Delyatin, Ukraine

cemetery, 1997; img0007

A Memorial to Delyatin's pre-WWII Jewish Community
Photographs - Shadows of the Past


Old Jewish Cemetery

Like virtually all old Jewish cemeteries in Ukraine and all over Eastern Europe, the remains of our ancestors in Delyatin do not have a caretaker. However, there are a fair number of  remaining tombstones. Click here  for a description of the current conditions of the Delyatin Jewish cemetery, researched as part of the IAJGS Cemetery Project.

Below is a slideshow album consisting of photographs of the cemetery taken in 1997 by Susannah R. Juni.
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Driving along the roads of Delyatin, searching for the old Jewish cemetery. The land is hilly; we're in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. Slide Cemetery VIII shows the cemetery at a distance, on top of a hill on the edge of town. Slide Cemetery III shows our approach, along a muddy road. It feels strange to see tombstones so close to the side of the road, the lack of care so evident.

We had the gracious good fortune to be accompanied on our visit to Delyatin by the Rebbe from Ivano-Frankivsk (Stanislawow), Reb Moshe Leib Kolesnik. He is the only Rabbi in the entire region (see slide Cemetery VI).

The Rebbe showed me the ancient tombstones of a famous local Tsadek and his immediate family, including a large tombstone for his great-grand-daughter (see slide Cemetery XVI).

Slideshow images and commentary by Susannah R. Juni.