1/29/30 Frand, Samuel Kalter, Brandla Blacharze tinsmith Zona
Frand, Maier 6/28/26 Junger, Jakub Frand, Scheiva Beirob? In Brzuske Zona brzuske?
Frand, Meriam 10/6/27 Frand, samuel Halter, Brandla Blacharze tinsmith Zona
Frand, Samuel 4/2/25 Frand, Israel Apt, Etla beerob.. Zona
Frand, Tilla 9/5/32 Frand, Israel Apt, Gitla wyrobnik -day-laborer Zona
Freifeld, Natan 11/17/24 Kanucuga Freifeld, Samuel Thura, Feiga drobny kupiec= chandler=merchant/peddler,candlemaker in nienadow Zona in Nienadow
Friedman, Gitla 1/11/31 Stein, Jakub Leiser Friedman, Chaje Handler=peddler Zona
Friedman, Hersh 8/14/28 Stein, Jakub Leiser Friedman, Chaje Kupiec=merchant Zona
Friedmann, Gitla 3/25/27 Friedman, Schame? Weinberger, regina Kupiec=Merchant Zona
Grunbaum, Chaja 1/21/29 Grunbaum, Pinchas Hammel, Taube Kupiec=merchant Zona
Gromet, Feiga 12/11/25 Gromet, Leib Kalter, Feiga B?raja? Zona
Gromet, Freida 9/11/27 Gromet, Leib halber, Feige Taziebz? Zona
Gromet, Moses 3/27/30 Gromet, Leib Halter, Golda Strui r? tasis zedosze? Zona
Grossmann, Golda 12/11/27 Akl, Maier Grossman, Gela Kupiec=merchant Zona
Grunbaum, Berl 11/15/30 Grunbaum, Pinkas Hammel, Taube Kupiec=merchant Zona
Grunbaum, Leib 11/15/30 Grunbaum, Pinkas Hammel, Taube Krawiec=tailor
Hammel, Gitla 1/14/25 Hammel, Checkel Hammel, Estera krawiec = tailor Zona
Hammel, Mendel 12/27/26 Hammel, Hersch Rubinsohn, Freida Przekupien=peddler Zona
Hammel, Reisla 6/6/27 Hammel, Crdel? Hammel,estera Kupiec=merchant Zona
Hammel, Zainvel? 3/29/25 Hammel, Sersch Rubinsohn, Freida Handler=merchant/peddler Zona
Hammer, Jakub 12/24/25 Hammel, Gedaile Staier?, Lea Krawiec/tailor Zona
Hammer, Josef 3/16/30 Hammer, Gedaile Stein, Lea krawiec = tailor
Hammer, Sara 10/30/26 Hammer, Gedaile Steien, Lea Krawiec=tailor Zona
Harfenist, Josef 12/10/23 Piatkowa/Dobromyl Harfenist, Isaac Schimmel, Amalia Handler=merchant/peddler= in Nienadow Zona in Nienadow
Harfenist, Mirla 7/27/27 Nienadow/Krsyrcra Harfenist, isaak Schimmel, Amalia Handler in Nienadow Zona in Nienadow
Harfenist, Kielmann 10/20/25 Przedmiescle Harfenist, Markus Orgel, Sara Lan… Przedmiescle Zona? in Przedmiescle
Harfenist, Lyrna 6/25/27 Przedmiescle Harfenist, Markus Orgel, Sala Handler in Przedmiescle Zona in Przedmiescle
Harfenist, Pesha 5/18/24 Koszlowa Harfenist, Markus Orgel, Sara Handler=merchant/peddler of koiu Przedmiescle Zona in Przedmiescle
Hark?Mark/stark?, Leib 8/9/30 Wipplich, Israel Fass, Scheindla male Blacharz=tinsmith Zona
Herbstman, Necha 9/22/30 Herbstman, Gershon Schimmel, Sara Handler=merchant/peddler/peddler Zona
Herbstmann, Josef 10/17/24 Herbstmann, Gerschan Schimmel, Sara Handler=merchant/peddler Zona
Herbstmann, Mechel 12/10/26 Herbstmann, Gerschorn Schimmel, Sara Handler=merchant/peddler Zona
Hock, David 1/12/28 Hoch, Moses Neumann,Sala Handler=merchant/peddler Zona
Holz, Maryla 5/30/27 Lviv/Lviv Holz, Maurycy Grutz?, Sylvia Lekarz=physician Zona
Honig, Hersch 7/4/29 Sienna p(near) Jaroslaw - Honig, Sale c-grunblatt,jakub (guardian?), handler=merchant/peddler -
Jaroniker?,Hersch 7/2/23 J?aroniker,b.p. Osias Sand,Genendla -- Rdona?
Javorniker, David Hersh 7/27/32
Javorniker,hena - -
Junger, Moses 5/28/29 Brzuske/Bircra/Dobromil Junger, Jakub Frand, Schejra Zarob? =? Parobek?=farmhand in Brzuske Zona in Brzuske
Junger, Feiga Pesla 5/4/31 Bruske/Bricrz/Dobromil Junger, Jakub Frand, Scheine Zarob? =? Parobek?=farmhand In Brzuke Zona brzuske
Kalter, Checkel 12/30/26 Melber,chaim osias Herbstmann, Estera -/- Zclo?
Kalter, Juda 5/21/27 Pels,moses Melber,Golda Kupiec=merchant Zona
Kalter, Maier 12/10/25 Bbp Melber,chaim Osias Herbstman, Estera --/-- Zona
