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      Date Last Updated: 25-Feb-2022

Vitebsk Families Stories and Pictures


List of families

The following list contains the family stories and pictures that are on this Vitebsk website. When muliple families are listed within the same story, the family names are repeated in the list below so that any family name can be found alphabetically.

Donated information is noted by initials. The names can be obtained from Esther Rechtschafner.

Abrahamson (Abramis)/Kunin Family
Agronenko, Yudkin, Itkin, Kahanoff, Models and Kunin Families
Aleksandr/Bobrow Family
Axelrod/Katznelson/Katzenellenbogen/Eizenstadt/Mendelow/Rajak Families
Bach/Shatzman Family
Barbanel, Roskin, Kanaskov, Mirkin, Shalyt, and Families
Barkan Family
Barshop, Mirer, Witten and Woichansky Families
Bazerman Family
Bedeman (Glazer) Family
Beilensohn Family
Belinkowsky/Lourie Family
Berman/Chidekel/Levin/Levine/Singer Family
Blackman (Blechman) Family
Blinick/Gasilovsky/Cramer Family
Blockoff/Satkin (Sadkin, Zatkin, Zadkin, Tzadkin) Family
Bobrow/Aleksandr Family
Bodgin/Slobodin/Bogin Family
Brandzburg/Gilula Family
Bugakov/Mogiloevsky Family
Burstein/Lichman Family
Chasanoff/Khazanov Family
Chefetz/Fine Family
Chidekel/Berman/Levin/Levine/Singer Family
Cohen/Schecter Family
Cramer/Gasilovsky/Blinick Family
Donskoi Family
Dymsjtits Family
Eidelson (Eidelsohn)/Zeitlin/Sladkin/Zlatkin Families
Eizenstadt/Katznelson/Axelrod/Katzenellenbogen/Mendelow/Rajak Families
Falkin Family
Fine/Chefetz Family
Fr(e)idman/Schenkman/Shenkman Family
Freeman/Kaflowit(c)z Families
Gafinovtich/Yavich Family
Gasilovsky/Cramer/Blinick Family
Gilula/Brandzburg Family
Gleichenhouse Family
Goldman Family
Gordin, Shabashow-Zabow & Rykman Families
H(G)erschman family
Haskin Family
Hassak/Isaac/Khazak Family
Horowitz Family
Isaac/Khazak/Hassak Family
Itkin Family
Jaffe Family
Kaflowit(c)z/Freeman Families
Kahanoff, Yudkin, Itkin, Agronenko, Models and Kunin Families
Kalmanoff/Labran Family
Kanaskov, Roskin, Mirkin, Shalyt, and Barbanel Families
Katznelson/Axelrod/Katzenellenbogen/Eizenstadt/Mendelow/Rajak Families
Khazak/Hassak/Isaac Family
Khazanov/Chasanoff Family
Khsiva/Yakhkind Family
Kreslavsky/Woichansky/Warren/Voichansky/Vaikhansky/Shapiro Family
Krivoi Family
Krupkin Family
Kunin/Abrahamson (Abramis) Family
Kunin, Yudkin, Itkin, Agronenko, Kahanoff and Models Families
Kusnetsov/Shilk1n Family
Labran/Kalmanoff Family
Lemberg Family
Levin/Levine/Berman/Chidekel/Singer Family
Levitt Family
Lichman/Burstein Family
Lourie/Belinkowsky Family
Maggied Family
Matusow Family
Mendelow/Katznelson/Axelrod/Katzenellenbogen/Eizenstadt/Rajak Families
Meyer Family
Mirer, Barshop, Witten and Woichansky Families
Mirkin, Roskin, Kanaskov, Shalyt, and Barbanel Families
Models, Yudkin, Itkin, Agronenko, Kahanoff and Kunin Families
Mostovich Family
Novikova/Sosviovik Family
Paiken/Rabuchim Family
Pass Family
Peas Family
Polakoff Family
Polotovksy/Reiken Family
Pyenson Family
Pyserofsky Family
Rabuchim/Paiken Family
Rajak/Katznelson/Axelrod/Katzenellenbogen/Eizenstadt/Mendelow Families
Rankin/Ritz (Ritch, Rich)/Savin Families
Reiken/Polotovksy Family
Rensin family
Revson family
Ritz (Ritch, Rich)/Rankin/Savin Families
Roskin, Kanaskov, Mirkin, Shalyt, and Barbanel Families
Satkin/Blockoff (Sadkin, Zatkin, Zadkin, Tzadkin) Family
Robak family
Rykman, Shabashow-Zabow & Gordin Families
Savin/Ritz (Ritch, Rich)/Rankin Families
Schenkman/Shenkman/Fr(e)idman Family
Schecter/Cohen Family
Schulrichter-Krivoshevie Family
Schulz Family
Shabashow-Zabow, Rykman & Gordin Families
Shadkin/Schadkin Family
Shaikevich Family
Shalyt, Roskin, Kanaskov, Mirkin, and Barbanel Families
Shevelev Family
Shilkin/Kusnetsov Family
Shruster Family
Sladkin/Eidelson (Eidelsohn)/Zeitlin/Zlatkin Families
Shapiro/Woichansky/Warren/Voichansky/Vaikhansky/Kreslavsky Family
Shatzman/Bach Family
Singer/Levin/Levine/Berman/Chidekel Family
Slatkevich Family
Slobodin/Bogin/Bodgin Family
Smulowitz Family
Soskin Family
Sosviovik/Novikova Family
Toldrin Family
Usvyatsky Family
Voichansky/Vaikhansky/Woichansky/Warren/Shapiro/Kreslavsky Family
Volchok Family
Wiminetz Family
Witten,Mirer, Barshop and Woichansky Families
Woichansky, Mirer, Barshop and Witten Families
Woichansky/Warren/Voichansky/Vaikhansky/Shapiro/Kreslavsky Family
Wyman (Vaiman) Family
Yam Family
Yavich/Gafinovtich Family
Yakhkind/Khsiva Family
Yoffe Family
Yudin/Yudien/Yudovich Families
Yudkin, Itkin, Agronenko, Kahanoff, Models and Kunin Families
Yudovin (Judovin) Family
Zaretsky Family
Zeitlin/Eidelson (Eidelsohn)/Sladkin/Zlatkin Families
Zelikovitz Family
Zlatin Family
Zlatkin/Eidelson (Eidelsohn)/Zeitlin/Sladkin Families