Delatyn, Galicia

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R' Chayim Bloch
(26 June 1881 - 23 January 1973)

R' Chayim Bloch (full name R' Moshe Chayim Ephraim Bloch) was a member of a family of scholars and rabbis from Delatyn and neighboring Nadworna. He was a descendant of the early Chassidic author, Moshe Chayim Ephraim of Sudilkov, a grandson of the Ba'al Shem Tov. R' Bloch studied in Yeshiva, and until World War I was a wealthy businessman in Delatyn. When the Russians invaded he moved to Vienna with his wife and children. In 1915, he was drafted into the Austro-Hungarian army, and served in the trenches for 9 months, until he succumbed to illness. On release from the hospital, he served as chaplain to the Jewish prisoners in a prisoner of war camp. R' Bloch continued to observe kashrut during his military service, despite the extreme difficulty. It was during this period that he wrote Der Golem and also a diary, published as Kriegstagebuch Eines Juden (War Diary of a Jew). In 1939 he moved to New York where he remained until his death.

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In 1909 Yudl Rosenberg published Nifla'ot Maharal im ha-Golem in which he introduced the Maharal's golem as the defender of a Jewish community confronted by a blood libel. A decade later, Chayim Bloch published The Golem. Mainly a retelling of Rosenberg's tale, Bloch brought his ability as a superb storyteller and introduced a new feature, the potentially violent nature of the golem. Rosenberg and Bloch laid the foundation for today's widespread dissemination of the story.

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Books by R' Chayim Bloch:

1. Aus Mirjams Brunnen : chassidische Erzälungen und Legenden.
J. Melzer Verlag. Darmstadt : 1966.
(originally published as Priester der Liebe, see below).
Title: From Miriam's Well : Chassidic narratives and parables.
2. Blut und eros im jüdischen schrifftum und leben von Eisenmenger über Rohling zu Bischoff.
Sensen-verlag; Vienna : 1935
Title: Blood and eros in Jewish writings and life
Subject: Blood in Jewish religion and folklore
(see Ve-da' mah she-tashiv, below).
3. Dovev sifte yeshenim.
Tif''eret; New York: 1959
4. Even mi kir tizak
New York: 1953/4
5. Das geliebte Land: Sagen aus Palastina
R Löwit Verlag; Vienna: 1937
Title: The beloved land : Legends from Palestine
Subject: Jewish folk literature
6. Gemeinde der chassidim ihr werden und ihre lehre, ihr leben und ihr treiben
B. Harz; Berlin: 1920
Title: The Chassidic Community: Its genesis and teachings, its manners and customs
7. Hekhal le-divre Hazal u-pitgamehem.
Bet mishar sefarim Pardes u-bet defus Sha'ulzon. New York: 1948
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B. Harz; Berlin: 1921
Subject: Jewish wit and humor
9. Israel der Gotteskämpfer, der Baalscham von Chelm und sein Golem. ein ostjüdisches Legendenbuch.
B. Harz; Berlin: 1920
Title: Israel the G-d Struggler, the Baal Shem of Chelm and his Golem, an East European Jewish Legend Book
Subject: By the 16th century, golem-making was associated with 2 rabbis, Eliahu Baal Shem of Chelm (d. 1583) and Judah Loew ben Bezalel, the Maharal of Prague (d. 1609)
10. Das jüdischer Amerika; wahrnehmungen und betrachtungen
Verlag "Das Leben" Wien-Brigittenau: 1926
Title: Jewish America; perceptions and views
11. Das jüdischer Volk in seiner Anekdote; Ernstes und Heiteres von Gottsuchern, Gelehrten, Künstlern, Narren, Schelman, Aufschneidern, Schnorrern, Reichen, Frommen, Freidenkern, Täuflingen, Antisemiten
Verlag für Kulturpolitik; Berlin: 1931
12. El Pueblo Judio a Traves de la Anecdota : Historias serias y jocosas des devotos, ... y antisemites
Translated by Luis Blanco de Vincente; 1945. (Spanish)
Title: The Jewish People in Their Anecdotes: earnest and cheerful G-d-seekers, scholars, artists, fools, scolders, boasters. beggars, rich men, pious men, free thinkers, the baptized, antisemites
Subject: Jewish wit and humor
13. Kabbalistiche sagen
Im Verlag der Asia major; Leipzig: 1925
Title: Kabbalistic tales
Subject: Stories about R' Isaac Luria
14. Kovets mikhtavim mekoriyim meha-Besht zal ve-talmidav
Hotsa'ah 'Ivrit Menorah; Vienna: 1923
15. Kum nv et he harim teshuvah al pesak din me agudat ha rabanim
New York: 1948/9
16. Masa Federbush; tokhehat megulah leha-Rav Federbush
Bronx, NY: 1959
17. Me'ashrim to'im u-matim
Hadar; New York: 1952/3
Subject: halacha (Jewish law), responsa
18. Meharsham: ha-posek ha-aharon, ve-zeh shemo be-kirvo Moh. R. Shalom Mordekhai Hakohen Shvadron, "Berzaner Rav"
J. Majeski. Brooklyn, NY: 192?
19. Mevo ha-Talmud.
Makor; Jerusalem: 1970/1 (Reprint)
20. Mi natan li-meshisah Yaakov ve-Yisrael le-vozezim?
Bronx, NY: 1957
21. Ostjüdische Humor
B. Harz; Berlin : 1920
Title: East European Jewish Humor
22. Der Prager golem, von seiner "geburt" bis zu seinem "tod"
B. Harz; Berlin: 1920
23. The golem by Chayim Bloch, legends of the ghetto of Prague
Translated by Harry Schneiderman; Vienna: 1925
24. Le Golem: légendes du ghetto de Prague par Chayim Bloch
Translated by Francois Ritter. J.H.E. Heitz. Strasbourg: 1928; (French)
25. De Golem: legenden uit het ghetto van Praag
W.J. Thieme; Zutphen: 1930; (Dutch translation)
Subject: Jewish folk legend; Stories of the Maharal of Prague. By the 16th century, golem-making was associated with 2 rabbis, Eliahu Baal Shem of Chelm (d. 1583) and Judah Loew ben Bezalel, the Maharal of Prague (d. 1609)
26. Priester der Liebe, die Welt der Chassidim.
Amalthea-Verlag. Zürich : 1930. (reprinted as Aus Mirjams Brunnen, see above)
Title: Priests who love, the world of the Chassidim
27. ha-Sefer ha-shahor
New York : 195?. (Translation of the Yiddish book: A shvarts bukh)
Title: The Black Book
28. Talmudische weisheit: altjüdische Wechselgesprache.
Vienna: 1921
Title: Talmudic wisdom: ancient Jewish discussion of commerce
29. Ve-da' mah she-tashiv.
Reznik-Salis; New York: 1943
Subtitle: Appropriate replies to inquiries from the Vatican
Subject: Refutation of Erich Bischoff's charges contained in Das Blut in juedischen Schrifttum und Brauch (1929), a book which appeared to be influential in Vatican circles.
(see Blut und eros im jüdischen schrifftum und leben von Eisenmenger über Rohling zu Bischoff, above).
30. Ve-hayah mahanekha kadosh
New York: 1964/5

R' Jacob Yokel Horowitz

R' Jacob Yokel Horowitz served for a period of time as Rabbi of Delatyn, starting in 1861/2. See the Delatyn chronology. Details on R' Jacob Yokel Horowitz can be found in:

• Wunder, Rabbi Meir
Meorei Galicia: Encyclopedia of Galician Rabbis and Scholars
Jerusalem Institute for Commemoration of Galician Jewry; Jerusalem: 1978 - 1997
Encyclopedia Judaica
Article on his father, R' Meshullam Issachar ben Aryeh Leib ha-Levi Horowitz

Books by R' Jacob Yokel Horowitz:

1. Avne ha-Shoham: kelulim bi-khelilat ha-pilpul veha-halalhah
Bi-defus Y. Eharenfraiz. Lvov: 1880
Sefer 1: Sefer ha-nafshot
Subject: Talmud commentary. Halacha (Jewish law)
2. Shirat Dodim
Subject: Commentary on the Song of Songs with a Chassidic approach