Kanner, Lipe 10/16/32 Kanner, Eisik Frand, Chaja Gitla Handler=merchant/peddler/peddler Zona
Kanner, Schyja-lei 12/1/29 Kanner, Eisik Frand, Gitla Kupiec=merchant Zona
Kasser, Isaak 5/2/l32 Kasser, Herch Javoniker, Chana Kupiec=merchant Zona
Kornfeld, Berl 3/24/24 Kornfeld, Josef Lan, Dvojra szewc=shoemaker Zona
Kornfeld, Blima 11/10/31 Kornfeld, Simok? Kornfeld, Mindla Kupiec=merchant Zona
Kornfeld, Chaja 12/7/24 Kornfeld, Simon Kornfeld, Mindla Kupiec=merchant Zona
Kornfeld, Laja 2/28/26 Kornfeld, Josef Lan, Dora szewc=shoemaker Zona
Kresch, Chaje 7/27/27 Kresch, Schane Schimmel, Mala Handler=merchant/peddler Zona
Kresch, Malka 8/24/30 Kresch, Abraham Hoffman, Chana Parobek=farmhand? Zona
Kresch, Minella 5/25/25 Kresch, Abraham Eliaser Hoffner, Chana Introligatorzy= Book binders Zona
Kresch, Naftali 8/13/32 Kresch, Schame Schimmel, Mala Handler=merchant/peddler/peddler Zona
Kresch, Salomon 8/24/30 Kresch, Abraham Hoffman, chana Zarob? =? Parobek?=farmhand Zona
Kresch,Sara Gitla 2/21/31 Kresch, Schlome? Schimmel, Pela? Handler=merchant/peddler/peddler Zona
Lan, Jakub 5/14/32 Kornfeld, Simon Lan, Dora Kupiec=merchant Zona
Lan, Leisor 9/23/28 Kornfeld, Josef Lan, Dvojra szewc=shoemaker Zona
Lichtbach, Dorotia 6/5/27 Nienadowe/Kryice Lichtbach, Chune Fun?fer, Amalia Zarob? =? Parobek?=farmhand Kraney? nienadow
Lichtbach, Jakub 1/3/26 Nienadow/Krsyrcra Lichtbach, Chune LichtbacH, Chuna Zarob? =? Parobek?=farmhand Kzarcey? Jvicnadoe?
Lustig, Naftali 10/12/24 Przedmiescle Lustig, Jonas Steppel, Syma Handler in Przedmiescle Zona Przedmiescle
March, Pinia 12/16/27 W?ipplid, Israel Fass, Scheindla blacharz=plumber, tinker Zona
March, Abraham 6/16/35 Specht, Joel Harsh, Pesha -- zdora
March, David 10/28/24 March, Rafael March, Lea Handler=merchant/peddler Zona
March, Feiga 12/14/26 March, Aron Rubinfeld, Pesla Krawiec=tailor Zona
March, Jakub 2/3/28 March, Aron Rubinfeld, pesla Krawiec=tailor Zona
March, Schyfra 12/18/26 March, Rafael March, Lea Handler=merchant/peddler Zona
Mark, Osias 6/26/24 Zipplich, Israel Fass, mala? blacharz=plumber, tinker Zona
Melamed, Abraham 8/7/29 Melamed, Herman march,sussla piekarz=baker Zona
Melamed, Rachela 10/17/25 Melamed,Herman March,Sussla piekarz=baker Zona
Mund, Laja 5/3/24 Mund, Symche Hu?aller, Gitla drobny kupiec= chandler=merchant/peddler,candlemaker Zona
Mund, Isaak 6/17/27 Mund, Symche Spalter, Gitla Kupiec=merchant Zona
Neuman, Balcia 9/18/26 Hock, Moses Neumann, Lola Handler=merchant/peddler Zona
Rappaport, Sala 7/6/30 Rappaport, Nissen Rubinfeld, Rachela Handler=merchant/peddler Zona
Raps, Dvojra 5/4/25 Raps, Samuel Rabner, Frieda Kupiec=merchant Zona
Raps, Eidla 5/4/26 Schimmel, Osias Baruch, Ella Kupiec=merchant Zona
Raps, Isarus? 5/26/27 Raps, Samuel Spiegal, Freida Kupiec=merchant Zona
Raps, Lea Ruchla 11/3/31 Raps, Samuel Rabner, Freida Kupiec=merchant z… crossed out: Mylnie spisana
Raps, Ruchla Lea 11/3/31 Beitel, Beniamin Raps, Dvojra Kupiec=merchant Zona
Raps, Sacha Berl 1/22/28 Schimmel, Osias Raps, Etla Kupiec=merchant Zona
Raps, Wolf 2/25/31 Raps, Samuel Rabner, Freida Kupiec=merchant Zona
Reder, Moses 4/29/27 Reder, Samuel ?Estera Larob? Zona
Reder, Ryfka 5/20/32 Reder, Samuel Estera Be?zrobot? = ? worker Zona
Reder, Samuel 4/12/25 Reder, Samuel Reder?, Estera Zarob? =? Parobek?=farmhand Zona
Reder, Wolf 11/22/29 Samuel Estera Larob? Zona
Reich, Basia 12/7/22 Reich,Jonas Rachelie Rosenfeld handlarz bydlo= cattle peddler Zona
Reich, Chaja 7/25/30 Reich, Mendel Schimmel, Sara Kupiec=merchant Zona
Reich, Isaak 6/13/25 Reich, Osias Weiss, Sczka? Handler=merchant/peddler Zona
Reich, Josef 7/28/24 Reich, Jonas Rosenfeld, Rachela Handler=merchant/peddler Zona
