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Vitsyebsk, Belarus


Other Names of this city: Belorusian: Ві́цебск, Vitebsk;  German: Vicebska; Latvian: Vitebskas, Lithuanian: Vitsebsk, Vicebsk, Viciebsk; Polish: Wizebsk; Russian: Ви́тебск, Witebsk , Yiddish: Vitsepsk.



199 miles NE of Minsk
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Vitebsk is a city in Belarus, near the border with Russia and Latvia. It is situated on the banks of three rivers: Dvina, Vitba and the Luchesa.  It is 320 kilometers (199 miles) north of Minsk. There is an airport in the area.

This is a fertile region, which produces grain and various kinds of fruits, and can be considered the main forestry region of the Belarus Republic.

Vital information: It is the capital of the Vitebsk_Oblast.The population was 342,381 in 2004, therefore it is country's fourth largest city. The timezone is EET (UTC+2), in the summer (DST-.EEST (UTC+3). The area code is +375-21. Its name is derived from the city originally being a river harbor on the Vitba.

Vitebsk is world famous because it is the birthplace of the renowned Jewish artist Marc Chagall.

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