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BIALYGen Towns


BIALYGen has defined its geographic scope as those towns and villages currently in Poland that were part of Grodno Gubernia during the period from 1815 up to World War I.  In addition, a few border towns now in Poland with strong connections to Bialystok will be included.  A list of towns (not necessarily complete), their geographic coordinates, and summary of available information follows:


Pre-War Population

Coordinates Town Coordinator Archival Vital Records Other Archival Records Yizkor Book Cemetery Shtetl Website
See Note Below 1 2 3 4  5  6 6 7 8 9
Białowieża ? 52°41' 23°79'   none none none used Narew  
Białystok 39,602 53°08' 23°09'   JRI-Poland USC see RTRF website multiple books readable stones in one cem.  had four cems zchor.org
Bielsk Podlaski 2,392 52°46' 23°12' Andrew Blumberg JRI-Poland 1835 only military census notary Translation at JG some readable stones ShtetLinks
Boćki 725 52°39' 23°03'   none none none had 2 cems. one stone  
Bokiny ? 53°03' 22°55'   none none none    
Brańsk 2,165 52°44' 22°51' Roy Cobb none holocaust tax, notary one book restored  
Choroszcz 450 53°09' 22°59'   JRI-Poland USC military none readable stones had 2 cems.  
Ciechanowiec 1,649 52°40' 22°31' Judy Baston JRI-Poland USC none Translations at JG readable stones zchor.org
Czeremcha 25 52°31' 23°21'   none none none    
Czyże 22 52°47' 23°25'   none none none used Bielsk  
Dąbrowa Białostocka 1,218 53°40' 23°21'   none none one book readable stones had 2 cems.  
Drohiczyn 814 52°24' 22°39'   none none Translation at JG readable stones  
Goniądz 1,135 53°29' 22°45'   none none Translation at JG readable stones  
Gródek 1,508 53°06' 23°40'   none none one book no readable stones  
Grodzisk 16 52°35' 22°44'   none none none    
Hajnówka 41 52°44' 23°35'   none none none used Bielsk  
Jałówka 588 53°01' 23°54' David Gordon none none Pinkas Hakehillot had 2 cems. few stones Jalowka website
Janów Sokolski 1,027 53°28' 23°14' Allen Saxe none none none readable stones zchor.org
Jasionowka 1,306 53°23' 23°02'   USC none none readable stones had 2 cems.  
Kleszczele 621 52°35' 23°29'   none none none few stones  
Knyszyn 1,235 53°19' 22°55'   USC none none readable stones many survive ShtetLinks
Korycin 350 53°27' 23°06'   none none none few stones  
Krynki 3,495 53°16' 23°47'   none none Translation at JG readable stones many survive  
Kuźnica 450 53°31' 23°39' David Snyder none census kahal, tax none few readable stones  
Łapy 623 52°59' 22°52' USC military none used Bialystok, Suraz, Sokoly  

Lupianka Stara  

? 53°03' 22°52' none none none    
Malesze 14 52°48' 22°58' none none none    
Michałowo 887 53°02' 23°36' none none one book some readable stones  
Mielnik 233 52°20' 23°03' none none none readable stones  
Milejczyce 648 52°31' 23°08' none none none  no readable stones  
Narew 419 52°55' 23°31' none none none readable stones  
Narewka 758 52°50' 23°45' none none none readable stones  
Niemirów 149 52°18' 23°09' none none none no stones  
Nowy Dwór   402 53°38' 23°33' none none none no stones  
Nurzec 38 52°29' 23°10' none none none    
Orla 1,167 52°42' 23°20' JRI-Poland USC none none readable stones had 2 Cems.  
Sidra 455 53°34' 23°27' David Snyder none none none no stones  
Siemiatycze 3,718 52°27' 22°53' none holocaust kahal Translation at JG no readable stones  
Sokółka  2,821 53°25' 23°30' Vilnius 1835 only military school, tax notary Translation at JG readable stones  
Suchowola 1,262 53°35' 23°06' none census Translation at JG no stones zchor.org
Supraśl  390 53°13' 23°21' USC 1939 only holocaust Translation at JG used Bialystok zchor.org
Suraz 120 52°57' 22°57' JRI-Poland USC none none few readable stones  
Trościanka  ? 53°28' 23°22' none none none    
Trzcianne 1,401 53°20' 22°41' Kathy Wallach JRI-Poland USC holocaust none used Knyszyn  
Tykocin 1,461 53°12' 22°47' JRI-Poland USC voter, kahal property notary two books some readable stones  
Wasiłków 950 53°12' 23°13' JRI-Poland USC none one book few stones had 3 Cems.  
Zabłudów 1,817

53°01' 23°21'

Tilford Bartman



Translations at JG

few stones had 2 cems.



1. From Where Once We Walked, A Guide to the Jewish Communities Destroyed in the Holocaust, Gary Mokotoff and Sallyann Sack.

2. Use ShtetlSeeker to see Map.

3. Interested in being a town coordinator, contact Mark Halpern

4. JRI-Poland lists records microfilmed by LDS and/or those housed at Bialystok and Lomza Polish State Archive branches.

5. USC (Urzad Stanu Cywilnego) are local Polsih civil rccords offices. For more information on Polish vital records, click here.

6. Use Miriam Weiner's Routes to Roots Foundation Archive Database to identify records available for these towns.

7. For a list of Yizkor Books available for BIALYGen region towns, click here. The table will identify libraries that have these books.

8. From IAJGS International Cemetery Project and Jewish Bialystok and Surroundings in Eastern Poland by Tomasz Wisniewski

9. Links are shown to websites on JewishGen ShtetLinks, Zchor.org, and other sites linked to JewishGen.

Much of the content of the BIALYGen website will be organized by Town/Shtetl. We are looking for interested researchers to volunteer to be Town Coordinators. Town Coordinators are responsible for coordinating activities in developing content for their town webpages. If you are interested, please contact Mark Halpern.

If a Town Coordinator exists and you want to help or you have content for the Town website, please contact the Town Coordinator. 

The information in this table is developed from known sources. If you would like to add a town; if you have new or updated information on a town; or if you have any corrections to this list; please contact Mark Halpern.

Links to other nearby towns not covered by BIALYGen


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        Nur  -- from Gabi Guri

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        Wizna -- Memorial by Jose Gutstein

        Wysokie Mazowiecki -- a Zchor memorial from Ada Holtzman

        Zambrow -- site for Jewish Cemetery


    Suwalki Gubernia 

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    Wolkowysk/Volkovysk District, Belarus

        Porozow, Belarus -- a tribute from Scott Seligman 



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