Reich, Myta? 5/4/30 Reich, Osias Weiss, Serka Handler=merchant/peddler Zona
Reich, Simon Schaja 7/8/32 Reich, Osias Weiss, Serka? Handler=merchant/peddler/peddler Zona
Ringel, Cipra 7/17/30 Ringel, Berl Goldman, Chaja piekarz=baker Zona
Ringel, Osias 10/25/32 Ringel, Samuel Berl Goldman, Chaja Meriem piekarz=baker -
Ringel, Sussel 3/2/29 Ringel, Berl Goldman, Chaja piekarz=baker Zona
Rotenberg, Abraham 3/23/28 Rottenberg, Hersch Scheiner, Cypora Besr? Zona
Rubinfeld, Baruch 7/10/29 Rubinfeld, Moses Scherr, Tauba Frideu Zona
Rubinfeld, Estera 2/23/27 Rubinfeld, Maier Bleuchfeld, Gitla Kupiec=merchant Zona
Rubinfeld, Feiga 8/11/30 Javorniker, Jankel Rubinfeld, Chena? Handler=merchant/peddler Zona
Rubinfeld, Laja 10/9/28 Rubinfeld, Maier Bleichfeld, Gitla Handler=merchant/peddler/peddler Zona
Rubinfeld, ulerc? 1/26/31 Rubinfeld, Maier Bleichfeld, Gitla Handler=merchant/peddler/peddler Zona
Salik, Brandla 11/6/28 Salik, Meilech Grunblatt, Necha Handler=merchant/peddler Zona
Salik, David 5/4/24 Salik, Meilech Grunblatt, Nech Handler=merchant/peddler Zona
Schaffer, Gavriel 11/7/28 Schaffer, Leizer Hoch, Mala nauczy rel zy = teacher (of jews) Zona
Schaffer, Hersch 3/15/31 Schaffer, Leiser Hoch, Mala nauczy rel zy = teacher (of jews) Zona
Schaffer, Nehune 2/25/27 Schaffer, Leisor Hoch, Mala nauczy rel zy = teacher (of jews) Zona
Scheiner, Leib 7/30/26 Scheiner, Mendel Schreber, Elka? Kupiec=merchant Zona
Schimmel, Berl 4/6/28 Schimmel,simon Wenzel, Breindla Handler=merchant/peddler Zona
Schimmel, Schame 4/6/28 Schimmel,simon Wenzel, Brindla Handler=merchant/peddler Zona
Schimmel, Wigdor 12/30/28 Schimmel, Israel Gerscleufeld, Machla Kupiec=merchant Zona
Schneck, Sprinza 5/27/32 Schneck, Israel Spalter, Estera - -
Schwalb, Berl 11/6/31 Schwalb, Eisik Lustig, Sita? Kupiec=merchant Zona
Selig, Rosia 7/13/29 Drohobyche Selig, Berl Bessen, Tauba Kupiac/merchant in Drohobych Zona
Spinner,markus 1/27/28 Spinner,Sindel Neumann, Mala Kupiec=merchant Zona
Spinner,pinkas 11/23/26 Spinner, Sindel Neuman, Mala Kupiec=merchant Zona
Stein, Ruchla 7/20/23 Stein, Jacub Friedman, Chaja drobny kupiec chandler= merchant/peddler,candlemaker Zona
Strassler,Berl 10/16/24 Strassler,Leib Raps, Estera przekupien=peddler, dealer Zona
Sturm, Brandla 2/19/25 Sturm,david March, Scheindla Berzaps? Berze…
Sturm, Chaje 11/24/2? Sturm,david March, Scheindla Bersajie? Bezrobi?
Talmud, Pescl 2/17/32
Talmud, Chura Ruchel - Zona
Taubenfeld, Brucha 12/19/31 Taubenfeld,samuel Schwied? Ruchla -
Taubenfeld, Meilech 7/1/25 Taubenfeld,samuel Schimmel?, Rachel Handler=peddler,merchant Zona
Wasserstein, Naftali 4/22/29 Billet,susse? Wasserstein, Sussla -
Wein, Hinda 3/14/26 Wein,Eliasr Lustig, Brandla Handler=merchant/peddler Zona
Weiss, Osias 9/22/30 Meier Estera Zarob? =? Parobek?=farmhand Zona
Weissman, Sussla 12/23/27 Weissman btp berl Hoffner, Debora -/- Zona
Wenzel, Schyja 11/15/24 Welt,mendel Wenzel, Estera Be?zrobot? = ? worker Zona
Wenzel, Beila 7/15/30 Welt,mendel Wensel, Reisla Zarob? =? Parobek?=farmhand Zona
Wenzel, Berl 5/6/27 Welt,mendel Wenzel, Reisla Zarob? =? Parobek?=farmhand Zona
Winter, Estera 3/9/29 Winter,abraham Behrain, Lajka B?robo? = ? worker Zona
Winter, Yankiel 3/9/29 Winter,abraham Behram, Lajka B?robo? = ? worker z…
Wischner, Dine 11/3/26 Wischner,moses Schimmel, Golda Keefepie? Zona
Zeller, Samuel 3/23/32 - Zeller, Eta? Btaderiz?? Zona
Zellerbrant, Blima 3/24/24 Zellerbrant,nachman Schimmel, Sara - Zdora (widow?)
Zellerbrant, Josef 6/29/25 Zellerbrant,osias Korn, Sabina Krawiec=tailor Zona
Zellerbrant, Neche 8/3/30 Zellerbrant,osias Steinnictr?, Syma krawiec = tailor -

