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The information summarized in the table shown below was extracted mainly from the award winning JewishGen Yizkor Book Project. If you know of a Yizkor/Memorial book not shown here or more information pertaining to the Books in the BIALYGen region, please contact BIALYGen as well as the Yizkor Book Project.

Especially helpful are the translations of Yiddish/Hebrew Yizkor Books. These translations are linked below in the "Translation" column. Some of these translations are not complete and require additional funding. To help support translations, give your contribution though this form.

If you are interested in starting a Yizkor Book translation project, please read the How to.  

Town Name Alternate Names Original Title English Title Year Published Publishing Location Languages Translation Libraries
Bialystok   Der Bialystoker Yisker Bukh The Bialystoker Memorial Book 1982 New York Yiddish English English at zchor.org

Surname Index

Bialystok   Bialystok Bilder Album Bialystok Photo Album 1951 New York Yiddish English Surname Index AC,AH,B,CL CU,FA,HC,HU JT,M,MH,NC NY,SW,UC,UF UT,Y,YU 
Bialystok   Pinkes Bialystok Pinkos Bialystok 1949 New York Yiddish   AC,AH,AJ,B BI,CU,FA,H HC,HU,JM,JT LM,NY,R,SW UC,UF,UH,UT Y 
Bialystok   Sefer Bialystok Sefer Bialystok 1963 New York Yiddish   MH,Y
Bialystok   Der Umkum fon Bialystoker Yedentum 1939-1945 The Annihilation of Bialystok Jewry 1948 Melbourne Australia Yiddish    
Bielsk Podlaski Bielsk, Bielsk Podliask Bielsk Podlaski Sefer Zikaron. Book in Holy Memory of B.P. Jews 1975 Tel Aviv Hebrew Yiddish English JewishGen Yizkor Book Project B,BI,BL,CU FA,H,JN,M NY,SW,UC,UF UT,Y,YU 
Bransk Braynsk Braynsk Sefer Ha-Zikaron Bransk Book of Memories 1948 New York Yiddish   AJ,B,CU,FA H,HU,JT,LN M,MH,NC,NY UC,UF,UM,Y 
Ciechanowiec   Ciechanowiec; Mehoz Bialystok, Sefer edut ve-zikaron Ciechanowiec; Bialystok District, Memorial and Records 1964 Tel Aviv Hebrew Yiddish English JewishGen Yizkor Book Project AH,B,BI,CU H,HY,JM,JN JT,M,NC,NS NY,SW,UC,UF UM UT,Y
Ciechanowiec   Iri Chekhanov My Town Ciechanowiec 1951 Jerusalem Hebrew   ZA
Dabrowa Bialostocka Dabrowa Dubrowa Dubrowa, Memorial to a Shtetl Dubrowa, Memorial to a Shtetl 1982 Spring Valley, NY English   HY,JN,M,UJ,Y
Drohiczyn Drohichin Sefer Drohiczyn Drohiczyn Book 1969 Tel Aviv Hebrew Yiddish English JewishGen Yizkor Book Project AH,B,BI,CU JN,JT,M,MH UC,UF,UH,UJ Y
Goniadz Goniondz Sefer Yizkor Goniondz Our Hometown Goniadz 1960 Tel Aviv Hebrew Yiddish English JewishGen Yizkor Book Project AH,B,BI,FA  H,HY,JN,JT LC,LM,M,MH NY,UC,UF,UH UM,Y,YU
Goniadz Goniondz Zekher Le-Hayeha Ve-Hurbanah Shel Goniadz In Memory of the Life and Destruction of the Jewish Community of Goniadz 1965 Ramat Gan Hebrew   UH
Grodek Grudki Sefer Zikaron Le-Kehilat Horodok Grodek; In Memory of the Jewish Community 1963 Tel Aviv Hebrew Yiddish   FA,M,NY,UC UF,Y
Krynki Krinek Pinkas Krynki Memorial Book of Krynki 1970 Tel Aviv Hebrew Yiddish JewishGen Yizkor Book Project B,BI,BL,BP  CU,FA,GB,H HU,JM,JN,JT LM,LN,M,NC NY,SW,UC,UF UH,UJ,UT,Y YU
Krynki Krinik Krinik in Khurbn Krynki in Ruins 1948 Montevideo Yiddish   CU,FA,H,MH NY,UT,Y
Michalowo Mychailowa Ayarati Mychailowa Michalowa: A Jewish Village in Poland 1975 Tel Aviv Hebrew Yiddish    
Siemiatycze Semiatich Kehilat Semiatycze The Community of Semiatich 1965 Tel Aviv Hebrew Yiddish English   AH,B,BI,CU FA,H,JM,JN JT,LM,NC,NY R,UC,UF,UH UJ,UM,UT,Y
Siemiatycze Semiatich Di Megile Fun Mayn Lebn The Scroll of My Life   Privately Published Yiddish JewishGen Yizkor Book Project  
Sokolka   Sefer Sokolka Memorial Book of Sokolka 1968 Jerusalem Hebrew Yiddish JewishGen Yizkor Book Project AC,AH,B,BP CU,FA,H,HC HU,HY,JM,JN JT,M,NC,NY SW,UC,UF,UH UL,UM,UT,Y YU
Suchowola Sukhovola Khurbn Sukhovolye The Holocaust in Suchowola 1947 Mexico Yiddish   AH,B,FA,SW Y
Suchowola Sukhovola Sefer Suchowola Memorial Book of  Suchowola 1957 Jerusalem Hebrew Yiddish JewishGen Yizkor Book Project BI,CU,FA,H HU,JM,JN,M NC,NY,SW,UC UF,UH,UJ,Y YU
Suprasl   Hayim Ve-mavet Be-tsel Ha-Ya'ar Life and Death in Shadow of the Forest 1991 Israel Hebrew Yiddish English JewishGen Yizkor Book Project BI,CU,HY,JN JT,NY,UH,UM Y
Tykocin Tiktin Sefer Tiktin Memorial Book of Tiktin 1959 Tel Aviv Hebrew   AH,B,BI,FA   H,HY,JN,JT LM,M,NY,UF Y
Tykocin Tiktin Pinkes Tiktin Tiktiner Historical Book 1949 Chicago Yiddish English   SW,UC,Y
Wasilkow   Pinkes Vashilkover Yisker Bukh  Wasilkower Memorial Book 1990 Melbourne Yiddish English   BI,BL,LM,NY W,Y
Zabludow   Zabludow Yisker Bukh Zabludow Yizkor Book 1961 Buenos Aires Yiddish JewishGen Yizkor Book Project CL,CU,FA,H HY,JN,M,NC NY,UC,UF,UT Y
Zabludow   Zabludow, Dapim Mi-tokh Yisker Bukh Zabludow, pages from Yizkor Book 1987 Israel Hebrew JewishGen Yizkor Book Project AH,H,JN,M NC,NY,UC,UF UH,UM,UT,Y


Zabludow   Zabludover Pinkas 1900-1925   1925 New York Yiddish    

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