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      Date Last Updated: 25-Feb-2022

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Below are links to pictures:

Pictures Of The Vitebsk That Was - This is a collection of pictures and explanatory information compiled by Esther Rechtschafner.

Pictures from Lohamei_Hagetaot - which are primarily from the Ghetto Fighters' collection.

Pictures that were donated by Edward E Just.

Students of the Vitebsk Gymnasium (highschool) @1925.
Dror Vaikhansky.

Film   This information was sent by MHI.
The producer of the film is Dmitry (email: telephone 375 29 6610292)

The movie "The Secret of the Old Town" was produced by a local Vitebsk television company. It is a short movie (15 minutes). The story is fiction but the documentary parts are true.  The filming is done from a helicopter, which shows a panoramic view of the city and adds effect. It begins with a short tour of the city, which includes historical and architectural explanations. The dramatic episodes in the cities history are used as a background for the story. Thus, the pagan fire making, the meeting of Princess Olga and Princess Predslava, Lev Sapega’s visit, some episodes of Marc Chagall’s life, and other events are shown. The film ends with a view of the Vitebsk’s center.

Here are some photographs from the movie:

Chagall 1

Chagall 2

Chagall 3

Chagall 4

Chagall 5

Chagall 6