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Voter Records from 1870!....Incredible

May 2019

Thanks to Moshe Wasserman, we have a listing of the voter records for the Parliamentary Elections from the town of Dubiecko in 1870.

Titles on the pages:

Lista Wyborcow Dla Wyborow Sejmowych = List of Voters For The Seym Elections

Powiat (county): Przemysl, Gmina (commiune): Dubiecko

Liczba mieszkanzow = number of inhabitants = 1272

The following is the table derived from this fabulous find.

Imie et nazwisko glowne zatrudnienie Nomer domu

First name & surname Main employment House # tax
76 Anfang, Getsel Spekulant (speculator) 28 2/80
80 Biles, Jakob Spekulant (speculator) 82 2/62
79 Bleichfeld, Dawid Spekulant (speculator) 82 2/62
4 Fass, Leib Gosprodarstwo(farm) 186 15/73
103 Frant, Majer Spekulant (speculator) 40 1/95
19 Frant, Majer Chil Rzynkarn/rsynharn? 50 6/30
72 Hammel, Herz Krawiec (tailor) 136 2/85
60 Hammer, schulim Spekulant (speculator) 64 3/55
70 Hasenfled, Sender? Spekulant (speculator) 184 3/10
73 Hassenfeld, Mozess? Gosprodarstwo(farm) 95 2/85
46 Henzel, adam Adjunkl? 159 3/98
15 Intrator, C?rya Gosprodarstwo(farm) 118 7/76
11 Intrator, Yankel Spekulant (speculator) 58 9/47
59 Jaworniker, Majer Spekulant (speculator) 18 3/55
44 Kalter, Dawid Spekulant (speculator) 52 4/10
82 Kalter, naftuli Spekulant (speculator) 82 2/62
81 Kalter,Chaim Spekulant (speculator) 82 2/62
28 Kessler, ette Spekulant (speculator) 39 5/8
53 Kupfermann, Josel Spekulant (speculator) 53 3/66
83 Leidner, Dawid Spekulant (speculator) 82 2/62
85 Mat?amind, Mechel Spekulant (speculator) 82 2/62
9 metter Snekars? 60 10/52
22 Motyl, Jakob Bednarz (cooper) 124 6/5
14 Motyl, Yosef Bednarz (cooper) 63 8/16
30 Motyl,Ksuvery? Trafikant 38 4/96
78 Multan, mordko Spekulant (speculator) 82 2/70
86 Neumann, Srul Spekulant (speculator) 82 2/62
48 Ottinger, Srul Spekulant (speculator) 57 3/90
87 Rapport, Chaim Spekulant (speculator) 82 2/62
50 Raps, etu Leib Rzernik?

56 Reich, Mendel Spekulant (speculator) 59 3/62
20 Roth, marya Spekulant (speculator) 138 6/78
27 Scheinbach, mozes Spekulant (speculator) 93 5/42
55 Scheiner, Mendel Spekulant (speculator) 41 3/62
18 Schimel Rzynkarn/rsynharn? 15 6/82
6 Schimel, Aron Hersz Spekulant (speculator) 26 12/62
88 Schimel, Hersch Spekulant (speculator) 82 2/62
34 Schimel, josef Gosprodarstwo(farm) 167 4/63
5 Schimel, Leiser Spekulant (speculator) 12 13/33
84 Schmiel, Josef Spekulant (speculator) 82 2/62
52 Schmiel, Josef Boruch Rzernik? 70 3/69
54 Schmiel, Josel Juda Szynkarz? 25 3/62
23 Schwarz, Letze? Spekulant (speculator) 56 5/94
114 Sobol, Jozef Zarobnik

35 Wajdal, Josef Bednarz (cooper) 178 4/62
45 Wasserstein, Naftuli Spekulant (speculator) 52 4/10

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We Have Acquired Notary Records!

July 2018

There are few records still existing for Dubiecko. It was a town with a large Jewish population in the 1800s and early 1900s.
In 2018 Moshe Wasserman formed a group to research Dubiecko's notary records. For a minor charge, i was able to add my Dubiecko surnames to the list. As far as we know, no group has ever done this. Moshe hired two researchers (the first did not work out well) and gave the list of Surnames to the researcher with the instructions that he photocopy any notary records with these surnames.
The second batch of records came from a researcher hired by Peri Swaniger in 2018.

56/4407/1069. Notary Karol Wawrausch in Dubiecko 1882-1884

No 1132-1780, Years 1882-1884
  1. 201804171211111032.jpg - 201804171211111040.jpg: Contract between Weronika Blazinska (owner of real estate in Dubiecko) - seller and Aron Herschko Schimel and Josel Schimel(owners of stores in Dubiecko)–buyers, about sale/purchase of parcel No 326 in Dubiecko. Signatures.February 22, 1882.
  2. 201804171211111041.jpg - 201804171211111048.jpg: Contract between Aron Herschko Schimel and Josel Schimel (owners of stores in Dubiecko) – buyers and Karol Blazinski (pensioner) - seller, about sale/purchase of parcels No 111 and No in Dubiecko. Signatures. September 20, 1882.
  3. 201804171211111049.jpg - 201804171211111058.jpg: Gift certificate of Pesla Cgaja Schimel (owner of parcels) – donor and Juda Schimel – donor, parcels No 493 and No 494 in Dubiecko. Signatures. October …, 1882.
  4. 201804171211111059.jpg - 201804171211111065.jpg: Contract No 1318 between Pinkas Schimel (owner of house No 26 in Dubiecko) – seller and Chaja Schimel - buyer, about sale/purchase of house No 26 in Dubiecko. Signatures. December 12, 1882.
  5. 201804171211111066.jpg - 201804171211111073.jpg: Contract No 1378 between Boruch Josel Schimel (merchant in Dubiecko), his son Leiba Schimel (tavern keeper in …) and Eufroim Wolfling (steward of estate of Kazimierz Jordan in Dobromil) about granting license to Leiba Schimel for runnig tavern in Dobromil. Signatures.
  6. 201804171211111074.jpg - 201804171211111081.jpg: Hypothecation bond of Naftali Landau and his wife Chana Landau (residents of Dynow). Signatures. July, 1883.
  7. 201804171211111094.jpg - 201804171211111115.jpg: List of notary acts of Karol Wawrausch, notary in Dubiecko.
  8. 201804171211111151.jpg - 201804171211111158.jpg: List of notary documents in Przemysl archive.

