Background Information

  • Bibliography: Annotated list of references on Sadgora

  • Status of the Jewish Cemetery in Sadgora

  • Information on Sadgora Landsmannschaften

  • Reminiscences of Transnistria - written by Mendel Halpern, a survivor from Radauti.

  • Holocaust in Romania - by Matatias Carp (formerly known as the "Black Book", this is a "pdf" file)

  • Memoirs of Holocaust Survivors in Canada - Volume 3 by Nahum Meir Halpern and Volume 5 by Markus Lecker discuss experiences in Bukowina.

  • My Childhood in the Shadow of the Holocaust, translated from Yiddish, by Mali Haimovitch.

  • After the Shoah: A fundraising appeal from the Bukowina lansdmannschaft of Montreal, Canada

  • Archival Holdings for Czernowitz at Yad Vashem - microfilm and print records, victims and survivors.