56/4412/1070. Notary Artur Pedracki in Dubiecko1888-1892

No 001-2001, Years 1888-1892, DSC02633
  1. 201804171211111169.jpg: No 103. Confirmation of signature of Natan Gerschon Schimel on bill. Signatures. January 26, 1888.
  2. 201804171211111170.jpg - 201804171211111172.jpg: No 123. Signature of Pinchas Schimel as witnesses under credit document. Signatures. April 25, 1889.
  3. 201804171211111173.jpg: No 149. Contract of sale-purchase of real estate No 82 between Jakim Pleczen and Menasche Hoffner. Signatures. March 25, 1888.
  4. 201804171211111174.jpg - 201804171211111177.jpg: No 150. Contract of sale-purchase between Marcus Schimel and Walenty Kratofilski about sale-purchase of real estate No 31. Signatures. December 2, 1888.
  5. 201804171211111178.jpg - 201804171211111180.jpg: No 161. Guarantee of Pinkhas Schimel for Ilko Hnat debt. Signatures. August 14, 1889.
  6. 201804171211111183.jpg - 201804171211111184.jpg: No 204. Promissory note of Jozef Felner to Pinkhas Schimel. Signatures. October 30, 1888.
  7. 201804171211111185.jpg: No 208. Bill of Sura Bodek and Gerel Fridman. Signatures. May 25, 1888.
  8. 201804171211111186.jpg: No 225. Contract of sale-purchase of real estate No 288 between Leizer and Chana Menasche (seller) and Marcus Schimel. Signatures. June 5, 1888.
  9. 201804171211111187.jpg: No 244. Contract of sale-purchase of real estate No 12 between Ruchla Laja Schimel-Galer (seller) and Aron Hersch Schimel. Signatures. June 26, 1888.
  10. 201804171211111188.jpg - 201804171211111189.jpg: No 260. Signature of Leib Rimer, as witnesses, under promissory note. Signatures. July 13, 1888.
  11. 201804171211111190.jpg: No 263. Contract of sale-purchase of real estate No 82 between Michal Klimeczko and Ruchla Hoffner. Signatures. July 17, 1888.
  12. 201804171211111191.jpg: No 339. Receipt of Itta Schimel for Marcus Schimel. Signatures. October 23, 1888.
  13. 201804171211111192.jpg - 201804171211111194.jpg: No 391. Credit contract between Henryk Maks and Szymon Lustig (creditor). Signatures. December 21, 1888.
  14. 201804171211111196.jpg - 201804171211111198.jpg: No 1969. Boruch Josel Schimel, as guarantee of promissory note. Signatures. July 29, 1892.

56/4412/1071. Notary Bronislaw Filipczak in Dubiecko 1924-5

No 1100-1900, Years 1924-1925
  1. No 1157. Grant of Mozes Schimmel to Isaak Schimmel and his son, Schama Schimmel, parcel 1/3-28/100. Signatures. March 26, 1924.
  2. No 1184. Power of attorney of Oziasz Bezen (Bessen) to his wife Marjem Bezen (Bessen) for parcel and house. Signatures. May 1, 1924.
  3. No 1238. Grant Marja Iwanydlo to Katarzyna Iwanydlo. Witness: Leib Baruch. Signatures. September 21, 1924.
  4. No 1303. Grant of mother Sziendla Lustig to Sara Bezen (Bessen), recte Lustig, for parcel 338. Signatures: Sara Bessen recte Lustig; Abraham Besseb recte Lustig. November 03, 1924.
  5. No 1479. Power of attorney of Oziasz Bezen to his wife Marjem Bezen for confirmation of power. Signatures. June 20, 1925.
  6. No 1515. Grant of Menasche Gluksman to Josef Gluksman. Witnesses: Mendel Scheiner Signatures. July 23, 1925.
  7. No 1541. Purchase and sale. Merchant Leib Schmalz purchased of merchant Michal Dzinba parcels No 53, No 54. Signatures. August 26, 1925.
  8. No 1846. Grant of Abraham Bezen to Berl Zelig for house No 137. Signatures. May 10, 1926.

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Notary records from Peri Swaniger's Researcher, 2018

Act No Given name and surname, occupation and job of sides Subject of deal or case with value and stamp used
103 Hersch Meilech Weinberger, owner of property, living in Ruska Wies and Gerschon Hofner, merchant, living in Iskan. Witnesses: Piotr Karpinski and Antoni Karpinski - townsmen living in Dubiecko Legalization of buy/sell contract signed in Dubiecko 12 Mar 1877 by which Hersch Meilech Weinberger sold 3/4 morgen of land under No. 63 in Iskan to Gerschon Hofner for the price of 25 zloty with the right to register it in court. Stamp of 50 cent.
230 Jedrzej Zajaczkiewicz owner of farm and Herszko Hoffner, producer, both living in Iskan. Witnesses: Piotr Karpinski and Franciszek Karpinski - townsmen living in Dubiecko. Legalization of buy/sell contract signed in Dubiecko 4 Sep 1877 by which Jedrzej Zajaczkiewicz sold 7 pieces of land - 1/8? morgen under No. 7 in Iskan to Herszko Hofner for the price of 30 zloty with the right to register it in court. Stamp of 50 cent.
314 Maryanna Mielnik - owner of land and Gerschon Hoffner - merchant, both living in Iskan. Witnesses: Michal Komaniak - farmer from Iskan and Piotr Karpinski - townsman from Dubiecko. Legalization of buy/sell contract signed in Dubiecko 3 Jan 1878 by which Maryanna Mielnik sold 2 pieces of land - about 1 morgen under No. 20 in Iskan to Gerschon Hofner for the price of 80 zloty. Stamp of 50 cent.
356 Iwan Komaniak and Gerschon Hoffner - both living in Iskan. Witnesses: Piotr Karpinski and Franciszek Karpinski - townsmen living in Dubiecko. Legalization of buy/sell contract signed in Dubiecko 17 Apr 1877 by which Iwan Komaniak sold 1 morgen of land under No. 69 in Iskan to Gerschon Hoffner for the price of 80 zloty. Stamp of 50 cent.
373 Danko Papinko - owner of land and Herszko Hoffner - merchant, both living in Iskan. Witnesses: Piotr Karpinski and Antoni Karpinski - townsmen living in Dubiecko. Legalization of buy/sell contract signed in Dubiecko 14 May 1878 by which Danko Papinko sold 3/4 morgen of land under No. 51 in Iskan to Gerschon Hoffner. Stamp of 50 cent.
394 Piotr Kucab - farmer from Tarnawka and Leiba Hoffner - merchant from Iskan. Witnesses: Szymon Król - farmer from Tarnawka, Piotr Karpinski - townsman from Dubiecko. Legalization of buy/sell contract signed in Dubiecko 9 Jun 1878 by which Piotr Kucab sold 2 pieces of land - 1 1/2 morgen under No. 12, 13 in Tarnawka to Leiba Hoffner for the price of 30 zloty. Stamp of 50 cent.
752 Jan Tyciak - owner of land from Ruska Wies and Menasche Hoffner - merchant from Iskan. Witnesses: Piotr Karpinski and Antoni Karpinski - townsmen from Dubiecko. Legalization of buy/sell contract signed in Dubiecko 20 Feb 1880 by which Jan Tyciak sold 1 piece of land - about 1/2 morgen under No. 17/27 in Ruska Wies to Menasche Hoffner for the price of 16 zloty. Stamp of 50 cent.
782 Leiba Hoffner - owner of property in Tarnawka. Piotr Karpinski and Franciszek Karpinski - townsmen from Dubiecko. Legalization of bill of exchange of 310 zloty signed in Dubiecko 19 Mar 1880, payable on 1 Jan 1881 accepted by Leiba Hoffner. Stamp of 94 cent
790 Wasyl Iskanin, Pawel Iskanin - farmers from Ruska Wies and Herszko Hoffner from Iskan. Witnesses: Jan Grubiniak - farmer from Ruska Wies and Piotr Karpinski - townsman from Dubiecko. Legalization of buy/sell contract signed in Dubiecko 28 Mar 1880 by which Wasyl Iskanin and Pawel Iskanin sold 2 pieces of land - for 8 garniec of grain under No. 56 in Ruska Wies to Gerschon Hofner for the price of 17 zloty. Stamp of 50 cent.
823 Piotr Kucab - owner of land from Tarnawka and Leiba Hoffner - merchant from Iskan. Witnesses: Szymon Król - farmer from Tarnawka, Piotr Karpinski - townsman from Dubiecko. Legalization of buy/sell contract signed in Dubiecko 14 May 1880 by which Piotr Kucab sold 1/2 morgen in Tarnawka to Leiba Hoffner for the price of 20 zloty. Stamp of 50 cent.
842 Piotr Kucab - owner of land from Tarnawka and Leiba Hoffner - merchant from Iskan. Witnesses: Szymon Król - farmer from Tarnawka, Antoni Karpinski - townsman from Dubiecko. Legalization of buy/sell contract signed in Dubiecko 16 Jun 1880 by which Piotr Kucab sold 1 piece of land (overgrown by young pines) - 3/4 morgen under No. 13 in Tarnawka to Leiba Hoffner for the price of 20 zloty. Stamp of 50 cent. Stamp of 50 cent.
852 Oleksa Iwanicki - owner of land in Ruska Wies and Menasche Hoffner - merchant from Iskan. Witnesses: Wasyl Tekocz - farmer from Ruska Wies, Piotr Karpinski - townsman from Dubiecko. Legalization of buy/sell contract signed in Dubiecko 4 Jul 1880 by which Oleksa Iwanicki sold 1 piece of land - about 1/2 morgen under No. 25 in Ruska Wies to Menasche Hoffner for the price of 38 zloty. Stamp of 50 cent.
911 Tekla Caban - owner of land and Leiba Hoffner - merchant, both from Iskan. Witnesses: Iwan Bulik - farmer from Iskan, Piotr Karpinski - townsman from Dubiecko. Legalization of buy/sell contract signed in Dubiecko 26 Nov 1880 by which Tekla Caban sold 1 piece of land - 1 1/2 morgen under No. 40 in Iskan to Menasche Hoffner for the price of 48 zloty. Stamp of 50 cent.
922 Iwan Tchórz - owner of Land in Ruska Wies, Menasche Hoffner - merchant from Iskan. Piotr Karpinski, Antoni Karpinski - townsmen from Dynów. Legalization of buy/sell contract signed in Dubiecko 3 Dec 1880 by which Iwan Tchórz sold 1 piece of land - 600 fathoms in Ruska Wies to Menasche Hoffner for the price of 15 zloty. Stamp of 50 cent.

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Lists of Survivors from Dubiecko

March 2013

The following are three lists taken from the Yad Vashem website in March of 2013.

These lists are from Yad Vashem; they were found by Bill Leibner and Phyllis Kramer in 2009. While a copy of the documents have Been on this web page since 2009, it was only in 2014 that Richard Baum offered to create a table of names (thank you Richard!); the table is below the list images. Note the source lists are typewritten, but very difficult to read.

The primary list was survivors from Dolny Szask region:

. . . .

The second list is from the Dolny Szask region:

This third list is of survivors in the Szczecin area:
Selig Selig Selig Selig
Surname First Name Father



Birth Place

Listed with Same parents; (occupation)

Aigler Dawid Aron Sara 1921 Wroclaw
Aigler Abraham

1909 Wroclaw
Ajdler Abraham

1909 Wroclaw
Anker Naftali Daniel Laiby Czarny 1946

Apt Estera Majer Mirjam 1899 Wroclaw
Apt Estara Majer Mirjan 1899 Bialara
Aufgang Zefja

1922 Wroclaw Jakub (1883)
Aufgang Saija

1922 Wroclaw
Aufgang Jakob

1883 Wroclaw
Azriel Chana 1918 Wroclaw
Beck Pesla Moses Sara 1879 Wroclaw
Bek Pezla Mozes Sara 1879 Wroclaw
Bek Chana Chaim Gustawa 1931

Berglas Dawid Hirsz Sara 1921 Wroclaw
Berglas David Hirsz Sara(?) 1921 Wroclaw
Berner Iser ?rje Fajge 1906 Walorzych
Berner Issor Arie Fujga 1906 Walbrzych
Betram Jerichan Wolf Zusel 1885 Dubiecko
Betram Jita Moses Chana 1890 Dubiecko
Surname First Name Father



Birth Place

Listed with Same parents; (occupation)

Betram Pinkas Jerichan Jidy 1928 Dubiecko Chana (1922)
Betran Ozjas Jericham Jita 1912 Dubiecko
Betran Gitel Nison Sara Berner 1909 Blazowie
Betran Moses Ozjas Gitel 1940 Biroza
Bleichfeld Ezriel Izra Chana 1927 Wroclaw Estera (1926); Selig (1918)
Bleichfeld Azriel Izrael Chana 1927 Wroclaw Estera (1920); Zelig (1918)
Bock Chaim Samuel Sara 1888 Walbrzych
Bock Cypora Chaim

Leib Cypora 1898 Walbrzych
Broner Nojzesz Borel Toba
Celer Zysla Joel Rywa 1917 Saidnica Handel (1918)
Celer Saynon Mendel Pola 19?5 Saidnica
Celerkraut Sara Saynon
1889 Saidnica
Celerkraut Blima

1927 Saidnica
Celler Zysla Joel Rywa 1917 Swidnica Mendel (1918)
Celler Szymon Mendel Pella 1945 Swidnica
Cellerkraut Sara Szymon
1889 Swidnica
Cellerkraut Blma Nachman
1928 Swidnica
Czaran Anker Jonas Sime 1923 Dubiecko
Dajchner Mania

Dajchner Majer

Eck Chaim Samuel Sara 1886 Walorzych
Eck Cipera Chaim Gusta 1922 Walorzych
Eck Gustaw Leib Ciper 1898 Walorzych
F?ss Chaskel

1902 Jawer Hinda (103); Ryfka (1913)
Fass Chaskiel

1903 Jawor
Fass Hinda

1905 Jawor
Fass Rywka

1943 Jawor
Feld Ita Abram Jidea 1906 klodzke
Feld Lawi Mozes Ita 1937
Saloman (1928); Samuel (1931)
Feld Mozes Samuel Bajla 1938

Feld Volf

1939 klodzke
Feld Ita Abrun
1906 Wroclaw
Feld Levi Mojzesz Ita 1937 Klodzko Salomon (1928)
Feld Mojzesz Samuel Bajia 1908 Klodzko
Feld Samuel

1931 Klodzko
Feld Salomon

1931 Klodzko
Feld Wolf

1929 Klodzko
Frant Jenta

1924 Swidnica Chaja (1928)
Frant Jenta(?)


Frant Chaja


Freifeld Gerczen Samuel Feiga 1927

Freifeld Samuel Leib Ruchle 1896 Walorzych
Furst Markus Moses Chana 1905 Dubiecko
Furst Chaje Jerichem Jidy 1908 Dubiecko
Furst Zusel Markus Chaja 1939

Grinblat Sabina Markus
1912 Legnica
Surname First Name Father



Birth Place

Listed with Same parents; (occupation)

Grinblat Chaim Jaku
1905 Legnica
Grinblat Markus Chaim
1930 Legnica
Hamel Rywa

1925 Chojnan (?)
Hamel Genia

1935 (?) Chojnan (?)
Hamel Handel

1927 Chojnan (?)
Hamel Hersz

1900 Chojnan (?)
Hamel Frydz

1902 Chojnan (?)
Hammel Riwen

1925 Chojnew
Hammel Mendel

1927 Chojnew
Hammel Genin

1935 Chojnew
Hammel Hyrsz

1900 Chojnew
Hammel Fryda

Herfenist Jozef Izak Mala 1923 Walorzych Mina (1927)
Herfenist Mania Leib Reizla 1897 Walorzych
Kalter Izak

1880 Walorzych Ruchla (1883); Sara (1933)
Kalter Izak

1890 walbrzych
Kalter Ruchle

1883 walbrzych
Kalter Sam

1933 walbrzych
Kojs Fryma Berek Tauba 1918

Kornfeld Lazar Szymon
1920 Swidnica Lowa (1936); Diana (1933)
Kornfeld Lazar Saymon
1920 Bwiinica cholowkarz Leba (1936)
Kornfeld Jakob

1933 Bwiinica cholowkarz
Landber Fira Mordke Golda 1922 Wroclaw
Lauberfeld Lea Bencion Rajzln 1896 Klodzko
Lauberfeld Bencion Jakob Lea 1920 Klodzko
Lorgerfeld Lea Benzion Rajzla 1896 klodzke
Lorgerfeld Benzion Jakub Lea 1920 klodzke
Low Simche Israel Mendel Frimet 1900 Chodorow
Malber Maeia

Mandel Chana Abraham Jozef Sprince 1912 Dubiecko
Mandel Henia Chumn Chana 1938 Dubiecko
Moja Fryma Berek Tauba 1918 Klodzko
Surname First Name Father



Birth Place

Listed with Same parents; (occupation)

Rabinson Fajwal

1905 Chojnon
Raps Majer Herz Basia 1925 Dziorzoniow Freida (1931)
Raps Besia Berl Estera 1896 Szidnica
Raps Herz Szyja Feiga 1897 Szidnica
Raps Ajzyk Nachman Chana 1908 Wroclau
Raps Majer Hersz Basia 1923? Dzierzonew Fryda (1921)
Raps Basia Berl Ester 1896

Raps Hersz Szyja Fajga 1897 Dzierzonew
Raps Majer Horua Banial 1925 Daiorzonion Fryda (1921)
Raps Peraz Bzyiz Feiga 1897 B?idnica
Raps Hennia Berl Kutere 1895 B?idnica
Raps Ajxyk Nachman Chana 1908 Wroclaw
Rubifeld Rywa Jakub
1932 Legnica
Rubifeld Jakub Efroim
1897 Legnica
Rubinfeld Chaja Jakub Lena 1932 Szidnica
Rubinfeld Samson

1874 Nowa Ruda
Rubinfeld Chaim

1930 Nowa Ruda
Rubinfeld Fajjga

1886 Nowa Ruda
Rubinfeld Chaja Jakub Lena 193? Dzierzonew
Rubinfeld Samson

1874 Noua Ruda
Rubinfeld Chaim

1920 Nova Ruda
Rubinfeld Feiga

1885 Nova Ruda
Rubinfeld Chana Jakob Lena 1932 B?idnica
Rubinson Fajwel

1905 Chojnow (szkladrz)
Rubinson Feiwel

1905 Chojnow
Surname First Name Father



Birth Place

Listed with Same parents; (occupation)

Schimel Sara Leizer Feige 1881 Dubiecko
Schimel Pinkas Samuel Chana 1901 Dubiecko
Selig Haim Berek Baila 1935 Klodzko
Pola Berek Tauba 1929 Klodzko
Berok Moses Chaja 1885 Klodzko
Markus Berl Tauba 1924 Klodzko Samson (1936); Sara (1927)
Tauba Szymon Szeindle 1887 Klodzko
Selik Reis Berek Baila 1935 klodzke
Selik Pola Berek Tauba 1929 klodzke
Selik Brek Mozes Chaja 1885 klodzke
Selik Markus Berek Tauba 1924 klodzke Samson (1936); Sara (1927)
Selik Tauba Szymon Szaknala 1887

Stein Chaja Jakub Marja 1890

Szapar Estere

Szmidt Mirla Aron

Szmidt Rachela Mozes
1935 Swidnica Regina (1938); Chana (1938); Pesla(1924); Chaja (1928)
Sznid Mirla Aron
1896 Snidnica
Sznid Racinla Moses
1935 Snidnica
Sznid Regina

1938 Snidnica
Sznid Chana

1938 Snidnica
Sznid Pesia

1924 Snidnica
Sznid Chaja

1928 Snidnica
Szymel Mozes Naftali Adela 1904

Szymel Dora Dawid Mirjam 1907 Walorzych
Szysel Moses Naftali Adela 1904 Halbrzych
Szysel Dora David Mirjam 1907 Halbrzych
Surname First Name Father



Birth Place

Listed with Same parents; (occupation)

Udem Leizor

1909 Chojnew
Udem Etl Leizor Mirl 1938 Chojnew
Udem Mirl Heruz Chaja 1908 Chojnew
Uden Lajzer

1909 Ohajuon
Uden Etla Lejzor Mirla 1938 Ohajuon
Uden Mirla Horaz Chaja 1908 Ohajuon
Uden Ruwan Joel Mirjam 1938 Ludnikono Szalom (1929)
Udez Ruwen Joel Mirjem 1936 Ludwikawo Szalow (1929)
Wasserstein Abram Berek Dwajra 1929 Wroclaw
Wasserstein Blima Lazer Rachel 1921 Wroclaw Brucha (1922), Mina (1921)
Wasserstein Abraham Lazar Rachela 1914 Wroclaw Naftali (1922); Chaja (1919)
Wasserstein Rachale Efroim Hindle 1886 Wroclaw
Weisman Zysla Berek Dworja 1929 Legnica Blima(1921); Brucha (1922); Mina(1921)
Weissman Zala Horak Dvora 1929 Legnica Blima (1921); Brucha (1922); Mina (1921)
Zagdman Chana Nute Lea 1908 Wroclaw
Zagdman Froim Mozes Chana 1936 Wroclaw Ginia(1938), Naftalai (1945); Liza (1944)
Zagdman Mozes Froim Szejna 1907 Wroclaw
Zeidman Chana Nuta Lea 1908 Wroclaw
Zeidman Froim Moses Yhana 1936 Wroclaw Ginia (1935); Naftali (1945)
Zeidman Liza

1944 Wroclaw
Zeidman Moses Froim Szelma 1907 Wroclaw
Zimmer Szyja Joel Etla 1908 Wroclaw
Ziner Szyja Joel Etla 1908 Wroclaw
Surname First Name Father



Birth Place

Listed with Same parents; (occupation)

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